The 6 Best Lawn Mower Spark Plug Reviews in 2024

Best Lawn Mower Spark Plug

Today you are going to read the complete The 6 Best Lawn Mower Spark Plugs in 2024 [Review and Buying Guide]. All engines use spark plugs, but in this article, we shall discuss the spark plugs used for lawnmowers. Lawnmowers are garden equipment used for keeping lawns in a good state. Without the best lawn mower spark plugs, your lawn mower’s engine is as good as ‘dead’.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “small and mighty”?

With all certainty, it was a spark plug that was being referred to as small but mighty due to its relatively small size yet immense importance in igniting and running any vehicle or equipment. Spark plugs are small and tin metallic objects that produce sharp sparks in igniting engines.

So, if you wish to know the spark plugs to power your lawnmower, or want to know more about how to clean and change it, etc.? This article is definitely for you.

Top 6 Best Lawn Mower Spark Plugs Reviews and Guide in 2024

1. Hilom Champion StrattonBest for lawn and garden equipment


  • Built with a copper core.
  • ULTRASEAL and TinTac shell.
  • Patented SAC-9 semi-conductor resistor.

The Hilom champion is all you need in a reliable and dependable spark plug. It delivers beyond expectations making your old engine ignite like a new one.

A major problem this spark plug solves is the fear of changing plugs, now, you can breathe a breath of satisfaction should you decide to replace any of your plugs with the Hilom champion spark plug. It possesses an ultra-seal shell, which makes it resistant to corrosion.

This is made possible by the metal coating of this plug. In addition, it provides non-stick properties.

You do not have to worry about overheating because its heat level is controlled by a copper core, this plays a huge role in its durability. On top of that, you do not have to check its compatibility with different engines as it works with all types of lawnmowers.

  • Serves as a better replacement for all plug types.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and smoke emissions.
  • Compatible with all lawn and garden equipment.
  • Doesn’t work well when the engine is hot.

2. Genuine Champion ReplacesBest for riding lawn mowers


  • OEM certified.
  • Platinum center electrode.
  • Purified Alumina powdered insulator.

If your choice of the plug is one that can power only lawn mowers, you should consider getting this spark plug because it was specially designed to serve engines of lawn mowers only.

One reason you are sure to fall in love with this spark plug is its features. The most striking one is the purified aluminium insulator. This provides extraordinary strength making it to accommodate more electrodes and also withstand stress. With this, you’ll be able to mow a large garden area.

Another important feature is its low fuel consumption ability, making the engine ignite faster and reducing emissions. Along with this, the plug has great longevity. It will not fail or malfunction in the short term, promising a long period of efficient operation.

  • Price friendly.
  • Boasts long-term usage.
  • Provides better fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Works only with lawn mowers.

3. Briggs Stratton 796112-2pkBest for flathead engines


  • Original OEM replacement parts by Briggs & Stratton.
  • 2 units of spark plugs.
  • Produces high voltage when used in the ignition.

If you are obsessed with L-Head engine lawnmowers, the Briggs and Stratton 796112 is the perfect spark plug for your machine. This spark plug is mainly used for engines with flathead L-Head.

One of the reasons why it makes our list of the 6 best lawnmower spark plugs is its sharp and clean electrodes – an important feature for spark plugs to have. This is responsible for the charged sparks it produces to aid ignition.

The unit is resistant to corrosion, thus, increasing the chance of ignition when used appropriately.   It is easy to use, just set it in accordance with the specifications provided by the operator manual and enjoy a roller coaster experience using the Briggs & Stratton spark plug.

  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Affordable and easy-to-use.
  • Can replace worn out or damaged plugs.
  • Not suitable for all engines.

4. Champion Equipment Genuine Original ManufacturerBest for cold engine testing


  • Copper plus replacement.
  • Overpowering radio frequency.

If you are looking for a versatile spark plug to run your lawnmower properly, your search is over. The champion equipment genuine original manufacturer is bound to provide you with top-notch run service, either on a small big engine, as long as it is powering a lawnmower.

One major feature of this engine is that it can be used to run a cold engine test without affecting the functionality of the plug.  What’s more? It guarantees immediate start and smooth running of the engine. Moreover, this spark plug offers optimal fuel economy so that you can mow large areas of the garden.

Like every other top spark plug, its body is made of best quality copper material which produces electrode sparks strong enough to power garden equipment. In addition, this allows for a wider heat range to avoid fouling.

  • Great price value.
  • Can be started on a cold engine.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Damages hot engine.

5. Briggs-Stratton-796112-4pk Best for higher conductivity


  • OEM certified and approved.
  • Laser weld electrode plug tip.
  • Capable of turning in more than 50,000-100,000 miles of active run use.

