The 10 Best Hooks For Hanging Plants in 2024 [A Reviews Guide]

Best Hooks For Hanging Plants

Today you are going to read the complete The Best Hooks For Hanging Plants in 2024 [A Reviews Guide]. Plants come with numerous demands for them to thrive properly. It is your responsibility to ensure that they get everything they need. Some plants require adequate sunlight and the best way to ensure they get is by hanging them where there is direct sunlight. To help you with that, you will have to invest in the best hooks for hanging plants.

These can also be utilized if you simply want to keep the plants away from toddlers or pets. You can even use them if you wish to decorate your home. Below, we have compiled reviews of some of the best hooks plus a buying guide to help you decide easily.

Here is our 8 top-quality hooks for hanging plants. You can purchase any one to get the best value of your money according your requirement.

Top 8 Best Hooks for Hanging Plants Reviews of 2024

While there are many hooks available on the market today, not all will serve you according to your needs. It is important to select hooks that will help you achieve what you are looking for.

Below we shall review 8 of some of the best hooks for hanging plants. We shall help you understand their features and how you will benefit from them.

1. Ashman shepherd hook 48 inches, 2/5 inches thick

Ever wondered what you could gift your loved ones who are into gardening? Well, the Ashman shepherd hook could be that special gift for them. It adds a wonderful look to any garden, back and front yard of your home.

The hook stands at 48 inches and it is 10 inches thick meaning you can get to hang your plants high up and they won’t be disturbed by pets or toddlers. Also, this hook can serve as a wedding present, Christmas or valentine present.

This hook can support plants of light to medium weight. It is also versatile as you can easily use it to hang numerous things aside from plants. You can hang lights, decorations, insect repellents, isle markers, shooting targets and anything else you can think of.

It comes with a vintage look plus a black finish which blend well with your home decor and your beautiful garden. Aside from that, this hook comes with a welded brace along the base to help anchor the hook firmly into the soil. This will keep it upright and it will make installations quick and easy.

If you are looking for a premium quality hook that will serve you for years, then this hook will be a great option. It is made from superior quality steel which is 30% thicker than that of its competition. The steel is also powder coated to prevent the hook from rusting.

That’s not all, this hook comes backed by a lifetime guarantee whereby you will get a full cash back in case you were not satisfied with it.


  • It is versatile; you can use it for many applications.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Made from premium quality steel.
  • It is resistant to wind and rust.
  • Comes with a stunning vintage look.


  • It isn’t very stable in sand.
  • It comes one in the pack.

2. Gray bunny shepherd hook 65 inches, 4-pack

If you are looking to add a traditional look to your garden or front yard, then you need to try Gray bunny shepherd hook. They come in a pack with 4 pieces each standing at 65 inches long. They come with a classic timeless design which will effectively adorn your garden.

These hooks can be used at weddings, in your garden, at camp sites among other places. You can use them to hang lights, bird feeders, plant baskets, decorations, ornaments and much more.

They come with a dark finish which will not discriminate the colors of whatever you will want to hang on them. Installations are easy as they come with an extra long base with double forked prongs that will ensure that the hooks are secured into the soil. They also make sure that the hooks remain standing upright at all times.

Furthermore, these hooks are made from premium quality metal which is thin but very study to resist wind. The hooks are ideal for heavier potted plants and other items you wish to hang on them. The finish is rust resistant and durable meaning you will have longer serving hooks that will last for years. Gray bunny also offers the best customer care and it offers a lifetime cash back guarantee on whatever reason you have of returning the hooks back.


  • Made from premium quality durable metal.
  • Rust and wind resistant.
  • Extra long.
  • Come with double forked prongs at the base for easy installation.
  • Can be used for various applications.


  • It becomes short when installed.

3. BEAU JARDIN shepherd hook 65 inches tall

BEAU JARDIN shepherd hook comes with a black finish which will blend well any color of decoration you hang on it. It is 65 inches tall and it will give you the confidence to hang your plants away from your pets’ reach.

It is made from solid metal which is ½ thick in diameter and sturdy enough to stand upright during windy conditions. The metal is also rust resistant meaning it is not only stable but also durable and will remaining stunning for years.

This hook is easy to install as it features a welded brace around the base area. This will anchor the hook to remain upright throughout. You will simply stake the base into the soil and you won’t have to get extra equipment for that.

This hook is multipurpose as it will beautify your home in many ways. You can use it to hang lanterns, plants, bird feeders, decorations, flower pots, garden lights and many other things.

Improve you’re the look of your garden by placing BEAU JARDIN shepherd hooks along the pathways. They not only look stylish, but they are beautiful as well with their elegant design. The hook is capable of holding heavy weights thanks to the ½ diameter thickness. This thickness won’t bend when you hang a heavy potted plant or flower basket.

Also, the brand also offers great customer care in case you have any issues with these hooks.


  • Can hold heavier plants.
  • Made from solid metal.
  • Easy to install.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Adds beauty to your garden and around your home.


  • It only comes as a single piece.
  • Can’t be installed on a wall.

