Best Grease Gun for Lawn Mower & Tractor (Top 3 Reviews in 2024)

Best Grease Gun for Lawn Mower & Tractor

Today you are going to read the complete Best Grease Gun for Lawn Mower & Tractor (Top 3 Reviews in 2024) [All You Need To Know]. Grease guns are popular in automotive repair shops and industrial machinery sites, and thanks to the evolution in gardening power tools and machinery, they have become an essential tool for the maintenance and care of lawn mower and garden tractors.

Good regular lubrication can prolong the life of your lawn mower or tractor, and considering how much you have invested, you will expect durability.

The importance of lawnmower or tractor greasing should never be underestimated as it will increase your machine’s performance but above all, its lifespan.

A grease gun will make your job easier to greasing your lawn mower and tractors. Because, it will save time, no more waste, perfect greasing in hard to reach places. For all of this, you’ve to pick the good quality grease gun for lawn mower & tractor to get the maximum benefits.

Today, I will share the best grease gun for tractors & mowers, how to pick the good one, how to use it and much more. Here we offer you the top picks for 2022 for this essential tool that you won’t want to be without.

What is the Type of Best Grease Gun for Lawn Mowers?

If you are shopping for the Best Grease Gun for Lawn Mower or tractor mower, you know it can be rather challenging because the marketplace has so much to offer.

If you wonder which type of grease gun is best for your lawnmower, a lot will depend on your personal preferences as various types of grease guns are available and will do a great job of lubricating your mower.

When searching for the best grease gun for riding lawn mower, you have lots of choices.  The air-powered grease gun will allow you to pump grease with limited physical effort, thanks to the compressed air used to pump.

A cordless, rechargeable battery-operated grease gun will give you freedom of movement and comfort when operating and moving around your mower.

You can also consider more basic manual grease guns such as the lever gun, the hand grip, or a pistol-grip grease gun for easy control and operation.

Top 3 Best Grease Gun Reviews of 2024

1. Dewalt DCGG571M1 Lithium Ion 20 Volt Grease gun Kit

If you are looking for a grease gun that can push through clogged fittings, this may very well be the grease gun for you.  Delivering as much as 10,000 PSI is ideal for greasing if you need high grease flow.

The 5-ounces of grease per minute pumping capacity is an added plus.  An exceptional speed trigger allows you to employ the grease flow speed you need when doing maintenance.

This grease gun comes with a flexible hose that is 42 inches in length, meaning that if you have a large tractor mower, this hose should be able to reach any and all hard to get to places.

Another convenient feature is the LED light on the grease gun. Not only can you reach hard to get to places, but you can also have a better visual of your grease fittings particularly in low-light environments.

The grease gun also comes with a filter screen on the gun pump to block any contamination or dirt from blocking the grease gun’s pumping mechanism.

An air-bleeder valve helps you prime this gun after every change of cartridge or grease reload, and best of all is battery-operated with a 20V lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable, and the charger is included.

This gun battery lasts up to sixteen grease cartridge reloads before requiring recharging. A sturdy carrying case enables portability and storage. DeWalt offers a limited warranty.


  • 10,000 maximum PSI permits you to move through blocked grease fittings.
  • A speed trigger with variable settings gives you complete control of the grease emission speed.
  • The bright LED gun light gives you improved visuals of grease fittings even in low-light conditions.
  • High flow greasing necessities is a breeze thanks to 5-ounce per minute pump flow.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery facilitates moving around when working.
  • Gun pump filter screen prevents the blockage of the pumping mechanism.


  • Expensive

2. Lincoln 1162 heavy Duty Fully Automatic Air-Operated Grease Gun

The Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun impresses thanks to the various features it offers. One thing that shouts out functionality is the rubber handle with an ergonomic handle to increase comfort and reduce if not eliminate any hand fatigue while greasing your tractor mower.

A really nice feature is the speed trigger that allows you to use various speeds for grease applications. This type of speed control will increase precision during lubrification and help to eliminate any waste.

A high-pressure hose that measures a comfortable and functional thirty inches in length is convenient. You should have no difficulty whatsoever in easily reaching and lubricating your lawn mower’s Zerk fittings, and since the hose is not overly long, you won’t risk tripping while moving around the machine.

The 6,000 maximum PSI is more than adequate for lubricating lawn mowers and tractor mowers, so you’ll have no worries about getting the job done.

This gun, however, does require regular cleanings as it may have a tendency for some of the tool parts to clog occasionally. In reality, this should not be a problem, because a well-maintained clean gun will improve both performance and durability.


