Best Grease Gun Reviews and Buying Guide in 2024 [8 Top Rated Picks]

The Best Grease Gun

The best grease gun can make all the difference when you require lubrication for machinery that you are using or even to prevent the rusting of some of your power tools.

Professional garages wouldn’t operate without one, but even if you are not a pro but have quite a few DIY projects, the best professional grease gun can be a real-time saver and protect your tools and machinery.

The marketplace offers many options for purchase, but not all grease guns are the same, nor are their performances.

Here is the top-rated grease gun recommendation for car, vehicle, lawnmower or others machinery and power tools.

Why Get a Grease Gun?

Used for a multitude of tasks, a grease gun is a tool for the distribution of grease. It allows for a rapid accurate application that manual application cannot achieve.

If you have power tools or machinery, grease needs to be put on any moving components to minimize friction. This contributes to the parts enjoying a longer life because the grease acts as a protective coat against wear.

Grease Gun Types

Grease guns are manufactured in basically four types and will use varied power sources:

The Battery Powered Best Grease Gun

A great advantage to using this type of grease gun is that it guarantees mobility. You can move around freely, for example working on all sides of a car or truck without having to worry about an electric cord or its length.

The drawback? Batteries need regular recharging. But depending on what you will use it for and how often, this may not be a problem.

They do however tend to be a bit more expensive, although the added cost will offer you the convenience of moving about as you like. These guns are designed to reduce operating fatigue. They can attain pressure levels ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch).

The Hand Lever Grease Gun

This is the classic type of grease gun. These guns are designed with a hand lever for pumping the grease out of a tapered nozzle.

Thanks to the narrowing of the nozzle shape, pressure, and accuracy increase, and thanks to an improvement in design, the grease will not just drip out of the gun. The pressure must reach a certain level. Once the correct amount of pressure has been achieved, a trigger will release the grease flow.

This is the most basic grease gun, and thecheap best grease gun because it is manual and does not use energy. A manual grease gun can attain a pressure level of as much as 10,000 psi.

You can find out the top quality manual grease gun for MTB or bicycles here.

The Pneumatic Best Grease Gun

A pneumatic grease gun will use an air compressor to pressurize air within an air hose and use that pressure to propel the grease out of the gun nozzle.

When the gun trigger is pressed, lubricant flows steadily from the gun. These guns usually rate to 6,000 psi.

The Electric AC Grease Gun

These guns come with a power cord and maintain a constant flow of lubricant. They are often considered an alternative to the pneumatic grease gun and are pressure rated to as much as 7,000 psi.

Considerations for Selecting the Best Grease Gun

If you have decided to invest in a grease gun, with so many choices you’ll need to consider features to make your final selection.

When searching, examine durability factors, potential leakage due to design, the power source, power capability, ease of operating, and refilling techniques.

Ease of Operation

The primary considerations here need to be how easy are the operating instructions to follow and is the gun easy to use.  Consider the operation of the four types of grease guns available:

Battery-operated grease guns are connected giving you freedom of movement. They have easy-to-use triggers for grease emission.

However, they may weigh more so check out grease gun weights when searching. Another consideration is the quantity of grease that is emitted. These guns usually come with a pistol-like grip.

The Electric AC grease gun has the advantage of having a continuous power source with no need for recharging, but you are tethered to the power cord. Pistol-grip style.

The Hand Lever grease gun is very simple to both operate and control. By increasing or decreasing the hand lever’s pressure, you control the amount of grease from the gun’s nozzle.

The Lever grease gun generally comes with a manual lever however a variation exists with a pistol grip allowing use with one hand.

The pneumatic grease gun tethers you to an air compressor. This connection can render your movement somewhat limited within your workspace. Grease flow is controlled by a trigger that requires only finger movement. Pistol-grip style.


The grease guns will come in various shapes and sizes, but you will want one that is comfortable for your hand during use to avoid cramping. A cushioned grip and ergonomic design will add to your comfort during operation.

Gun Barrel

The size of the best quality grease gun barrel can make all the difference, depending on what you intend to use it for.

If you need to lubricate with a considerable amount of grease and you need to do so quickly, a barrel size that is larger and holds more grease will facilitate your work.

Instead, you are going to work on small power tools, you can get by nicely with a smaller barrel.

If your grease gun uses a cartridge, most will have a capacity of about 14 ounces meaning you will not need to refill numerous times during an application.