4. Gray bunny GB-6819 heavy duty hook, 37 inch pole

This hook comes with adjustable base clamps which will help to make installations easy. It can be installed on a fence or anywhere other than the ground. The clamp slides horizontally and it can be placed on railings that are of 2 inch thickness. All you have to do is to turn the hand wheel on the hook in order to have the bolt tightened and the clamp secured.

Furthermore, this hook comes with a heavy duty steel construction. The steel is rust resistant making the hook durable to last you for many years. The curved tip will help hold and accommodate plants and other decorations which are heavier. It will withstand winds and the black finish will ensure that it adds elegance and beauty around your home.

The hook comes as a single piece although you can decide to buy more according to your needs. It is versatile and you can use it hang plants, flower pots, bird feeders, decorations, lanterns, wind chimes and many other items.

It comes with a smart and convenient design which will allow you to position your plant or feeder away from the deck so that you get more space and avoid messes created by birds. Also, you can visit and read 10-10-10 Fertilizer : What are They Good For?


  • It can stand at 37 inches high.
  • Made from heavy duty steel.
  • It is wind and rust resistant.
  • Can easily be installed.
  • Ideal for use on various applications.


  • Only one hook included.
  • You may need extra items to install it well.

5. Onepeng plant Hanger outdoor – 2 pieces Plant Hooks


Onepeng plant Hanger outdoor as two pieces which extend 12 inches away from your wall. They come with a black matte finish with a curved up tips.This means that you will get to hang anything that will blend well with the hooks. The tip will ensure that the item you hang is secured in place. These hooks are also multi-purpose meaning you can get to hang anything you can think of on them.

They will add beauty to your garden and a touch of elegance at a reasonable price. They are made from solid metal which is of superior quality to offer durable hooks that will last for years. Regardless of where you place these hooks, they will not rust and they will continue to remain stable. You can use them indoors to hang flower pots or even outdoors on your fence to hang lanterns or lights.

Furthermore, the installations are easy since you will get 6 screws and 6 expansion nails. These items will help you install these hooks immediately you get them. Each hook can accommodate weights of up to 30 pound.  They also feature 3 bracket feet each which fit close enough to the wall to eliminate chances of damaging the wall.

The long and curvaceous design will add a fashionable elegant look around your home. On top of that, you can get a full cash back refund within the first 6 months of purchase if they don’t satisfy you.


  • 6 months full cash back guarantee.
  • Add elegance and beauty to your home.
  • You get 2 pieces in the package.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are multi-purpose.


  • Not ideal for installing in the ground.

6. Mkono 4 pack iron wall hooks

Mkono iron wall hooks will add a vintage look to your bedroom, living room, entry way and even your bathroom. The package comes included with 4 pieces which are each 4 inches tall and extend 3 inches from the wall. They are easy to install as they each feature two screw holes. The package comes included with eight screws to help you fix the hooks on a wall.

Furthermore, they come with a solid iron construction. The iron has a black finish which will not only blend with whatever you hang on it, but also stay resistant to rust. This means that the hooks are stunning and they are durable enough to last for many years. These hooks will continue looking good in any setup whether indoors or even outdoors.

You can utilize them for hanging plants and others items which include plants, lanterns, flower pots, string lights, coats, decorations, bird feeders, ornaments, wind chimes and anything else that you can think of.

You can also install them on a wood board so that you can get a jar hanger. You can utilize them for any of your DIYer projects. You can create your own kitchen rail holder, curtain rod bracket among other things you can think of using these hooks.


  • The package contains 4 hooks.
  • They are multi-purpose.
  • Black finish blends well with anything you hang on them.
  • They have a durable iron construction.
  • Include screws for easy installations.


  • Only suitable for wall installations.

7. Ashman black shepherd hook 92 inch

If you are looking for a tall hook for hanging your plants then you need to try the Ashman black shepherd hook which stands at 92 inches tall from the ground. This hook is taller than an average person. This means, if your plants require adequate sunlight without any destruction then this hook will provide them with that. It has a black finish which will blend well with its surrounding.

Aside from that, this hook comes with a premium quality metal construction which is durable and sturdy. The construction will ensure that the hook remains stable even in windy situations. Additionally, it is also rust resistant meaning the hook will not get damaged any time soon.

The height of this hook will ensure that you get to hang anything you desire outdoors. You can hang your plants, flower pots, bird feeders, lights, lanterns, wind chimes and much more. Its vintage look will ensure that there is added beauty and a touch of elegancy around your garden and home.

It comes backed by a lifetime guarantee which offers full cash refund in case the hook doesn’t satisfy your needs.


  • It stands at a height of 92 inches.
  • Made from a solid metal construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • Adds beauty and elegance to your garden.
  • Can be used to hang numerous items.


  • It is only one in the package.

8. Lewondr wall hanging plant bracket 2 pack

This wall hanging bracket comes with a vintage design which is ideal for adding beauty in your home and entry way. The package comes included with two of these plant brackets which are also compact in size. The hooks can be used for various applications including hanging plants, flower pots, lanterns, bird feeders and other forms of decorations.

