Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer Buying Guide with Reviews in 2024

Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

Today you are going to read the complete The Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer Buying Guide with Reviews in 2024 [Essential Information]. Any good landscaper or gardener will feel the importance of taking great care of landscaping tools or machines. For the tools to provide the maximum expected performance, they must be in good condition. Taking care of garden and landscaping tools includes sharpening, greasing, oil changing and cleaning them after use.

Among the most important gardening machines is a lawn mower. Keeping the grass well-trimmed can best be done using a lawn mower. However, using a lawn mower regularly will lead to its blades becoming blunt and unbalanced. Once the blades become blunt and out of balance, the effectiveness and performance of the lawn mower reduce significantly. That is why it is recommended to balance your mower’s blade on a regular basis after sharpening.

Blades become out of balance mostly during sharpening, especially if you grind off too much metal on one side. To fix up this imbalance, the help of a best lawn mower blade balancer is needed. Balancing lawn mower blades reduces vibrations caused by unbalanced blades when mowing and also increases the durability and performance of your mower blades.

Top 6 Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer Buying Guide with Reviews in 2024

Below is a review of the top 6 lawn mower blade balancers together with their pros and cons.

1. Oregon Precision Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

If you are looking for a blade balance that is made for both performance and its purpose, Oregon Precision boasts as the best option. You will not need to strain eyeballing your lawn mower blades every time you are sharpening them.

This is one of the best blade balancers available currently. Oregon precision blade balancer is greatly designed to ensure there is a maximum balance after sharpening the blade. As for the material used, the balancer is made of high-quality aluminum metal that is rust-free and sturdy.

When this Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer is used to balance your blade, it will reduce all the vibrations and shaking while mowing. Unlike other expensive mower blade balancers, this 6-magnet blade balancer will increase the durability of your lawnmower engine and blades.

Apart from balancing your lawn mower blades, this Oregon Precision Blade Balancer is also built to check for bends or blade warping. For your lawn mower to perform properly, the balancer comes with an in-built tool dedicated to monitoring the mower’s performance. This balancer is compatible with all types of mower blade holes allowing quick and perfect balancing.

  • It’s compatible with most blade hole sizes and shapes.
  • An easy to use blade balancer made to reduce vibration and wear and tear of the engine.
  • It is made of high-quality aluminum metal to provide more durability.
  • 6 strong and sturdy magnets to hold all sizes of blades.
  • Has a movable arm that fits all blade sizes and shapes.
  • It does not have replaceable parts, if it needs services, the whole unit has to be replaced.
  • It is expensive.

2. Oregon Precision 42-100 Blade Balancer

Do not stress your lawn mower engine with an unbalanced blade. The more you stress the engine, the more you are damaging it, and to fix one is usually costly. This light weight blade balancer weighs around 90 grams only. This Oregon Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer is among the best and budget-friendly balancers available.

You may not need to change it every time you sharpen it as it is made of affordable and durable zinc metal. The balancer offers you a sturdy base to allow you to achieve the perfect and secure balancing. It is a high-quality blade balancer,  uniquely designed, and measures 10 by 6 by 1 inch to fit all different sizes and shapes of blade holes.

The best thing about this blade balancer is that it has an upgrade. You can upgrade to its more durable, and high-quality Oregon Precision Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer whenever you notice it is not performing up to your expectations.

  • It is cheap.
  • Compatible with any blade hole sizes and shapes including star-shaped.
  • Made of an affordable but durable zinc metal.
  • Reduces vibration and significant engine wear caused by unbalanced blades.
  • Has a center pin for perfect balancing and accuracy.
  • Its large sturdy base allows secure balancing.
  • It is not durable as compared to other Oregon blades.
  • It’s pivot point may become bent if poorly handled.

3. Stens MAG-1000 Blade Balancer

More often, gardeners and landscapers in the USA ask about blade balancers made in the US. The good news is that this Stens blade balancer is among the best blade balancers manufactured in the USA. It’s a lightweight balancer that weighs about a pound only.

To provide you with the most accurate balance, this blade balancer comes with a movable arm that checks and confirms the level of balance and how straight the blade is. Its maker fixed it with high quality and strong magnets, that have a breakaway force of 150 pounds capable of holding all heavy blades.

This uniquely designed Stens Blade Balancer measures 13.7 by 7.7 by 6.5 inches to fit about 99% of all center holes. It is a balancer made to provide precision balance and durability.