Normally grease will flow from a gun’s nozzle because pressure pushes the grease out. So, theoretically, without any pressure, grease should not leave your gun.

Probably, but that is not always the case, particularly if your gun has a cheap or badly designed plunger. The same consideration applies to the gun head and seal.

When evaluating features, be on the lookout for hardened plungers, top-quality seals, and metal components such as barrels that will all contribute to preventing leakage.


While some grease guns may feature parts in plastic, most will be made from metal. Metal does nicely in resisting pressure when in operation. Plastic components generally tend to wear faster and are susceptible to breakage.

Nozzle and Hose Length

Most grease guns will have a short, straight nozzle or a metal nozzle that is flexible available in various lengths. If you will be greasing in places that are hard to reach, a flexible nozzle will afford you better accuracy and reach.

The length of the hose can also contribute to reaching tight spaces. Most will feature an 18-inch, but some will offer longer hoses.

One-Hand Design

Many, but not all grease guns allow one-hand use. It is important to realize that grease guns with lever hands really need two hands for accuracy. Consider ergonomic designs, rubber handles and grips, and weight when choosing.

Power Capability

The grease gun’s power capability is measured in PSI (This indicates pounds per square inch.) Guns may range anywhere from 3,000 psi to 10,000 psi.

If you intend to grease larger machinery like perhaps a tractor, a low PSI probably will not do the job because you won’t get adequate grease flow.

If instead, you will be using a grease gun to lubricate smaller power tools, a pressure that is too high can damage smaller systems.


Grease guns are available in various pricing ranges. Low prices will give you the basics but check out the manufacturer to make sure you’re not throwing away your money as quality will vary.

The mid-range prices will offer some quality options, but most will probably be hand lever grease guns with a few being air-operated. The more expensive grease guns will include battery-run, air pressure, and electric, so you will be able to find full options.

The more expensive guns are manufactured for professionals that need and operate them on a daily basis.

PSI or Pounds Per Square Inch

All grease guns will have a PSI rating. This rating will tell you how much pressure a grease gun can produce during operation. The application that you will be using the gun for will decide if you require a lower pressure or a higher pressure.

It is important to remember that most bearing seals cannot tolerate a PSI higher than 500. Applications for larger nuts or bolts may require 7000 on up.


Most guns will offer one of three types of grease filling possibilities:

Bulking, which is easy, but takes time, and generally makes a mess. Here you will need to pack grease into the gun with a putty knife, scoop, or manually.

Or you can use a bulking pump specifically designed for this purpose which can help avoid any contamination while filling.

Cartridge, A grease gun that uses cartridges will make life easier. It’s easy because you just pop in a new cartridge. It’s also considerably cleaner.

Suction, Here the grease gun works very similarly to a hypodermic needle syringe. You place the open-ended barrel of the gun into a container of grease. Pull the plunger rod backward to suction the grease into the barrel.


Most grease guns will come with several useful accessories such as hoses, tubes, couplers, nozzles, etc. Also, some will arrive with pre-lubrication allowing immediate operation of the gun.


Look for quality components that will contribute to a grease gun’s life like hardened plungers that will not warp or a bleeder valve for the release of pressure build-up. A bleeder valve will help eliminate any air pockets during operation.


As you are investing money, consider what type of warranty comes with the grease gun you have selected. Most guns will offer at least a year while others may extend the warranty length.

The Top 8 Best Grease Gun Reviews of 2024

Dewalt DCGG571M1 Cordless 20V MAX


  • 10,000 PSI.
  • High-volume pump will push as much as 5 ounces per minute of grease.
  • Trigger with variable speed for complete velocity control.
  • Comes with a 42-inch flexible hose.
  • Bright LED permits you to locate fittings in dark work environments.
  • Pump has a filter screen to prevent dirt from clogging it.
  • Grease gun foot design allows you to rest the gun on floors or surfaces without leaving marks.
  • Air bleeder valve facilitates priming with cartridge change.
  • Pumps 5 ounces of grease per minute.
  • Comes with a lithium battery that is rechargeable, charger, and case.

Dewalt is a well-known best brand of grease gun and rightly so. They manufacture many tools and have earned their excellent reputation thanks to quality manufacturing. This Dewalt cordless grease gun is a true performer on the job with impressive power. It offers a maximum PSI of 10,000 which is on the higher end for grease guns.

The Dewalt grease gun also features an impressive hose that measures 42 inches, which is probably longer than necessary but will afford you that extra length for hard-to-reach spots.