These hooks are also made from durable heavy duty iron material. This will ensure that the hooks can remain performing even after years of great service. The bird shape design will add a touch of elegance to your home. Its construction is also stable to support up 3KGs of any item you choose to hang on these hooks.

Aside from that, these hooks can easily be installed thanks to the included screws and rubber plugs. Each plant bracket comes with pre drilled holes at the bottom which you can use to fit the screws when attaching the hooks to a wall. Once you are done fixing them properly, they will remain firm and stable throughout.


  • Includes two pieces in the package.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Made from durable iron material.
  • Can be used to hang anything indoors and outdoors.
  • Can support up to 3KGs of decoration.


  • Can only be installed on a wall.

How to Choose the Best Hooks For Hanging Plants

Before you purchase hooks for hanging your plants, there a few major considerations that you must keep in mind. You wouldn’t want to buy hooks which will not perform to your expectations. These considerations will help you weigh your options and later purchase hooks that will serve you accordingly.

Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Size of the plants

Before you buy any hooks, you need to consider the size of the potted plants that you will be hanging. The size will determine the construction of the hooks you go for.

For example, if the plants you are looking to hang are a little heavy, then you need to consider buying hooks which are made of a durable construction with a thick diameter to support the weight of the plants. You can consider other options for lighter potted plants.


The design of the hooks will add to your existing decoration. If you simply want to decorate your home with your potted plants, make sure that you go for hooks that will blend well with your décor. Look at the available colors of the hooks you are looking to buy and select those that will match.

Do you want a modern design or a vintage design? Look at the different shapes of the hooks and select those that will add more elegance to your home.


When you want to buy hooks for hanging your plants, consider those that are of high quality. The quality will also depend on the material used to make the hook.

For example, iron and steel are of high quality when it comes to hooks. They are durable and thick to last you for many years. A poor quality hook will only frustrate you in the long run it will always require replacement after a short period of time.

Ease of installation

The ease of installation will not only save you time, but also keep the desired spot intact. Some hooks when installed tend to leave behind dents in walls which will only make your wall look terrible. Consider hooks which come with features at the base that will enable you install the hook easily and keep it upright.


Set your budget and know the number of plants you are looking to hang. Some hooks come in a pack having more than one piece while others come as a single piece. If you have plenty of plants, consider those that are affordable with a pack having more than one piece. That way you won’t have to spend a lot. The price should not compromise on the hooks’ quality either.

How to Hang Plants

Hanging plants is a fantastic way to decorate your space and break the monotony of the typical look either indoors or outdoors. If you want to get the decoration right, it is necessary to know how to hang these plants. There would be no need to hang plants in your home or office space, and it does not enhance the beauty of your area.

How to Hang Plants from Ceiling

When hanging your plant off of your ceiling, here is how you do it. The first thing you do is to acquire the necessary tools that are the hook, the hanging chain or rope, your drill, and a ladder.

Locate the spot you want to hang the plant and mark it using a pencil. Always have an estimation of how far apart you need your plants to be from each other or the walls and windows.

You should then drill a hole that is the same size as the screw on the hook you will use. Keep on twisting the screw part of the hook until the base of the hook gets firmly flushed with your ceiling. Use the hanging chain or the rope and fix your plant according to your will.

You also get to enjoy hanging your plants off drywall if you wish. For this process, you will not use a hook, but instead, you will use a toggle bolt utilizing a hook.

Locate a spot on the wall and use a pencil to mark it. Make a hole using a drill then put the toggle into the hole by pinching its wings until they get into the hollow area. To keep it secure enough to tighten the bolt into place and you can hang your plant from this plant hook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to hang a hook on the ceiling without damaging it?

Ans: Using an all-purpose cleansing liquid moisten a piece of cloth then use it to wipe the location where you will fix your hook and let it dry for a short while.

Get a non-damaging hook and attach it to the ceiling, and you can also use a suction cup that has a hook made for ceiling purposes. Slowly and firmly press the non-damaging hook into the ceiling, then you can hang the pot or the item you will use.

Q: Is an extender hook a great plant hook?

Ans: Yes, if you are looking for a great and attractive outlook on your porch and this will most certainly break down the monotony of a casual porch and help it stand out from your neighbor’s porch.

It is a strong piece of iron that can hold any heavy hanging pot or vessel in place. It is an extender hook that you will place on the wall, and it does not cause a lot of damage to your wooden beam.

Q: Which is the simplest type of plant hanging hook?

Ans: If you are looking for an easy and straightforward hook for hanging plants is the S hook. These S hooks can perfectly fit onto any rods, over ledges, and pipes that are exposed.

Considering they are the simplest type available, you can quickly get to move them from one location to the other. These will make it suitable for those who hate dealing with drills or damages on walls.


The best hooks for hanging plants come with numerous uses. Not only can you use them to hang plants, but you can also utilize them for hanging all sorts of decorations and lights. They tend to add elegance and beauty to gardens and inside your home. While there are many brands that create these hooks, some will remain superior to others.

Our reviews are for some of the best and by now you must be able to select those that will serve you according to your needs. Remember to follow the buying guide to ensure that you buy the right one. Create a beautiful garden with the help of any of the hooks on our list.

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