5 Best Cordless Grease Gun Reviews in 2024 (Electric & Battery Powered)

Best Cordless Grease Gun Reviews

Today you are going to read the complete 5 Best Cordless Grease Gun Reviews in 2024 (Electric & Battery Powered). Lubricating your equipment on regular basis is very significant to ensure it operating well and perform to its maximum capacity for a long period. That is the main reason why you need a powerful tool, which is a grease gun that can help you to do the lubrication job effectively and efficiently.

There are several types and sizes of grease guns you can find easily on the market such as manual grease guns, air operated grease guns, mini grease guns and so on including cordless grease guns.

If you need to apply grease to your machine or equipment in the most effective way possible, a cordless or electric grease gun would be a perfect choice.

A cordless grease gun uses electric or battery power to operate and function. It is a helpful tool for the heavy-duty lubricating job and suitable for long hours usage as well suits for simple and light equipment too.

Finding a high-quality cordless grease gun is an absolute need for anybody who does any type of DIY or mechanical work. So here, in this article, we will review and rank the top 5 best cordless grease guns (Electric & Battery Powered) to ease your findings.

Let’s start!

5 Best Cordless Grease Gun Reviews in 2024 (Electric & Battery Powered)

You may have come across many cordless grease gun reviews already before you click on this article, but, we can assure you this review will hit you differently. Check it out!

1. Cordless Grease Gun by DEWALT (DCGG571M1)

Comes in yellow colour, this cordless grease gun by Dewalt is the most popular choice that has high ratings and good reviews from buyers.

It can blast through the tight grease fittings with a powerful motor and 20v battery that is capable of delivering up to 10,000 maximum PSI. Besides, you only need a one-time charge of the battery for up to 16 cartridges usage.

The pump used for this Dewalt grease gun is a high volume pump that can push out up to 5 oz. of grease per minute. This making it perfect for equipment that required high-flow greasing, plus helps to speed up the work done.

With the flexible hose (42-inch long), you can reach hard-to-reach (tight) grease fittings and control the grease flow with the variable speed trigger. So, no worry it is all on you.

The best part, it complements with a bright LED to make your job free of hassle and no fuss especially when you need to spot the grease fitting inside the machine or equipment that is commonly dark. It also will be very useful when to use to locate the exact spot in the dark workspace.

Furthermore, this cordless grease gun is handy, compact, lightweight and most important, easy to handle even for the first-timer. Every part of this gun modifies firmly, particularly the internal component, which is constructed of die-casting magnesium which makes it has high durability.

In short, this cordless grease gun has a bundle of great features that will be worth every penny you spent!

Highlight Features & Pros

  • The size is compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to use for beginner.
  • Without wire (easy to carry anywhere)
  • Use a 20 V battery (any type) with a powerful motor.
  • Up to 16 cartridges per charge (Lifesaver battery) Comes together with a flexible hose that has 42” inch long with a spring guard at the tip to prevent it from twisted.
  • Mechanism: Pump filter screen (prevent any dirt causing the pump to clog).
  • Design with integrated no-mar foot style (so you can rest it on the flat surfaces).
  • Has air-bleeder valve to prevents any air trapped while you changing the cartridge by assisting the pump priming.
  • The speed of grease flow can be controlled using the variable speed trigger.
  • High volume pump that can push out up to 5 oz. per minute.
  • Comes in a package together with a kit box, fast charger and shoulder strap.
  • Has LED light to ease you find the grease fittings.

Common Problem & Cons + Recommended Solution

Problem: The seal tends to damage due to high pressure applied on them consistently.

Recommended Solution: Adjust the pressure when needed and change the seals regularly to avoid it from leaking.

2. MILWAUKEE 2646-22CT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun

Moving on to this cordless grease gun by Milwaukee will give you another mind-blowing feature. With maximum operating pressure up to 10,000 PSI and grease supply around 10 oz. per minute which is double than DEWALT grease gun, it will definitely make your lubricating works done perfectly.