  • Has a movable arm that checks the level of blade balance.
  • It is permanently sealed to avoid loose parts.
  • It’s ready to use with no need of setting up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cone centers the blade to provide accurate balancing.
  • High quality and a strong magnet to hold almost all heavy mower blades.
  • Compatible with most blade hole sizes and shapes.
  • It is expensive.
  • Does not fit blade holes above 1.5″.

4. MaxPower Magnetic Blade Balancer

If there is any balancer that has a high rating score in almost all online and physical stores, is this MaxPower balancer. It is by far one of the best blade balancers available and has been used by many gardeners.

The most impressive feature that many loved about Max Power Blade Balancer is the fact that it can become a wall mount blade balancer. By mounting this balancer on a wall and horizontally placing your blades, this MaxPower balancer will provide the most precise balancing.

When it comes to compatibility, this Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer works perfectly with almost all kinds of blade holes. This all balancing is achieved by its six-strong magnets that provide efficient stability. The Max power Magnetic blade balancer is light in weight, weighing about 2.77 pounds. The balancer measures 7.2 by 6.5 by 4.7 inches and can be mounted even on wooden surfaces.

  • It is durable.
  • It has Six strong magnets that allow better blade stability.
  • Can be used as a wall mount magnetic Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer.
  • It’s a quality design out of a high-quality metal.
  • Lightweight with only 2.77 pounds.
  • Does not have a tracking arm to check for blade bends.
  • Not available in most shops.

5. Stens 750-042 Blade Balancer

Every gardener who has used a balancer manufactured by Stens can not deny that it is by far the best blade maker in the USA. Another good thing about balancers made by Stens is that its blade balancers are among the best and cheapest balancers available in the market. They are not just highly rated, they are a recommendation for any gardener looking for a cheap but highly performing and durable balancer.

The balancer is built to perform and last longer before there’s a need for change. It is a blade balancer made of high-quality zinc metal and weighs around 3.2 ounces only. On the bright side, it is a blade balancer designed to fit almost all sizes and shapes of blade holes including star shaped ones.

Stens blade balancer comes with an ultra-strong magnet capable of firmly holding heavy blades to stability. It measures 2.3 by 2.5 by 2.1 inches, wide enough to provide a precise balance. When used, this balancer reduces blade vibrations and protects the lawn mower engine from wear and tear damage.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Ultra-strong magnet.
  • It is cheap.
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces.
  • It is built to be compatible with almost 99% of all shapes and sizes of blade holes.
  • Made of a high-quality zinc metal.
  • It perfectly balances blades.
  • Not available in most shops.
  • Does not fit 17mm and above blade holes.

6. Prime-Line lawn mower blade balancer

Completing our lawn blower blade review is this Prime Line blade balancer, measuring about 3 x 4.88 x 7 inches. It weighs about 44 grams, a light weight balancer made of a die cast zinc metal. It is unique in that its magnets can hold metal blades heavier than its weight. Its wide and sturdy base offers high stability to the blades. 

If you are experiencing vibrations while mowing and looking for a high quality blade balancer that will fix that, then Prime-Line blade balancer should be the one to think of. It is built uniquely to fit almost all sizes and shapes of blade holes to provide the most precise balance.

  • It is cheap.
  • Very light as compared to other blade balancers.
  • Designed to fit 99% of all blade hole shapes and sizes.
  • Made of high-quality Die-cast zinc metal.
  • Provides precise balance to reduce vibration and engine wear.
  • Needs experience to get the most precise balancing.

Things to Consider Before Buying a lawn mower blade balancer

Below are some of the important things you should consider before purchasing a lawn mower blade balancer.

Material and quality used to make Blade Balancers

The first thing one must consider before buying a blade balancer is the material used and its quality. Always be aware that other fake blade balancers may resemble the original ones. Make sure you purchase high-quality blades for durability and efficiency. The most common materials that are used to make durable lawn mower blades are Aluminum, zinc, and other metallic or plastic materials.

Another thing to be considered is the hardness of the material used to make the balancer. This is to ensure it is stable and made to perform.

The Compatibility of the Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

Always be keen not to purchase a balancer that is not compatible or does not fix well with the blade mounting of your lawn mower. There are many different shapes of mower blade holes, but the most common ones are; circular, rectangular, 7-star, and star holes.

The best choice when purchasing a blade balancer is to choose one that is universally compatible with all blade hole shapes.