  • The ergonomic handle in rubber affords comfort during use.
  • A variable speed trigger gives you complete control of grease flow along with higher precision during lubrication.
  • This grease gun comes with a thirty-inch pressure hose meaning you will be able to reach all the fittings on your lawnmower that need lubrication.
  • Accessories include a coupler and the high-quality hose with a clip for attachment.
  • An accessible check valve makes cleaning easier than ever as well as the removal of contaminated or hardened grease left inside.


  • It requires cleaning often to avoid any clogging of interior parts.

3. Bravex Professional Heavy Duty Grease Gun with Pistol Grip

If you are looking for a good reliable grease gun that is more affordable than premium grease guns, the Bravex heavy-duty grease gun gives a very solid, dependable performance.

While lower-priced than other grease gun options, it offers the standard 6,000 PSI meaning it is more than adequate for greasing a riding lawn mower or tractor mower.

The Bravex gun comes with a flexible hose that is an okay 18 inches in length. While not the longest, it should be sufficient for reaching all the fittings on your mower.

It also features the ample-sized 14-ounce grease storing cartridge, meaning that you won’t be refilling continually.  The gun’s canister is produced in cold-drawn steel for durability. An O-ring seal is incorporated to prevent grease leakage.

A rubber grip that is non-slip and a reasonable weight of 3.41 pounds makes this an easily operated and managed grease gun. You can load it with three different methods: bulk suction, cartridge, or filler.

Accessories include the flex hose, a spring guard coupler, a sharp nozzle, and an extension tube that is 5.5 inches in length.  Bravex offers a one-year guarantee together with a money-back guarantee of 100% if you remain dissatisfied with the gun.


  • The flexible hose is a reasonable 18 inches in length for reaching mower fittings.
  • This gun offers a maximum PSI of 6,000 which is easily enough for greasing lawnmower fittings.
  • A 14-ounce sized grease cartridge allows you to work without having to constantly refill your gun.
  • Extension tube and coupler accessories are included with the gun.
  • Good solid performance at a reasonable price is the hallmark of this grease gun.


  • The construction quality could be better.

The Zerk Grease Fitting for Lawn Mowers and Tractors

Lawn Mowers and tractors are fitted with Zerks. In every Zerk, there is a small ball with a spring. If there is no grease gun coupler inserted into the Zerk, the tiny ball will prevent the grease from running out.

When a grease gun coupler is attached, it will push the ball backward and you can feed grease into your machine through the Zerk fitting. Efficient and simple.

What Features Make a Good Quality Grease Gun

Because the marketplace offers so many brands and styles of grease guns, choosing one can be challenging. Here are several features to factor in when choosing your best grease gun for trucks, lawn mowers and tractors.

PSI (Pound Per Square Inch)

This number will indicate the maximum amount of pressure your gun can provide when operating. It will tell you how much grease will be released with a single pump of the gun.

Grease guns by design can deliver a variety of pressures when you squeeze the gun’s handle. With a higher PSI number, you can use your grease guns for a wider array of projects.

A lower number will have fewer applications, so you’ll need to consider the amount of PSI you need for lubricating your mower, and any other use or project you may have in mind when purchasing. You may want to choose a PSI that is just a bit high than your greasing needs.

The Length of the Gun Hose

You’ll notice immediately that there are many different hose lengths available. Some may be as short as ten inches while others may measure as long as forty inches.

A reasonable length will be around thirty inches because you will be able to maneuver around your mower without it being too short or too long and in your way during use.


Your grease gun should be easy to use, easy to clean, easy to load, and easy to store. Consider if the gun offers one or more grease loading methods.

Also, look for an air bleeder valve to eliminate air pockets that impede grease emission. An air bleeder valve will speed up priming the gun.


This may seem like a given but look for an ergonomic design that affords you comfort together with a secure non-slip grip. You will want to include this when choosing, especially if you have considerable greasing needs. You may also prefer a gun that can be operated one-handed.

Is it Portable?

Most grease guns are portable. If you have several properties and mowers as a result, you may want to look for a gun and hose that are easily packed up for transport. Also, consider the gun size because it will need to be stored and you will need sufficient space.


When investing in a grease gun you will expect some degree of durability over time. Does the manufacturer of the gun you are thinking of buying offer a warranty?

Most guns will come with a standard one-year warranty while others may offer something longer. A warranty implies that a manufacturer stands behind its product.