This cordless grease gun using 18V battery power and can run up to 10 grease cartridges for a one-time charge. Plus, you will be able to choose the speed of grease delivery either fast and slow.

It also features a unique technical function that allows you to pump a predetermined quantity of grease; this function is ideal for new users who have never use it before, as well as for amateurs and pros.

Like other cordless grease guns, it also has; air bleeder to prevent any air trapped, an on/off lock for safety and stop the device, marking at the attachment plunger rod to determine the grease level and others.

Frankly, it has a bit similarity with Dewalt cordless grease guns and comes in a package that consists of LED light (to ease you find the grease fittings in dark spaces), a shoulder strap, and a flexible hose (which aids in the delivery of grease at a particular spot).

If you need to grease your heavy machine on a routine basis, this cordless grease gun by Milwaukee should be on your list!

Highlight Features & Pros
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Can control the speed of the grease flow (2 options of speed; max or min).
  • High durability with 5 years warranty.
  • Constructed with the anodized aluminium barrel in red colour.
  • Compatible with an 18 V battery with a powerful motor.
  • Using a lever handle and very suitable for heavy-duty.
  • Up to 10 cartridges per charge (Lifesaver battery).
  • High volume pump that can push out up to 10 oz per minute.
  • Comes together with a flexible hose that has 48” inch long with a spring guard at the tip to prevent it from twisted.
  • Has air-bleeder valve to prevents any air trapped while you changing the cartridge by assisting the pump priming.
  • Can control the speed of the grease flow.
  • Comes in a complete package that includes: 2646-20 M18 2-speed grease gun, 48-11-1815 M18.
  • REDLITHIUM compact battery, M18/M12 multi-voltage charger, carrying case, shoulder strap, 48-inch flex hose with spring guard, high-pressure grease coupler.

Common Problem & Cons + Recommended Solution

Problem: Does not come with a hard case.

Recommended Solution: No worry, the case is not for use. Even it comes with a soft case, the grease gun is handle with care.

Problem: Defective batteries provided (based on few buyer reviews).

Recommended Solution: Buy an extra battery. It can suit any type of standard battery.

3. Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun P3410 (Tool- Only)

This cordless grease gun is made by a well-known brand Ryobi. It has a maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI and a maximum flow rate (grease flow) up to 7.5 oz. per minute, lower than the cordless grease gun by Milwaukee but higher than Dewalt cordless grease gun. This maximum pressure and grease flow rate volume is already enough to allow it to blast through the hardest grease fittings.

Comes with a flexible 30 -inch hose, it helps to complete the mission (applying grease to hard-to-access spaces) more easily.

Meanwhile, to compare with the cordless grease gun by Milwaukee and Dewalt, this Ryobi cordless grease gun can run up to 19 grease cartridges per one-time charge of the 18V battery power. It means you can use it for one whole day and a half!

Onboard LED light to illuminate the dark area, security lock to prevent unnecessary messiness and ensure kids safety in case they accidentally want to try it, grease marking level for user to alert the grease level, air bleeder to prevent any air trapped in the barrel and so on, are among of the standard features that this cordless grease gun has. Same as most of the cordless grease gun brands come with.

This Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun is one of the low-cost cordless grease guns for you to consider. It is built to last, from its structure to its performance. Made up of high-quality steel and cover with yellow colour, this cordless grease gun will make you glance at it twice!

Highlight Features & Pros
  • Powerful motor.
  • High durability and strength (the barrel made up of high-quality steel).
  • Compatible with P108 LITHIUM+ Battery (Not included).
  • Able to run up to 19 cartridges per one-time charge of the battery.
  • Has maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI that capable to clear blocked grease fittings.
  • Its maximum flow rate of 7.5 oz. per minute which helps to improves your job efficiency.
  • Has onboard LED  to aids in the dark space.
  • Comes with a 30-inch flexible hose to access non-accessible grease fittings.
  • Plunger rod markings to indicate how much grease remains in the tube.
  • Has a useful onboard hose storage.
  • Complement with air bleeder valve which primes the pump quickly to reduces air pockets.
  • Standard lock on/off for safety and avoid unnecessary messiness.
  • Easy to handle and operate; suitable for first time user and professionals too.