This is a cordless grease gun that grants you exceptional mobility when operating it. The gun uses a rechargeable lithium battery that is able to pump as many as 16 grease cartridges after a single charging. A trigger featuring variable speed makes operation accurate and easy.

Another exceptional feature is the LED lights which are bright and conveniently illuminate dark spaces and spots when using. Dewalt has included an “anti-debris” filter that will protect the pumping mechanism from taking in any dirt, grime, or any type of contaminant while in operation.

The only observation is that the gun is a bit heavier than other options available, but at the same time, it is cordless and has a battery with it. You can set this gun down without any worries due to the anti-marking bottom which permits resting it on any flat surface without fear that it will scuff or scratch.

Freedom of mobility, with such a long-lasting battery, make this grease gun a truly impressive choice.

Drawbacks may be the heavier weight and larger size when handling.

Lincoln 1162 Heavy-Duty Fully Automatic Air-Operated


  • Completely automatic with continuous grease flow.
  • Speed trigger allows you to control variable speeds.
  • Comes with a 30-inch hose complete with coupler and clip for attaching.
  • A combination filler coupler and air bleeder valve permits you to release trapped air pockets and bulk fill.
  • 6,000 PSI.
  • Bulk loaded or cartridge refill.
  • One of the best grease gun with needle nozzle.
  • Check valve allows cleaning contaminated or hardened grease easily.
  • Pumps one ounce every 50 strokes.
  • Made in the USA.

This Lincoln 1162 Heavy-duty Grease Gun is exceptional for the control of the grease flow that it offers. Because it comes with an automatic trigger, the operation is easy and comfortable. An impressive pump design makes priming unnecessary.

The PSI is rated at 6,000 which is sufficient for numerous applications for homes and a few lighter commercial ones.

A generous hose length of 30-inches with a hose that is quite flexible means you will be able to get to all the spots in need of lubricant, even if they are not easy to reach.

This gun requires an air compressor to function and will need approximately an air capacity of 80 PSI. Another attractive quality is the grease reload which you do with bulking or by simply replacing a cartridge. The fact that it uses cartridges means you can switch greases and applications with ease.

This is a manual grease gun that you can use with one hand. Although the plunger may occasionally jam somewhat, you can resolve this issue by repriming the gun. Lincoln offers a limited time warranty for this made-in-the-USA gun.

Lumax LX-1152 Deluxe Heavy-duty with 18-inch Flexible Hose


  • Easy 3-way refill with grease pump, suction, or cartridge.
  • Bleeder valve.
  • Gun barrel in 18-gauge steel.
  • Its one of the best budget grease gun.
  • Rod lock to prevent unwanted grease discharge.
  • Up to 7,000 PSI.
  • 18-inch flexible hose.
  • Contoured comfort grip resistant to oil.
  • Pumps 4 ounces of grease in 100 strokes.
  • USA made grease gun.

While not a famous brand, this manual type of grease gun gives exceptional performance developing up to 7,000 PSI meeting the application needs of most machinery.

A fantastic characteristic of this particular gun is that it can be loaded with grease refills with three different methods: by using a cartridge, through suction, or by using a grease pump. The choice is yours.

This Lumax gun also boasts a bleeder valve to eliminate any pockets of air and to rule out any priming necessities. The gun barrel in 18-gauge steel is built for durability and thanks to its follower rod lock will impede any accidental release of grease.

An 18-inch flexible hose with nozzle pretty much reaches fittings, bearings, and components in general.

The pistol features a comfortable contoured grip that is resistant to oil with a handle that is plated in chrome to impede corrosion. Grease flow rate measures approximately 1.15 grams for a single pump.

For a budget-friendly pick to use occasionally as needed, the Lumax grease gun will serve well. If, however, you intend to use your grease gun frequently if not daily, a gun in the higher price category might be more in your interest.

There have been some reports of occasional leakage that if confirmed translate into slippery handling and a bit of a mess to clean up.

LockNLube Professional Grease Gun with Pistol Grip Grease Gun


  • Ergonomic grease gun is lightweight.
  • Head cast in aluminum.
  • Large ergonomic grip for easy transport and handling.
  • 8,000 PSI.
  • Complete with a 20-inch hose and in-line swivel and a patented LockNLube coupler.
  • Variable stroke.
  • Follower Rod locks when necessary.
  • Air Bleeder valve for air pocket elimination.
  • Delivers one ounce of lubricant in 37 pumps.