Here is another product from the makers of Briggs and Stratton that makes the list of our top six best spark plugs for lawnmowers. It is known for its wide range of applications, serving as a perfect replacement for all brands of Briggs plugs.

This plug features a built that offers high effectiveness alongside a never reducing efficiency. It combines a mix of modern materials, which makes it worthy of being one of the best plugs. You can be worry-free as with this excellently manufactured product, you can get stable and steady performance.

Its numerous applications, laser wild electrode tips- which produce sharp, strong sparks combined with an OEM certified design are reasons you are sure to fall in love with it. In reality, another reason users prefer this plug is because of its versatility in replacing long-lasting lawn and garden equipment as well as vehicle plugs.

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.
  • Easy to replace an old one and improve engine performance.
  • Can replace only Briggs plugs.

6. NGK-BPM8Y-Spark-PlugsBest all-purpose spark plug


  • Trivalent metal plating technology.
  • Unique design, less corrosive and durable.
  • Comes in a pack of two plugs.

If you are keen on trying out plugs that have been around for a long time, this plug is the right one for you thanks to its ability to increase engine performance. The mother company has a good reputation for producing some of the world’s best functioning plugs.

The NGK BPM8Y Spark plugs for lawn mowers an outstanding unique electrode design, with an in-built gash responsible for producing sharp sparks. These unique sparks coupled with their durability are the main reason why this plug makes the best top-six list of spark plugs.

Its tech built which consists of a trivalent metal planting helps it resist corrosion.  Because of this, your vehicle will notice a significant increase in power and torque. Consequently, you get a smooth engine response and intensified power with this incredible spark plug.

How cool is that!

Also, this same spark plug can be used to start engines other than that of lawnmowers- either big or small.

  • Requires no expert services to be used.
  • Works on big and small engines.
  • Can be used to run vehicles and other power equipment.
  • Quite expensive.

Important Factors to Consider for a Good Quality Spark Plug

A lot of spark plugs are traded in the market but only a few can boast of efficient performance. The one that will function well cannot be picked by a mere look, instead, you need to take into consideration some properties.

These properties will channel you towards picking a good quality spark plug. Fortunately, you do not need to sweat it out before identifying these properties as some are highlighted below.

Thread size

Usually, engines of lawn mowers vary in size and this means different engines with different threads. However, no matter how big or small the engine of a lawnmower is, its thread size would always be between 10-12mm.

Any attempt to use a different thread size outside of this range could lead to the engine or plug getting damaged. It is only in rare cases that both get damaged due to wrong pairing of thread.

Thread length

There is no doubt that the length of auto plugs surpasses that of lawnmowers, likewise, they have different thread lengths. The thread of lawnmowers is usually known to be around ¾- 3/8 inch-long while that of automobiles and other engines could be between or above ½ – ¾ inch long.

You should use the right thread length for your lawnmower to avoid breakdown while in use.

NB: Thread size differs from thread length. Thread size refers to how big or small a plug is. It is also the size of the thread that can be screwed into the cylinder head of a mower while thread length refers to the distance it takes the thread to be in contact with the cylinder seal.

Heat range

Heat range refers to the amount of heat indulgence a plug can accommodate. It is the specific range at which a plug will work normally, thermally without any irregular behavior.

The heat range of spark plugs is usually indicated by numbers and it could be a high or small number.  Lower numbers represent a plug with hot type while the cold type is represented by high numbers. A plug with a high heating range indicates the temperature is a bit low causing deposits to accumulate on its end, resulting in a reduction in the spark produced by the plug.

On the other hand, plugs with a low heating range have a high increase in temperature and this could lead to abnormal ignition in engines. The implication is that it can lead to total or partial melting of the spark plug.

Having known this, you should understand the exact heat range of the spark plug that would easily fit your engine without causing damage to the plug or engine of the lawnmower or both.

Types of spark plugs

There are two types of spark plugs:

  • Hot plugs: They have a very long insulator tip, so the heat dissipation path is slower and thus a minimum temperature is maintained in the combustion chamber.
  • Cold spark plugs: The tip of the insulator is shorter and therefore the path of the hot air is shorter and also faster. These spark plugs facilitate the flow of heat through the electrode and its dissipation towards the cylinder heat.

The use of hot or cold plugs depends on the degree of heat that needs to be transmitted to the cylinder head. High-performance engines require cold plugs, capable of dissipating maximum heat, while low power engines will need hot plugs to maintain the proper minimum temperature.

How to change a spark plug in a lawnmower?

For reasons best known to you, maybe to improve the efficiency of your lawnmower or you wish to try out another type of spark plug, you might need to change the plug in your lawnmower.

