The Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade Easily

Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade

best file for sharpening lawn mower blade? Today you are going to read the complete The Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade Easily [Review and Buying Guide]. Have you noticed your lawn mower is not cutting grass the way it used to? If this is the case, it may be because of a blunt lawn mower blade. Most people do not remember to keep their mower blades sharp each time they mow or after. Consistent use of a lawn mower results in a dull lawn mower blade. 

With this in mind, the solution is sharpening the blade, so how do you go about it? It is effortless. All you need is an excellent file to sharpen the blade. Since there are many types of files in the market, choosing one might be a daunting task. This is why we did thorough research to come up with six of the best file for sharpening lawn mower blade. best file for sharpening garden tools.

Top 6 Best File for Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade – 2024 Expert Reviews

1. Rexbeti 17pcs Premium Grade Alloy Steel File Set

REXBETI manufacturers have always taken the lead in producing quite a range of tools. The Rexbeti Premium Grade Alloy Steel File set comes with 16 pieces of sharpening files, with 4pcs that are large, and the remaining 12 parts are micro files.

This set includes almost all the file types used by professionals or woodworkers to correctly do final touches to their woodworks, metal, ceramics, glass, and plastic. A high-quality forged steel metal makes all files packaged in this set. To offer a better filing performance and durability, the filing teeth are milled deeply and coated.

Four 200mm large files

These large files come in 4 different shapes; flat file, round file, Half-round, and Triangular file, measuring 200mm. Use the Flat file to create consistent and smooth surfaces on flat edges.  Use the Round file to enlarge holes and also smoothen concave curves. The file can also be perfect in deburring holes. The Half-Round file in the set is ideal on a flat or curved surface for edge smoothing. Lastly, the triangular file is the perfect file for smoothing corners on grooves or angled cuts.

Twelve 140mm micro file

These 12 piece micro files measure about 140mm each in size, and one can use them when;

  • Removing and fixing chips.
  • Modeling and Finishing 3D printed parts.
  • Deburring holes.
  • To remove sharp edges.

mower blade sharpener The files are packed in a compact and rugged case, making storage and portability easy. Each file has its place in the carry case, where they fit perfectly to prevent scraping.

  • High-quality files made of a T-12 Drop Forged Alloy Steel for durability and performance.
  • All files are fit with a rubber handle for comfortable file handling.
  • The set has 16 files with different sizes and shapes for use on other surfaces.
  • We don’t get any negative issue at researched time.

2. Sharpal Dual Grit Diamond All-Blade Sharpening File

Sharpal Dual Grit Diamond Sharpening File is an all-blade and multi-functional sharpener that can sharpen almost all hard materials. Made of a stainless steel base coated with Industrial monocrystalline diamonds, making it one of the fastest and durable sharpening files.

It is a dual grit sharpening file, with the Coarse 325 grit best in quick sharpening blades that are rough, blunt, damaged, and dull. The extra-fine 1200 grit sharpens fine surfaces and makes extra fine edges. Its leather sheath is made of genuine cowhide leather and can also be used as a strop to polish the sharpened edges, making them smooth. Also, you can visit How to Remove Deck from Craftsman Riding Lawn mower

This double grit file weighs 0.16 kilograms and comes in two colors, Orange and Silver. Measuring 12.17 inches by 5.71 by 0.67 inches, the Sharpal Dual Grit Diamond sharpening file tested to be among files of the highest quality. Apart from sharpening lawn mower blades, one can also use this file to sharpen:

  • Knives
  • Spades
  • Machetes
  • Titanium
  • Drill chisels 
  • and most super hard materials.

The manufacturer has designed the leather sheath to be tight during the first few times of using it to prevent it from becoming too loose during the early times of using the file. The leather sheath can become too loose because of the harsh diamond grinding.

  • Long-lasting and durable sharpening file.
  • They are made of Steel coated with industrial monocrystalline diamond.
  • It is a dual grit file fit for both rough and fine surfaces.
  • A multifunctional file sharpener.
  • It comes with long time warranty.
  • Tight leather sheath that gets normal after a period of using it.

3. Basecent 20Piece Premium File Tool Set with Carrying Case

This 17 Piece File tool set is among the best rated and complete sets available in the market. It comes with 17 file tools of different shapes and lengths. In the set, there are 4 pieces of large files measuring about 8″ and are made of a high-quality T12 Drop Forged Alloy Steel. The four engineer files have different shapes; flat, triangle, half-round, and round-shaped file.