Despite its lightweight, the LockNLube Grease Gun can deliver 8,000 PSI as a manual grease gun. It offers remarkable power, without a battery, air compressor, or power source other than you.

Pumping an ounce of grease with 37 pumps translates into one very strong manual grease gun.

Its flexible hose is 20 inches but features an in-line ergonomic hose swivel to facilitate reaching tough spots for lubrification. The outstanding feature is its construction in aluminum that affords durability, resistance to rust, and its very attractive light weight.

LockNLube grease gun uses standard 14-ounce cartridges but also has the capability for bulk loading. An air bleeder valve eliminates air pockets and facilitates precision.

It features an oversize locking notch for the follower rod during refill and the company’s storage design for a secure and clean coupler when not in operation.

The patented LockNLube grease gun coupler is excellent and fruit of the latest technology. It has a slightly higher price than other manual grease guns. This company, however,  offers a full refund warranty for one year without conditions.

Bravex Professional Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Best Grease Gun 6000 PSI


  • Durable steel tube canister.
  • Grease can be loaded in three ways: Cartridge, Bulk, or Suction.
  • Rubber grip that is anti-slip.
  • 6,000 PSI.
  • 18-inch flexible hose that is heavy-duty and reinforced comes with coupler and metal tube for extending 5.5-inches, sharp nozzle.
  • O-ring sealed.
  • 100% money-back guarantee or product replacement.
  • Created for agricultural, automotive, industrial, marine, or trailer applications.
  • Pumps 4 ounces of grease every 50 pumps.

Bravex is another best brand grease gun. This grease gun may cost a bit less than others on this list, but it offers reliable performance for a manual heavy-duty grease gun with lots of features considering its price and size.

It affords 6,000 PSI making it a good choice for most people’s needs. The hose is only 18 inches, but this will reach spots on any one given machine and comes with a 5.5-inch extension tube if you need more.

The canister is produced with cold-drawn steel to prevent any leaking and comes with an O-ring seal. The pistol grip design facilitates using it with one hand and its rubber grip is non-slip.

This gun distinguishes itself for its quality features at a friendly price. Design and quality construction materials make it a reliable grease gun on the job.

Like other grease guns, it gives you the choice of how to fill it with grease, through the use of standard 14-ounce cartridges, through bulking, or through suction. This option of choices for refilling is very convenient.

While this gun can function for professional use, it comes without an air bleeder valve, meaning you will have to remove any air pockets manually. Nozzle removal is also not easy. Despite these considerations, it is a great manual grease gun for use on heavy machinery.

Lnchett Professional Grease Gun with Pistol Grip


  • Barrel produced in heavy-duty steel.
  • Rubber sleeve on the barrel for added grip.
  • Comes with an 18-inch hose, 2 reinforced couplers, 2 extension tubes, and a sharp styled nozzle.
  • Comfortable pistol grip handle.
  • Easy-release nozzle.
  • Air-release valve.
  • Heavy-duty plunger for efficient grease flow.
  • 7,000 PSI.

The Lnchett grease gun is noteworthy for heavy-duty steel gun barrel construction complete with a thick sleeve in rubber around the barrel to prevent slippage. An ergonomic pistol handle makes lubricating machinery comfortable for the entire process.

Produced for consistent grease flow, it features a thick spring inside the barrel to exert lots of continuous pressure on the plunger when in use.

The design of the air release valve, assists in the escape of air after refill, preventing inconvenient air pockets. Adjustable jaws on the Zerk fitting impede hose disconnection.

The Lnchett grease gun comes with a coupler that has double reinforcement and that locks easily onto fittings, so leakage is not a problem.

The accessory kit is generous with couplers, tubes, and nozzle. Lnchett grease gun offers value for your money and is exceptionally budget-friendly.

Some problems with end attachments have been and instructions that come with the gun need improvement.

Steinbrücke Heavy-Duty High-Performance Best Grease Gun with Pistol Grip


  • Grease can be filled in three ways: Bulk, Suction, and Cartridge.
  • Comes with a 27-inch heavy-duty flexible hose, coupler, 5.5-inch extension tube, and sharp nozzle.
  • High-pressure piston is sealed with an O-ring to prevent leakage.
  • Non-slip rubber grip on canister.
  • Air Bleeder valve for air pocket elimination.
  • 6,000 PSI.