Here are seven simple “Do it Yourself “steps on how to change it.

1. Purchase the correct replacement

If you do not purchase the right replacement for your plug, you need to change it sooner or later, besides that would mean wasting extra costs on plugs.

2. Gather the necessary tools

Without the right and necessary tools, changing the lawnmower plug might seem a herculean task. Some of the necessary tools include; screwdriver, spark plug socket, feeler gauge, a new spark plug and a drive socket wrench of the same size.

3. Set the lawnmower

After getting your tools handy, the next step is to position your lawnmower such that it makes it easy to remove and change the plug. If there is a high surface, you might consider placing it on it and turn it upside down. This position will make the plug socket easy to access.

4. Disconnect the plug lead and remove the spark plug

Remove the wire on the plug using a screwdriver and the plug itself. Use the wrench to slowly unthread the plug from its socket.

5. Change it

Place the new plug in the plug socket and tighten it with the drive socket wrench. You might have difficulty here if the wrench you are using does not match the plug., i.e if it is not the same inches as the new spark plug.

To avoid something like this from happening, you should consider a driving wrench compatible with all inches of plugs.

6. Reconnect the lead

Re-screw the wire onto the plug lead and voila, you are done. That is it! You have successfully changed the spark plug of your lawnmower. Isn’t that what is called pretty easy?

7. Dispose of the old one

After replacing the old plug, you should dispose of it, because in most cases it may no longer be useful.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q. What spark plug to use for a lawnmower?

Most garden owners are often confused as to which exact plug to buy for their lawnmower. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Ensure the plug has a thread size of 10-12mm with a length of ¾-3/8 inch-long.

Q. How long does a best lawn mower spark plug last?

The longevity of a lawn mower spark plug depends largely on the size of the engine. But averagely, spark plugs can last up to 2 and a half years.

Q. How to test best lawn mower spark plug?

Maybe someone just introduced a new brand of spark plug or whatever the case might be and you wish to test run it. Firstly, ensure the engine is running and one after the other removes each wire connected to the plug.

Secondly, observe the sound level of the engine, if the run speed reduces or increases when each wire is removed, then the plug is still in good shape.

However, if there is no change in the run speed of the engine upon removal of wires, then it is most likely the spark plug is faulty and should immediately be removed from your lawnmower.

Q. Why do I need to change my best lawn mower spark plug?

Changing your lawn mower spark plug does not mean the plugs are not durable- NO. It only means you wish to enjoy a more premium performance from your plug. Below are a couple of reasons you might wish to change your plug.

i. Poor performance

If you notice a reduction in the performance of your engine’s plug, you might consider changing or cleaning it to improve its efficiency. And the solution is to re-crank the plug.

ii. Overly fuel consumption

If suddenly your engine starts consuming more fuel than usual, there is a great indication that the plug’s engine needs a change. Consuming excess fuel is a strong indication of a faulty or bad spark plug hence it requires urgent attention.

iii. Difficulty in starting

If there is difficulty starting or igniting the engine, then a need for replacement/change has arisen. And it should not be delayed.

  • Physical damage

You may notice physical damage, maybe a slight dent or worn out thread on a random routine check. In fact, it could even be a small displacement in the plug’s metal cap. Damages like this call for an urgent change of the plug before it can cause more damages to the engine of the lawnmower.

  • How to remove the best lawn mower spark plug?

Perhaps for replacement or maybe a routine check, you might need to remove the spark plug from your lawnmower. Don’t fret, it is not hard. And the service of an expert is not needed here. Just follow these steps;

  1. Locate where the spark plug is.
  2. Remove the wire that attaches the plug to the cylinder lead.
  3. Use a wrench to remove the plug.

That’s all.

  • How often to change the best lawn mower spark plug?

How often you should your lawn mower spark plug depends on how frequent or often you use your lawnmower. You know, there will be no need for cleaning unless you have actually used it a couple of times.

  • How to splice the best lawn mower spark plug wire?

Should in case the spark plug wire disconnects from the metal clip in the lawnmower and comes off with the spark plug, you do not need to worry about buying a new plug. The solution to it is called splicing.

All you have to do is to detach the wire from the plug and re-fix it back to the metal clip. Then you follow the steps discussed in the earlier part of this article and replace the plug.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the top six spark plugs that can ignite the engine of a lawnmower have been reviewed and few details like their features, pros, and cons have been painstakingly listed out. Also, the frequently asked questions section provides answers to some doubts you might have.

The FAQ also includes some guides that will help you enjoy using any of the spark plugs you decide to go for amongst the top six listed in this article.

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