Best Grease Gun Coupler [Top 6 Reviews in 2024]

Grease gun coupler act as linkage between the grease fitting and grease gun. It has an important role to make sure no grease leakage while you are doing your work (lubricating).

If you need to use a grease gun in your regular routine, then you must have the best grease gun coupler to make your work convenient and prevent unnecessary messiness.

There are many choice of grease gun coupler you can choose out there. You need to lookup certain criteria to make sure you buy the best grease gun coupler that suits your taste and most importantly will help your work be done perfectly.

Here in this article, we will share with you honest reviews about top grease gun couplers to help you make the best decision.

So, let’s read!

Why Best Grease Gun Coupler Is Important?

Maybe some of us have no idea why we need to buy a grease gun coupler, especially a beginner or someone who never knew about grease guns but just wants to give it a try for the first time.

A grease gun coupler is important as using a grease gun coupler will help in better lubrication. It ensures the grease goes directly to the fittings even if it is hard to reach or has tight spaces.

Next, it offers you effective and efficient work. You only need to attach it and let the grease flow out by pumping the grease gun without needing so much effort. Make sure the connection is tight enough before pumping the grease out to prevent any leakage from occurring. Especially, if you use extremely high pressure.

Lastly, with a grease gun coupler, no more grease wasting happens. By using a grease gun coupler, you can control the amount of grease flow, and the best thing, no unnecessary messiness you need to deal with after lubricating all the machines!

So honestly, buying a good quality grease gun coupler is significant if you have a grease gun.

Top 6 Best Grease Gun Coupler Reviews of 2024

Choosing the best grease gun coupler could give you a headache as there is plenty choices in the market. We already gathered the top 6 best grease gun coupler as below to help you. Check it out!

1. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

If you are always having trouble getting the grease tip’s end on the zerk fittings or pulling the zerk fittings out, LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler is a perfect choice.

It comes with a thumb lever which is very easy to use and can be adjust easily. Amazingly, it fits perfectly with any diameter of the grease gun, so you will not have to worry to match it with your grease gun.

Having a lot of great reviews and high ratings from customers, this grease gun couplers is one of the most reliable in the market and proven for its performance. To use it, just press the thumb lever and slip the collet over the zerk. Then, release the thumb lever.

After that, you just need to pump the grease with no worry as it will go into the fitting accordingly. No leakage at all! Plus, it is really easy to remove without needing any extra energy to pull it out.

Made up of high-quality material, this coupler can stand pressure over 10,000 psi. That means you can match and use it with a grease gun that uses high pressure to handle heavy usage.

The other great feature of this coupler is, it has a jaw with four rubber seals which are to ensure it can stand the pressure and provides a more secure lock to avoid the leaking of the grease. And the best thing is, you do not need to worry if the jaw is worn out as the seller provides you with a spare part.

Moreover, you can directly use it right out of the package as it does need any special adapter. For hassle-free, no fuss, no muss, this LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler is highly recommended for you and yes, we do not doubt putting it as the top ranking for this list.

Top Feature:

  • Comes with great features which make the grease go into the fittings accordingly with absolutely no leakage. Once the collet fits in, it will lock it so the grease does not leak.
  • No messiness guaranteed (absolutely no leakage!)
  • Can stand pressure over 10,000 psi.
  • Comes with spare parts.
  • Wide barrel diameter, need to adjust (tighten it) when use for small/narrow space.

2. AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler 2nd Generation Upgraded

AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler is made up of high-quality alloy steel (zinc plated). It is constructed with a gasket and reinforced jaws which provides durable sealing. This is to prevent any grease leaking especially when you use it at high or extreme pressure. Yes, it can handle extreme pressure up to 12,000 psi!

The best thing about this grease gun coupler is you can operate it with a single hand as it has a smooth retraction mechanism. You only need to set (push it) to the zerk fittings and let the grease flow. On the other hand, it will not work if the seal is not locked properly.

Moreover, it also suits any type of grease gun including DIN and SAE fittings. You can buy it at a budget-friendly cost with guaranteed quality. If you are working in a workshop and doing heavy-duty with your grease gun, this coupler will be a great decision. Surely, no regret at all.

Top Feature:

  • It can handle up to 12,000 psi which means it is suitable for heavy-duty work and powerful grease guns.
  • Easy to handle as it can operate automatically (using a single hand also can).
  • Can handle extreme pressure (12,000 psi).
  • No leaking guaranteed.
  • Need some effort to fit it into the small or tight space as it has a bit size bigger than other types of the coupler.

3. Lumax LX-1403 Silver Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Grease Coupler

Looking for a grease gun coupler that is suitable for heavy-duty usage? 12,000 psi is not enough for you? No worries!

This Lumax LX-1403 Silver Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Grease Coupler offers you a solution. It is suitable for heavy-duty usage (as its name!) and can withstand pressure up to 15,000 psi, greater than LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler & AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler.