German manufacturer Steinbrücke is known for producing high-performing and versatile power tools. This grease gun is no exception.

The PSI is a credible 6,000 and the hose length is 27 inches giving it that little extra length that some grease guns don’t offer.

Heavy-duty construction is convincing with regards to the durability of this gun thanks to its steel canister, although it may weigh a bit more than other options. An anti-slip rubber sleeve affords a better grip.

It features a sealed piston design with an O-ring to avoid leakage despite higher pressure. The quality air release valve removes air pockets quickly and efficiently.

The nozzle is a convenient sharp type. This gun functions with 14-ounce grease cartridges or bulk loading. Although it can operate with one hand, it is not particularly convenient.

When connected to the Zerk fitting, the coupler may be a little difficult when attempting removal. The two-year warranty adds credibility to the sturdy construction of this gun.

Rexbeti Premium Car Grease Gun Set with Flex Hose


  • Steel gun barrel for durability with a heavy-duty plunger.
  • 6,000 PSI.
  • Complete with an 18-inch flexible hose, 2 reinforced couplers, 2 metal extension, tubes, and a sharp nozzle.
  • Barrel has a rubber sleeve for improved grip.
  • Pistol grip handle designed for comfort.
  • Quick and easy release nozzle.
  • Thicker internal spring for improved pressure.
  • Air release valve for air pocket elimination.
  • Couplers are reinforced standard.
  • Pumps one ounce every 50 strokes.

Rexbeti offers durability and reliability with this grease gun, two qualities that should never be underestimated when selecting a tool.

It comes with a decent PSI of 6,000, however, the hose is the standard 18 inches in length and flexible as other brands. This should in any case be sufficient for greasing most machinery and its one of the best grease gun for cars.

The Rexbeti grease gun comes with a great accessory kit full of nozzles, flex hose, and couplers. It is perfect if you need a grease gun that performs using only one hand as like the mini grease gun. Here its light weight really helps.

A rugged rubber handle helps leverage when operating and it boasts an air-release valve of exceptional quality.  A thicker spring on the plunger and an easy release nozzle round out the package.

This gun arrives with pre-lubrication which saves time. The advertised lifetime warranty speaks volumes about the quality of the product when a manufacturer is willing to stand behind a product in this manner.

Grease Gun Accessories

Several accessories that can be fitted onto a grease gun:

Grease gun meter: This can be retrofitted onto your gun to optimize grease consumption.

Plastic cap: A cap will help prevent both debris contamination and corrosion. You can color-code caps to avoid contamination between varying types of grease.

Alemite or Zerkfittings, grease nipples,etc: A standard hydraulic fitting is the fitting most often employed for standard applications.

Button head fittings are used for large quantities of grease. A flush grease fitting is used when there are space limits, while a vent fitting for pressure relief helps to dissipate high pressure to protect seals.

Adapters, connectors, and couplers: These connections and adapters offer a selection of options for greasing specific types of machinery or working in confined spaces.

Hoses or Tubes: Hoses are flexible while tubes are fixed in position. The option of using one rather than the other will depend on your greasing needs. A hard-to-reach spot will benefit from a flexible hose.

If instead, you are using a hand lever grease gun that needs two hands to operate, a fixed tube is a better choice.

Sonic or ultrasonic devices: These are used to achieve the best possible level of grease injection. They are attached to a grease gun they emit audible sounds to alert a mechanic as to friction issues when greasing a running machine.

Benefits of a Grease Gun

Lubrication helps to guarantee both the performance of machinery and tools as well as extending the life of your tool and thus getting the most out of your monetary investment. Consider these key benefits to owning a best grease gun for money:

Equipment lasts longer, Providing your tools or equipment with the correct amount of lubricant at regular intervals will result in less wear and tear and extended life for your tool.

Less Grease consumption,the best automotive grease gun can help you apply the correct amount of lubricant meaning less waste. This means less cost and less environmental damage due to waste disposal.

Fewer trips to the Mechanic, This automatically means you will be saving money.

Optimized Tool Performance, If your tool has no performance problems, it will always be ready for you to use at a moment’s notice thanks to precision lubrication saturation.

Hard to reach places, A grease gun can reach hard-to-get-to spots and lessen your direct contact with lubricants.

Environmental Concerns, Along with reduced waste, if your machine is running correctly without any friction issues, it will also use less energy.

Useful for Any Applications, A grease gun with the correct fitting and type of lubricant can be used with any application.