Common Problem & Cons + Recommended Solution

Problem: The battery and charger do not include.

Recommended Solution: Buy an extra battery with fast charging charger to maximize its capability.

4. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Cordless Grease Gun

Lumax is a famous brand for the high standard and quality tools, so their production of cordless grease guns of course built with the best version. So, what makes this Lumax cordless grease gun stand out better than the other cordless grease gun models?

This Lumax cordless grease gun comes in yellow colour with 4.19 x 18.25 x 14.38 inches size of dimension and around 3.5 ounces of weight, suits for heavy and light lubrication work. It can handle maximum pressure up to 7000 PSI with a flow rate of grease, 3.5 oz.

If compared to cordless grease guns by Dewalt, Milwaukee and Ryobi, the flow rate is quite low. However, with that flow rate, you can run 5 cartridges of grease per charge of a 12V battery which is enough for a one-day application.

For long-lasting usage, the barrel of this cordless grease gun is made up of chrome plated to provide maximum protection against corrosion plus, increase the life services and durability. Not only that, but it also comes with an ergonomic design with a non-slip grip which offers you comfort ability and convenience when holding it for long hours.

Its compact size and design keep the user move efficiently and most important, without your hand getting cramps, especially for high-intensity lubrication works. It comes together with a 30-inch ultra-flex hose with a spring guard to avoid it from being twisted (kinking). It also provides a non-drip cap to prevent any unnecessary messiness.

This cordless grease gun by Lumax is highly recommended if you need a handy grease gun as it has very lightweight, easy to set up and operate.

Highlight Features & Pros
  • Cost-effective.
  • Use 12V battery (Powerful 1500mAh Ni-Cd Battery Pack, comes with single battery).
  • Has maximum operating pressure up to 7,000 PSI (483 bar).
  • 3.5 oz. per minutes or 95 g per minute of grease flow.
  • Provides with 90~132V 1-hour fast charger.
  • Can run up to 5 cartridges of grease per one time charged when fully charged.
  • Complement with a 30-inch ultra-flex hose with spring guards and non-drip cap.
  • Has a balanced and ergonomic design.
  • Lightweight & compact size (easy to carry anywhere).
  • Construct with durable construction for long-lasting usage.
  • Offers comfortable holding with non-slip grip.
  • Ideal for non-accessible grease fittings.
  • Has a built-in pressure relief valve.
  • The complete package includes a compact slim-line carrying case.
  • The barrel covers with chrome plated for maximum protection against corrosion.

Common Problem & Cons + Recommended Solution

Problem: Low flow rate (3.5 oz.).

Recommended Solution: Use this grease gun for non-urgent works.

5. Lincoln 1844 Industrial 20V Battery Operated Dual Battery

This Lincoln 1844 grease gun comes with many features that mechanics require (that’s mean it is undeniable great for you to get it!). If you buying this grease gun, you will get a sturdy carrying case made of stain-resistant and impact-resistant plastic. So do not worry, your cordless grease gun is in good care.

Together with the case, it also comes in a complete package consisting of an 18-volt NiCad PowerLuber, a 30-inch high-pressure flex hose with a spring guard, a battery and also a 110V one-hour charger (very fast charger).

This cordless grease gun requires a battery (18V) that is rechargeable to operate, which is an advantage over most standard grease guns on the market as it is can be charged. You can use it for several hours without interruption. Charging time is also short (thanks to its fast charging ability!) and you get enough power for it to operate.

This cordless grease gun is an improved version of the previous Lincoln model. They made a few improvements, such as the fact that this latest grease gun has a larger battery capacity and a faster charging speed. The design has not changed all that much, but the performance has vastly improved.

The user-friendly and ergonomic design that this grease gun has is one of the main reasons why most first-time users are attracted to it.