The lawn mower blade balancer should be long lasting and durable before wearing out. The durability of a blade balancer is determined by the type of material used to make it and the manufacturer. Also, some blade balancers come with a warranty that can last for a long time. 

How to use a Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

To begin using the balancer, find a leveled wall first, and mount the balancer on it. Place the blade on the mounted balancer and secure the blade using the magnets before starting the balancing process.  

After securing the blade, it will remain horizontally or fall to the heavy side depending on the weight distribution. 

Identify the heavier side and grind it slightly while checking its balance. Repeat the process until you are confident the blade is balanced.

Some high-quality blade balancers like Precision Blade Balancer, have an inbuilt tool that checks if a blade has a bend or a warp.

Note: It is important to use protection gears like gloves and goggles when working with most machines to protect yourself from accidents like cuts and any machine-related injuries. Always protect your eyes from sparks or flying pieces of metal with protective goggles when sharpening the blades. 

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Q. What is a Blade Balancer?

A blade balancer is a tool that is used to provide an even sharpening of Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer, to reduce vibrations and increase performance.

Q. How do you know if the blades are unbalanced?

It is easier to know if your lawn mower blades are unbalanced.

  • Imbalanced vibrations

Unbalanced blades usually produce a lot of vibration while the lawn mower is in use. If this goes on unnoticed, it will cause damage to the blade shaft, internal bolts and might end up damaging the entire lawn mower engine.

  • Scruffy grass ends

It’s easy to notice an unbalanced blade by the way it cuts grass or turf. If the cut endings appear to be scruffy after mowing, or the cut ends begin to turn brown a day or two after mowing, it means your mower blades are getting blunt and unbalanced.

Since continuous usage of the blades can make them blunt and dull, and unbalanced, use a Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer to balance the blades at least two times in a mowing season.

Q. Why it is important to Balance Blades?

The most important reason why we balance blades is to make sure the damage caused by the wear and tear of the lawn mower has been reduced.

  • Blade balancers will save you money

If left unbalanced, the vibration caused by an unbalanced blade can cause significant damage to some parts of the mower and even the engine, which can be costly to repair later. To minimize the costs of repair and increase the life of the mower, a blade balancer is important.

  • To increases your lawn mower’s performance 

As long as a lawn mower will work without the help of a balancer, its performance will not be as perfect as it would perform when the blades are balanced by a balancer. It reduce vibrations that are caused by unbalanced blades. A balancer will also increase the blades’  trimming efficiency that can be reduced when the blades are unbalanced.

Q. Do you need to balance the lawn mower blades after sharpening them?

Yes, you need to balance your mower blades after sharpening. Usually, lawn mowers have engines that spin the blades at a speed of 4000 Revolutions Per Minute(RPMs). At this speed, an unbalanced blade will cause a high amount of vibrations, that can end up damaging the blade shaft, spindle, and even the engine. 

Q. How can I notice my lawn mower blade is bent?

It is easy to notice your blade is bent even without the help of a balancer. Here are some of the few signs that show your mower blade is bent;

  • Too much vibrations.
  • Uneven cuts.
  • Sloppy mower handling.
  • If the mower stalls.

Q. Why is my lawn mower vibrating too much?

Too much vibration of your lawn mower is one of the signs that indicate that the blade is out of balance or damaged. If you suspect that the vibration is caused by damage to the blade, open it, and inspect it.

Check any possibility of any damage to the blades and check whether the blades are out of balance. If the blades are damaged, replace them with new ones and balance the blade before using them. If the blade is out of balance, sharpen it to be balanced.

Q. Can a bent mower blade be fixed?

The moment a mower blade gets bent, it no longer spins perfectly. Fixing the bend depends on the severity of the bend. If the blade is severely bent, it will need to be replaced with a new one. But some bends can be corrected while sharpening with the help of a balancer. Using a lawn mower with a bent blade can damage the engine. It is recommended that you replace the blade with a new one.

Final verdict

Each of the lawn mower blade balancers above is great balancing. Go with the Oregon Precision Blade Balancer if you need a long-lasting blade balancer. Keep in mind that the balancer is quite expensive and comes with no warranty offered unless you the manufacturer customer service center.

For the best durable and cheap balancer, go for the Oregon Balancer model 42-100 or Stens Balancer model 750-087. They are cheap, durable, and have a high-performance score.Fh2

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