Designed with an ergonomic thumb lever, it provides you a comfortable handle. This gun grease coupler is easy to install or remove only by using your finger. Like other couplers, it also comes with leak-proof seal features and has four standard hardened jaws which seal the fittings properly.

This coupler is very ideal for small and tight spaces without needing any extra adapter. The sizes are also compact and handy. It is suitable for any type of grease gun including mini grease gun as it is a universal type of grease gun coupler.

Both DIY-er and professionals can use it hassle-free, with no unnecessary messiness, and most important very easy to use. A quick-release grease mechanism that builds in it will help your job be done perfectly plus save your energy and time.

Top Features:

  • Can withstand pressure up to 15, 000 psi which is very suitable for heavy-duty usage.
  • Quick-release mechanism for efficient work.
  • Ergonomic thumb lever design.
  • Can handle extreme pressure (15,000 psi).
  • Anti-leaking.
  • Universal size which is suitable for all types of the standard grease gun including the pneumatic grease gun.
  • The seal tends to wear out after use for a few months due to the high-pressure usage.

4. TOOLUXE 61077L Grease Gun and Lubrication Accessory Kit

If you need more than a grease gun coupler, you should consider this TOOLUXE 61077L Grease Gun and Lubrication Accessory Kit. It comes in a complete package of accessories for you to ease your lubricating work. Comes like a toolbox, it has everything you need.

This accessory kit consists of several items such as a flexible hose with spring, clamper, injector needle, two types of adapter, and a few types of coupler including 90 and 360 degrees coupler to ease the lubricating work at any angle spaces.

Comes with a flexible hose with springs, this kit makes your work convenient especially for small and unreachable spaces. You can use the adaptor or injecting needle if needed. Plus, it also has a universal coupler which is suitable for any type of grease gun. Moreover, it is also suitable for heavy-duty usage as the kits also provide a specific heavy-duty coupler.

Highly recommended for workshop, garage, and around the house usage. The best thing is, you can keep it all in one box. Save storage and no more missing in action tools!

Top Features:

  • Complete accessories package with all kits that you need to ease your lubricating work.
  • Comes with several types of grease gun coupler that have specific functions such as universal coupler, degrees coupler (90° & 360° swivel coupler), and heavy-duty coupler.
  • Save money, with only one time buying you get all you need.
  • One place storage (storage box).
  • Flexible hose.
  • Many types of grease gun couplers provide.
  • Not suitable for long period usage.

5. Lumax LX-1404 Silver 90 Degree Grease Coupler

This Lumax LX-1404 Silver 90 Degree Grease Coupler is designed for hard-to-reach or very tight (narrow) fitting space such as in the vehicle (trucks, car) or farm equipment. It has a 90-degree shape which helps to reach any angle.

To prevent unnecessary messiness, it comes with a spring-loaded ball check valve. This feature helps to prevent any grease leakage when you do your lubricating work. It is made up of zinc-plated material so, you do need to worry about its durability. The zinc-plated will help to prevent corrosion that can affect its functionality.

This grease gun coupler has different features from the Lumax LX-1403 Silver Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Grease Coupler model even though it is from the same brand. You can opt for this type of grease gun coupler for non-heavy duty with lower pressure required. It is suitable for hand-operated grease guns with working pressure up to 4, 500 psi maximum.

If you are looking for something affordable and easy to use while helping you to do your work properly, this Lumax LX-1404 Silver 90 Degree Grease Coupler is highly recommended. Versatile and convenient for professionals, DIY-er and especially, a beginner.

Top Feature:

  • For hard-to-reach areas especially for farm equipment and vehicles such as trucks and cars.
  • Has a 90 degree shape for greasing at any angle easily.
  • Durable (zinc plating protects against corrosion).
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for small/tight/narrow spaces.
  • Has a feature that helps to prevent grease leakage.
  • Can handle pressure up to 4500 psi only.
  • For hand-operated grease guns only.

6. VARSK Grease Gun Coupler VA409

If you want to lubricate your heavy machines or vehicles like lawn mower, tractors, motorcycles, and others, you should consider this VARSK Grease Gun Coupler VA409. Its performance is undeniable and suitable for all types of standard grease guns.

Made up of heat-treated medium carbon steel, it has corrosion and abrasion resistance features for long-lasting usage. This VARSK grease gun coupler can handle pressure up to 15,000 psi with a working pressure of 4,500 psi.

It comes with a high-quality sealing gasket complement with reinforced jaws to prevent any grease from leaking even with extreme pressure. If you always find excuses for not doing lubricating work because of its messiness, no more excuses after this!

Furthermore, by using this grease gun coupler you can do your work more efficiently by using a single hand. Having a smooth retraction mechanism, you can free your hands (both!) once the coupler locks on the fitting. Easy to use and very convenient!