The 12pcs precise needle files also come in various forms; square, round taper, triangular, equaling, warding, and ring, and they both measure about 4.2″; with the 12pcs of files made of a top-quality GCR15 bearing Steel. The set also comes with 1 multifunctional brush that functions as a brush and file for materials such as plastics, metals, and glass.

The Steel on the file’s surface goes through high-temperature quenching to offer high grinding resistance and higher filing strength. All the files are fit with soft rubber handles to provide the best comfort and file handling experience. This file set comes with a partitioned tool bag that makes it easy to organize and protect the files from damage during storage or transportation. The whole set weighs about 2.30 pounds.

  • A set consisting of high-quality sharpening files.
  • The file set is cheap.
  • Easy to use.
  • Files that are durable and performance effective.
  • It comes with a multifunctional brush to use as a filing tool and brush.
  • Its soft rubber handles offer comfort while handling the file.
  • The file set is rarely available.

4. Amtech Diamond Sharpening File 2-Sided

Amtech’s Diamond sharpening file is a sleek and lightweight two-sided sharpening file. It is about 140 grams in weight and measures approximately 10″. This is a file made of a high-quality Industrial Diamond metal that makes it more durable.

The Amtech Diamond sharpening file has two sides, with 240 grades and the other 400 grades, to use on flat and curved surfaces. One side of the file is flat, and the one half-round to maximize blade smoothing and perfect sharpening. The file is fit with a smooth rubber handle that provides a comfortable soft-grip when handling the file.

This is among the best sharpening files available in the market that can sharpen any lawn mower blade, knives, machetes, and hardened metal blades. For easy storage, the file has a small hole in the handle to be hung by a hook or by a nail to hang it on the wall. The file is easy to use and does not require any experience.

  • Easy to use sharpening file.
  • A file made of a high-quality industrial Diamond making the file long-lasting.
  • Fit with a smooth rubber handle to provide a comfortable grip.
  • It is durable.
  • The file is rarely available.
  • It is slightly expensive.

5. Corona FE405510BC1CD Mill Bastard Cut File

Corona Mill Bastard cut file is the best file to use in sharpening your lawn mower blades or any other tool that you need to sharpen. This sharpening file consists of Carbon combined with high-temperature metal treatment to increase its hardness, performance, and strength. It weighs about 0.01 pounds and is 10″ by size, making it the most lightweight and durable sharpening file.

The file is abrasion and corrosion-resistant because of the industrial chemical known as Chromium. Due to its effective tooth angle, the Corona Mill Bastard Cut sharpening file provides a superior cutting performance. This file offers quality finishing on raw materials, products in-process, and already finished products. This file comes with a limited lifetime warranty upon purchase.

  • This is a high performance, strong, and hard sharpening file.
  • Made of high-quality carbon metal.
  • It is durable.
  • The file is abrasive and corrosion resistant.
  • It has a soft handle to offer a better grip.
  • Not effective if you are looking for super fine edges.

6. Diamond Machine Technology (DMT) FSKF Dia Fold Sharpening File

This is a portable and lightweight sharpening file. This is a high-quality file and made of the best quality Diamond metal. When not in use, its durable polycarbonate folds can fold, enclosing and protecting the diamond sharpener. It has hinge pins made of stainless steel to provide you with a smooth opening and closing for a lifetime.

It has 4″ cone tapers ranging from 1/4″ to 1/16″ in diameter to sharpen knives with straight edges or sharpened serrations’ sizes. You can also use this file to get razor-sharp edges using its fine diamond file. This is an all-tool sharpening file that works on the edges of any material.

The Diamond Machine Technology sharpening tool weighs 0.64 ounces and measures approximately 9.5 by 5 by 3.25 inches. It is reliable, durable, and can provide consistent performance for years. This file sharpens knives faster than any other conventional sharpening stones. It needs no water or oils when sharpening. Diamond Machine Technology is among the best filing tools manufactured in the USA. This is a convenient tool and an excellent value for home, workshop, or recreational use.

  • It is foldable to make it portable.
  • The DMT file and fine is durable.
  • Sharpens faster than stones.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • A high-quality file made of Diamond metal.
  • Its stainless steel hinges provide smooth openings.
  • It is expensive.