How to Use a Grease Gun on a Lawn Mower or Tractor

Step 1: Preparation

Your beginning step will be to read your owner’s manual to identify the manufacturer’s recommended type of grease to use on your mower.

Also, look for where the mower’s fittings are located. Park your tractor mower on a flat, very solid surface like your driveway or similar. Remove the start key and engage the parking brake to service your mower.

Step 2: Preparing the Grease Gun

Prime your grease gun container rim and tube. Load the grease gun with the recommended type of lubricant. This can be done by cartridge, suction, or bulk loading depending on the type of grease gun you have and your preferred loading method.

Step 3: Grease the Front Axles

After you have loaded and primed your grease gun, proceed to grease the front axle fittings. These are generally located on each axle. Insert your grease gun into the Zerk fitting. Pump your grease gun two or three times at the most for each fitting.

Remember that if grease runs out of the fitting, it is full. Remove the gun from the Zerk fitting and clean any excess grease flow left externally.

Step 4: Grease the Cutting Spindles

Most spindle fittings are at the front of the spindles. They have nipple shapes. After cleaning the spindles to remove dirt or grass cuttings, wipe the grease fittings as well.

Insert the grease gun in the fittings and for each fitting pump two to three times. Remove the gun from the Zerk fitting and clean any excess grease flow left externally.

Step 5: Grease the Pivot Fitting of the Front Axle

You should find this fitting in the center of the front axle. Using your gun, pump twice until grease flows out. Wipe off external grease overflow.

Step 6: Grease the Deck Lift Pedal

The Deck Lift Pedal fitting will be at the base of the lift panel. Pump several times until a little grease flows out. Clean off excess grease that flows out.

Step 7: Repeat

Depending on your brand of tractor mower, you will need to insert your grease gun into each and every fitting on the tractor mower, pumping two to three times for each fitting.

Step 8: Grease the Front Wheels

Each wheel will have a fitting, probably on the inside of the tire. Insert the grease gun into the fitting and pump twice or three times. Remove the gun from the Zerk fitting and clean any excess grease flow left externally.

Check this article to know how to choose and use the grease gun on bicycles and bike.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q-1. How Often Should I Grease the mower and tractors?

Much will depend on your mower type and its brand. It is best to maintain your mower as recommended by the manufacturer.

The owner’s manual most likely suggests a grease type, indicates how often to grease, and will help you find all the mower’s fitting locations for greasing. Generally speaking, you need to grease regularly

  • Cutting spindles
  • Front axle spindles
  • Font axle pivot fitting
  • Deck lift pedal

And of course

  • Lawnmower wheel bearings

Ideally, all of the mower’s fittings should be greased at the same time. The mower’s wheel bearings will need greasing at least once a cutting season and preferably twice.

Many manufacturers recommend greasing fittings after a certain number of hours of machine operation such as every 25 hours of use.

Q-2. Why grease the lawnmower and tractors?

Grease flows out of a bearing during machine use to eliminate friction and keep fittings lubricated. Because the grease is consumed through lubrication, it needs to be replaced as you use your machine.

Without this lubricant, machine parts and engines wear out faster.  Thanks to greasing, machine parts have added protection from corrosion and abrasion giving your mower engine improved performance and increased overall longevity of the machine itself.

Q-3. Which grease gun is a good choice for greasing a zero-turn mower?

A zero-turn mower does not require a specific kind of grease gun, just one that gets the job done. Any of the mowers on our list will be a good choice for greasing your zero-turn lawnmower.

Q-4. What size of a grease gun fitting do I need for a Craftsman tractor?

The most common fitting size is the 1/4 – 28 thread Zerk grease gun fitting.

Q-5. Where do I use a grease gun on a lawn tractor?

Grease guns are used to lubricate the front axle spindles, the mower deck cutting spindles, the front axle pivot fitting, the pedal to lift the deck, and the tractor mower wheels.

Depending on the manufacturer of your tractor mower, the operating manual will help you locate all the fittings that require lubrication.


The Best Grease Gun for Lawn Mowers your tractor mower will be a convenient tool to have on hand for maintenance necessities.

If you have a large tractor mower or perhaps more than one mower that will require lubrication, consider the Dewalt DCGG571M1 Lithium Ion 20 Volt Grease gun Kit with its long hose, pumping capacity, and warranty.

More budget-friendly choices are the  Lincoln 1162 heavy Duty Fully Automatic Air-Operated Grease Gun and the Bravex Professional Heavy Duty Grease Gun with Pistol Grip. Both of these grease guns are good quality, dependable tools.

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