The grease gun’s size, combined with its comfortable grip, makes it very easy to use, especially for long hours lubrication works. Many users operate the grease gun with just a single hand, allowing them to move freely the nozzle with the other for tight fittings.

It is also very simple to use and operate. When the handle is pressed, the grease will simply flow out smoothly, and there is no chance of leakage when not in use. Furthermore, the grease gun can be easily cleaned, just wiped. You can store it easily inside the home as it has a compact size.

This Lincoln 1844 grease gun is a perfect choice for heavy machines and regular lubricating works. Read more of its highlight features below.

Highlight Features & Pros
  • Can deliver a high volume of lubricant, 10 oz per minute.
  • Require 18-volt high-capacity battery (rechargeable).
  • Can deliver up to 10 grease cartridges per charge.
  • Can handle up to 7,500 PSI working pressure (ideal for high-pressure lubrication application).
  • Has an ergonomic and well-balanced design making it very comfortable to use for long hours.
  • Excellent performance and run time as the result of the combination of high-capacity NiCad Battery with a high-torque motor.
  • Comes with a pressure relief valve (purge out trapped air with high efficiency) and a dual-motor protection-circuit breaker.
  • Using patented stroke counter to measure the grease output.
  • Constructed with a high-strength composite body and casting without increasing its weight.
  • Have high durability.
  • Comes with 2 battery packs.
  • Have two choice speeds of grease transmission based on your lubricating works need.

Common Problem & Cons + Recommended Solution

Problem: The warranty is for repair only.

Recommended Solution: To make it long-lasting, clean it after use and disassemble it first before put into the store. This way can help to maintain its optimal working condition.

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Grease Gun

If you already have a standard grease gun and decide to buy another new one, you may have some idea about the important features of good quality grease gun must-have.

However, it must be hard for you to decide which one is the best as there are a lot of factors you would like to consider until you got confused.

Meanwhile, if you are a first time user and have no knowledge about cordless grease guns, you might end up choosing the wrong grease gun that does not suit you.

So, here is the guideline for all.

Battery type

To operate your cordless grease gun you need a battery. The most common types of battery use are Lithium-Ion and NiCad. So, what are the differences between these two?

Lithium-ion battery which has a flat energy output is the most recent technology for hand tools. What is mean by flat energy output? Okay, the flat energy output is the constant energy that stays in the battery until it is depleted. No decreasing of energy for the battery. So, you can use your cordless grease gun with maximum capability until the battery energy is depleted.

Meanwhile, when you using the NiCad battery, there will be a gradual reduction until the battery energy is depleted eventually. So, when you using your cordless grease gun and the battery energy reduce, it will affect your grease gun capability.

Moreover, Lithium-Ion has thrice long life services than NiCad. Even though the price of Lithium Ion is a bit expensive but it matches the features.

Working Pressure (PSI)

The ideal working pressure for a cordless grease gun (PSI) is within the range of 4,500 to 10,000. This range of working pressure is also able to blast any clogged fittings that resulted because of old grease residue, dirt and so on.

Lube Meter

Applying too much grease can cause the bearings to damage plus, wasting the grease. So here is the important function of the lube meter.

This meter will help you to measure the amount of grease that the fittings point needed. If you find a cordless grease gun with these features, you should include it in your top list!


The important things about design other than versatility, elegancy and other appearance feature that you looking at, it should offer you comfort. Choosing an ergonomic design with a comfort-fit grip is compulsory especially if you doing lubricating work regularly.

You need to consider several factors such as; when you insert the battery into the grease gun, the weight will add so it may bring un-comfort for you to hold the grease gun for long hours. So here is the importance of ergonomic design (other than choose the lightweight grease gun), to prevent your hands from cramping.

Choose the grease gun that is easy to hold and balance to reduce arm/wrist pain. It is a bonus if you can find the one with a design that is made to rest on the flat surfaces while in use. It will help you to reduce hand fatigue.