Speedy accuracy, A grease gun will deliver lubricant to a precise point efficiently and quickly.

Grease Gun Maintenance

To get the most use out of your grease gun together with the best results, grease gun maintenance and cleaning are absolutely necessary given what the tool is used for.

Keep in mind these basic tips:

Insect your grease gun before every use. The gun needs to be clean and its general condition good.

Use specific fittings for specific greases to prevent mixing and contamination.

Clean your grease gun after use with a specific type of grease.

Wipe your gun off with a clean rag or cloth. This means fittings and all gun parts.

When cleaning your gun, use a mix of water with an anti-grease compound. Water will not remove grease residue by itself.

Avoid leaving your gun on a dirty surface.

If you own a pressurized grease gun, it should be unpressurized for storage. Store horizontally to prevent leakage.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q. How do you fill a grease gun?

There are three primary ways to fill a grease gun: by using a cartridge, by using suction, or by bulking.

Cartridges are simply replaced when empty. The suction method requires you to place the head of the gun into a container of grease and gradually pull out the rod handle to fill the grease gun.

You can also fill through bulking either manually which risks contamination, or by using a bulking pump specifically designed for this purpose.

Q. How is a grease gun cartridge changed?

This is the easiest and fastest way to load a grease gun. This is how to change your cartridge:

  • Remove the barrel from the gun head by unscrewing it.
  • Pull out the rod handle as far as possible.
  • Lock the rod handle into this position.
  • Remove the old grease cartridge.
  • Take a new grease cartridge and remove its plastic cap.
  • Place the new cartridge, bottom first, into your gun.
  • Open the cartridge by removing the metal tab.
  • Replace the gun head and screw it on.
  • The rod handle should be unlocked and thrust it into the gun.
  • Secure the gun head and pump your gun until a bit of grease flows out.

Q. How much does a grease gun cost?

Grease guns sell in a range of prices from a budget value choice to expensive grease guns used by professionals for industrial purposes.

Q. What is the best lubricant for use with a grease gun?

Not all greases are for all machines. If you intend to prolong your machine’s or your tool’s life, you need to select a grease to the kind of machine you want to lubricate or even the specific parts you want to grease.

Check the operating manual of the tool or machine you wish to grease for the manufacturer’s recommendations before proceeding. If you apply the wrong kind of lubricant, it can cause damage.

Also, environmental conditions such as temperatures or precipitation may influence your choice of grease. Grease types include “Moly” grease, polyurea grease, and synthetic greases among others.

Q. How do I choose a grease gun among so many options?

Consider the type of machinery or tools you need to lubricate and look for best grease gun on the market specifically indicated for the type of lubrication you need to apply.

Also, consider your comfort when working and what your budget will permit.

Q. How should I store my Grease Gun?

If you are using a gun that uses bulking or suction, your gun should be cleaned before storage. When you use a cartridge grease gun, remember that the cartridge tubes need to be stored in an upright position.

If the cartridge is in the gun, you must depressurize your gun, and clean off any contaminants. You can now store the gun horizontally.

Q. How do I know how much grease is dispensed with a single pump?

The correct answer depends on the manufacturer and the specific model of the gun. Generally, speaking, a grease gun will pump out anywhere from 0.8 grams to 3 grams at each pump.

Some manufacturers produce grease guns that have calibration so that you can adjust the amount.

Q. Is more pressure better?

Pressure capability will again depend on the model and manufacturer. But while the gun may put out enormous amounts of pressure, it is important to know what the gun’s bearing seal can handle. Most seals can only handle up to 500 PSI.

Final Recommendation

Whether you work with large machinery, power tools, mowers, or on cars, you will know the importance of lubricating them. With a best value grease gun, this becomes a much simpler, cleaner, and easier task.

While all of the grease guns on our list are worth your consideration, we particularly liked the Lincoln 1162 Heavy-Duty Fully Automatic Air-Operated Grease Gun for its lubrication qualities.

Our cordless and battery-powered grease gun pick is Dewalt DCGG571M1 Cordless 20V MAX and Our budget pick goes to the Lumax LX-1152 Deluxe Heavy-duty Grease Gun Pistol with 18-inch Flexible Hose.

If you are looking for versatility, check out the LockNLube Grease Gun with Pistol Grip with its innovative coupler design.

We hope this article helps you select the best bang for buck grease gun for your lubricating needs and thank you for reading.