Not to forget, if you buy this grease gun coupler, you also will get multiple accessories and spare parts for the coupler such as a wrench, screw cap, rubber accessory, and others. And, also a white case which stores all these items in one place.

Very impressive package for one-time buying!

Top Features:

  • Can withstand pressure up to 15,000 psi for heavy-duty usage.
  • Comes with multiple accessories in a white case.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Reinforced jaws and high-quality sealing gasket to prevent any grease leakage.
  • Easy to use and can reach small and narrow spaces.
  • Require high maintenance.
  • A bit expensive.

What features make a good quality grease gun coupler?

There are few things that you need to know as guidance before you decide to buy grease gun couplers. Reading hundreds of reviews would not help you at all if you did not know the important features that make good quality grease gun couplers.

Below is the list of features that you need to consider. Let’s take a look.

Grease gun coupler sizes

To ensure a smooth connection to the grease gun hose, a good grease coupler should have a 1/8′′ NPT (National Pipe Taper) thread size. When purchasing a coupler, ensure that the thread size matches this specification.

Most grease guns will use this standard size. However, please check your grease gun size if it’s compatible with this standard size.


A versatile design of a grease gun coupler should offer you comfort and convenience when using it. Always choose a design that gives you these things; comfort and eases your work to be done properly and efficiently.

Quality of Pressure Rating

A good quality grease gun coupler should be able to withstand pressure up to 8,000 psi to 10, 000 psi. If you can find more than that, it is great as it obviously can release more grease for extra lubrication. But remember, extremely high pressure can cause damage to the bearing.

Plus, the risk of grease leaking also increases with high pressure. Usually, for pressure more than 10,000 psi, the coupler is fit for electric types of the grease gun.

Diameter of the Barrel

Never choose a big diameter of the coupler. A coupler should be tight and fit perfectly to the fittings to prevent any leaking.


There are various types of grease gun couplers that are designed according to their function, such as 90 degrees, 360 degrees, heavy-duty, and so on. Choose a grease gun coupler based on what work you are dealing with.

For example, you should opt for a 90 degree model of coupler if you are working with hard surfaces.

Leak proof greasing

This is one of the important features you should be aware of. Choose a coupler that has three or four rubber seals for its jaw. The function of the jaw is to grip and fit properly to the grease gun, so the presence of the rubber seals will enhance the function.

No more leaking, no more wasting grease and you can do your lubricating work using a high pressure conveniently.

Easy Maintenance/Easy to use

Buy a coupler that is easy to use and does not require high maintenance. Remember to clean it every time after you use it to avoid any grease residue stay and block the way.

Frequently Asked Question’s

If you have any questions, please check the listed questions below. It might help you to find the answers that you need.

Q-1. How does grease coupler work?

Grease gun couplers act as a connector. Attach it with your grease gun to link the grease gun to the fittings.

The grease will flow from the grease gun to the grease gun coupler and then to the fittings based on the pressure you apply.

Q-2. How do you replace a grease gun coupler?

With the help of two wrenches (one to hold, one to detach), remove the old coupler. And, install the new one by using the same method but in the different direction of the wrench’s rotation to fit it properly with the grease gun.

Q-3. Are there different sizes of grease Zerks?

Grease fittings are available in a variety of styles. There are two types of grease fittings that are widely used; 1/4′′-28 and 1/8′′ NPT thread.

Q-4. How do you adjust a grease gun coupler?

To control the release of grease, simply rotate (twist) the coupler. Use tools such as pliers to tighten it. It is important to make sure it locks tightly with the grease gun to avoid any grease leakage when you apply pressure on it.

Q-5. How do you replace Zerk grease?

Remove zerks by loosening them with a wrench. To clean the zerk housing and remove old grease, use a piece of cloth or an old towel. Reattach the zerk and tighten it with the help of a wrench. Make sure your gun is properly positioned on top of the zerk fitting.

Q-6. How do you connect/disconnect a grease gun to a zerk fitting?

In case you are not familiar with the term “zerk fitting”, it is actually another name for the grease fitting. It is a small hole that allows the lubricant to pass through.

Some grease gun tips are already assembled. You just need to set the grease gun coupler with the hosepipe directly. You can adjust the position of the coupler jaws manually. After you set it up, screw it and the jaws close up grip the hose tightly now you need to find the zerk fitting.

After you find it, push the grease gun coupler that already connects with the grease gun into it. Then tighten it, to lock. You are ready to start your lubricating work.

Meanwhile, to disconnect, simply untie the screw and reverse the steps. It’s done!


Now, let us wrap it.

A grease gun coupler will be a lifesaver for everyone who works with a grease gun. Lubricating your machines routinely is significant to ensure long-lasting usage. Plus, it will improve your machine performance.

You can make up your mind before buying it based on the reviews listed above. We also already provide you with the must-have features that make a good quality grease gun coupler with the addition of a few frequent questions with answers to help you make the best decision.

So yeah, perhaps this article will help you to choose the best one!

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