A cordless grease gun that comes with LED is highly recommended! Sometimes even most of the time you will need it as locating the grease fittings is very challenging. This feature will speed up your work and help you see the grease fittings effortlessly.


Lubrication usually does not happen in open spaces. If you observe, most spaces to grease are hard-to-reach, tight and non-accessible.  The presence of a hose will give you a solution to this problem. Hose with flexibility is highly needed to reach the hard spot.

With the perfect length of hose (27 inches above) you can grease happily the tight spot. So, choose a flexible hose with a long length to ease your work.

If there is a spring at the tip of the hose with a non-drip cap, yes that’s the perfect one!

Cartridge Capacity

Refill the cartridge over and over again will make you annoyed and tired. You need to go through the messiness again and again.

So, choosing a big volume and high capacity of the cartridge is important to make your workflow smoothly.

The ideal capacity is around 14 oz. cartridge. This will be more than enough to hold a high volume of grease at one time.


When buying something especially tools, you need to check either they provide the warranty, the duration of the warranty, the aspects that they cover when the tools damage and so on.

As a user, for sure we hope that the things we buy will last long. So make sure you already consider the important feature that a good grease gun must have before purchasing as you should buy the best one only that comes with a warranty in case something unwanted things happen.

3 Benefit of Cordless Grease Gun You Need to Know

Did you know the cordless grease guns come into the market in 1999 after few types of grease guns already produce?

However, it takes place in the market and many users change from standard grease guns to cordless grease guns since that.

There are few benefits of this cordless grease gun offers that attracts the user such as; save your time as it can operate with high efficiency (depends on the brand), high quality, easy to use, more convenience and others.

Below we already explained in detail what are the benefits of the cordless grease gun.

1. Make your job done faster

Cordless Grease Guns helps you to get your work done in a short time. To use it, you only need to push the flexible hose on instead of manually line the whole grease gun to the grease fittings. Even if you have many grease fittings, you can switch the hose tip in blinking eyes.

Not only that a cordless grease gun also offers many features with high efficiency to ease your work and helps to get the job done quickly.

2. Easy to use and handle

Easy to use and handle is one of the main reasons why many people opt for cordless grease guns. You did not need to set up it manually as most cordless grease guns nowadays are ready-to-use. So, even if you’re a first time user, you can use it without difficulty.

Plus, by using a cordless grease gun you only need a single hand to line up the hose and easy to switch between two grease fittings. It is easy to handle and convenient.

3. The amount of grease can be measured

When using the manual grease gun, you cannot measure how much grease you need for each grease fittings. This could lead to excessive and too little grease usage which can cause damage to the bearing.

By using a cordless grease gun, you can measure the amount of grease need. To measure, hold the trigger and count the strokes (cc or cm³). You can know if the grease fittings get the exact amount of grease or not.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below are among the popular questions related to a cordless grease gun. You can check it out in case you got the same questions in your mind.

1. How much does a cordless grease gun cost?

The cost of a cordless grease gun is varying, depends on the brand (model) and quality.

Generally, the cordless grease gun is more affordable than pneumatic guns. You can survey the price and compare few types before purchasing to make sure you get the best value.

2. What are cordless grease guns used for?

Cordless grease guns are ideal to use for heavy machines and equipment, or regular usage. It will help to speed up your lubrication work while minimizing hand fatigue depends on the model.

It is usually used for workshop, factory or industrial usage. However, it is also suitable for domestic (home around) usage.

3. Which is better Milwaukee or Dewalt grease gun?

Okay, let’s compare.

You can decide which one of the best based on the features you are looking for. Do not forget to refer to the important features that good quality grease gun must have listed above too.

4. How much pressure can a grease gun produce?

The pressure produce by a grease gun is varying and depends on the model. Generally, grease guns produce up to 15,000 PSI.

Final Verdict

Finally, we reach the end of this review. Hopefully, you can get some knowledge and ideas in choosing the best cordless grease gun for you.

The best cordless grease gun is in fact, any grease gun that is able to give you what you need; from the price to the offered features. Enjoy!

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