How To Choose A Top-Quality Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening File

If you are looking for the top quality sharpening file for your lawn mower blade, there are a few critical elements to consider before making a purchase. Below is a well-described guide on the essential things you will consider when choosing a top-quality lawn mower blade sharpening file.

  • Material Used

The most important thing that determines the quality of the file is the material used in making it. The top-rated and high-quality sharpening files that most people consider when choosing a file are files made by monocrystalline diamond. The more quality the material that makes the file is, the more quality the file will be.

  • Additional Industrial chemicals

As much as how high quality the material making the file is, the extra chemicals added to the material making the file will increase the sharpening file’s quality. One of the best chemicals used in industries is the Chromium chemical. This chemical, when used, the file becomes abrasive and corrosion-resistant.

  • Durability

How long will this sharpening file serve you? Is the sharpening file durable and performing as it was when you first used it? The longevity of a sharpening file will depend on the quality of the material used in making it. Sharpening files made by Diamond tend to last longer and perform flawlessly.

These are the best things that will help you choose a top-quality sharpening file. I would suggest you look at every detail, including those that I have not captured above, to help you select a top-quality sharpening file.

How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade with a File

Professional gardeners and landscapers will tell you that the best sharpening tool for your lawn mower blade is the file. It provides smooth sharp edges perfect for cutting and leveling tuff and grass. Here is an easy guide on how to sharpen your lawn mower blade with a file.

First, unplug the shock plug wire from the shock plug to avoid accidental engine start or getting shocked when removing the blade. To prevent gas and oil from penetrating the air filter and carburetor, turn the mower onto one side with the air filter and carburetor facing up. When oil leaks into the air filter, it makes the mower produce a smoke cloud during engine start. 

After putting the machine lean on one of its sides, remove the blade that you want to sharpen by loosening the bolt/nut holding the blade. Turn both the bolt and blade counterclockwise until you remove both of them. Return the mower into its mowing position after removing the blade until you finish sharpening. 

Clamp the blade firmly and begin grinding the cutting edge with a high-quality Mill Bastard sharpening file, filing in the original cutting angle direction. File until the blade becomes razor blade sharp. Remember to always sharpen the blades from the top side of their cutting edge. Sharpening from both sides of the blade reduces the durability of your blade. 

Once you complete sharpening the blade, balance it using a recommended blade balancer. Unbalanced blades usually cause unwanted vibrations and may damage your lawn mower engine. Return the blade and tighten the bolt firmly to the lawn mower.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What kind of file do you use to sharpen a lawn mower blade?

I use a flat and large Mill Bastard file to sharpen lawn mower blades. This file is among the best sharpening files available in the market. It is a high performance, strong and hard file made of high-quality carbon metal. The file is durable and keeps its performance constant as long it lasts. The file is long enough, measuring 10″. Another reason why I use this file is its lifetime warranty. I would suggest that you use it to sharpen your lawn mower blades. Always remember to balance your lawn mower blades.

Do you sharpen both sides of a lawn mower blade?

While sharpening both sides of a lawn mower blade does not feel harmful, in reality, it does reduce the durability of the blades. Thus we, therefore, do recommend that you sharpen the blade from one side. 

How do you sharpen a mulching lawn mower with a file?

Sharpening a mulching lawn mower blade follows the same procedure as sharpening a regular lawn mower blade using a file. The only difference is a mulching blade has curved/bent edges. Using a thin file, file and sharpen the curved edges until they become sharp. A narrow file allows you to sharpen edges that are a large flat file can’t.

How often should mower blades be sharpened?

Sharpening lawn mower blades depends on how often one uses the blades to mow. Blades used more often will tend to get dull and unbalanced quicker than those that trim once in a while. However, we recommend that you sharpen your lawn mower blade after 30hrs of use.


how to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing? If you are looking for a file that can last long and provide smooth and refined edges to your lawn mower blade consistently, the Corona Mill Bastard file stands out as the winner. The file is resistant to abrasion and corrosion thanks to the Chromium used.

In terms of functionality, the 17 Piece premium File tool set emerges the best. A full set comes with 17 sharpening files, which are in different shapes and sizes. This set also comes with one to be used as a brush and even a sharpening file. A complete set of this premium files will guarantee you a lifelong filing and sharpening experience. 

If you would like a light and portable sharpening file, I suggest you go for the Diamond Machine Technology sharpening file. It is foldable and durable.

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