The Best Lawn Mulching Kit Reviews & Buying Guide in 2024

Best Lawn Mulching Kit

Today you are going to read the complete The Best Lawn Mulching Kitin 2024 [Review and Buying Guide]. The stress of raking lawns after mowing them can discourage you from enjoying this outdoor activity. However, grass cutting could be fast and less laborious when using the Best Lawn Mulching Kit. A mulching kit is a collection of sturdy blades, mulch plate and fittings.

As a valuable replacement part, the mulching kit helps to convert garden tractors and mowers into mulching units. The mulching unit is a more convenient way of mowing the lawn than other equipment that relies on bagging and raking the lawn.

Since tractors with standard blades can be upgraded to mulching units, kits with easy-install hardware are more useful for smooth applications. This option saves time and money because well-built mulching kits are versatile.

While the set of blades cut clippings of grass into fine particles, the mulch plate eliminates any chance of having grass gunk on the mower’s deck.

Mulching kits include the mulching blades, which have more trimming length, thickness, and efficiency than normal blades. Apart from their cutting edges, the side discharge feature of mulching blades disperse clippings to boost the soil nutrition.

The effect of the mulching unit is often a lush green lawn and a healthy ecosystem. One of the golden rules before buying mulching kits for mowers and tractors is to ensure the right fit. Here is our top 5 picks.

Here are some of the Best Lawn Mulching Kit Reviews – By expert recommendation

1. Husqvarna HU46 46-Inch Mulch Kit with Blade

Only premium mulching kits upgrade tractor decks into mulching decks. This model of Husqvarna Mulch Kit with Blade can groom your lawn beautifully.

There’s a pair of thick and sharp blades that cut wet or dry clippings quickly. With no need for raking small pieces of grass clippings and leaves, these HU46 blades restore soil nutrients and preserve your lawn.

Apart from this set of mulching blades, this kit includes mounting hardware for converting your tractors and mowers. The only hassle might be in removing your tractor’s original blades, but this pair fits tractors with 46-inch decks.

  • An ideal replacement part for both 2-blade and 46-inch decks.
  • Superior blade power for riding mowers and tractors.
  • During applications, the noise from this twin-blade is not very low.

2. MTD 19A70041OEM Mulch Kit for 42-in Lawnmowers and Tractors

One of the ways of knowing low-efficient mulching blades is with the appearance of uneven contrails of grass on the lawn. After mowing the lawn, this set of MTD 42-inch blades for riding mower deck mulch grass finely.

While the mounting plate is made from plastic, steel blades with great balance have high impact-resistance levels. As a better mulch kit with OEM parts, you can keep enriching soil nutrients consistently.

This mulch kit is an ideal choice for transforming the cutting deck of lawn and tractors. Usually, good blades spin stones, clippings, and particles across the lawn effortlessly.

They are coated with rust-proof paints, and their cutting edges help to achieve mulching perfection when you cut. Also, this pair of the Best Lawn Mulching Kit blade is useful for blowing clippings evenly.

  • Sharp OEM blades.
  • An ideal kit with a set of mulching blades for mowing during any season of the year.
  • This model of a mulch blade set is not available with both straight and curved cutting edges.

3. Poulan Pro OEM46MK Mulch Kit with Blades

Equipment operators often enjoy every Best Lawn Mulching Kit performance when they use efficient replacement blades and other fittings. This model of Poulan Pro mulch cover is adjustable, and the kit includes a set of blades that keeps the deck free from clogs of grass clippings and shredded plants.

All replacement parts in the mulching kit can convert garden tractor models with 46-inch decks.

The mulching unit is a more convenient way of mowing the lawn than other equipment that requires bagging and raking the lawn.

Usually, mower decks are designed with small gaps (1/2″) that trap grass clipping at the unit’s rear. However, this plastic cover is durable, and it prevents your mulching deck from having grass clippings thrown all over it.

Another unique quality of this Poulan Pro mulch kit is its durability. Toughs twigs and sticks may resist dull blades, but the cutting edges of these Poulan Pro blades are resilient.

  • These blades whirl with low sound.
  • Shredding of grass and twigs is often seamless.
  • Designed for 46″ decks.
  • The grass chute on the plastic cover might reduce the overall width of the mower’s deck.

4. Cub Cadet 46-Inch Deck Mulch Kit

This model of Cub Cadet mulching unit is cost-effective because you don’t need nitrogen fertilizer to restores nutrients to the lawn. Usually, nutrients from cut grass clippings can supplement fertilizers that keep your lawn healthy.

It might be necessary to drill the mower’s deck, seal the space between it and the Cub Cadet mulching cover. Otherwise, the gap will retain pieces of debris, leaves, and grass.

With straight and sharp mulch blades for your mower, you’ll have a superior mulching experience too. Apart from cutting grass clippings and leaves, the set of blades in this kit spread the debris evenly. These blades whirl with low sounds under the mower deck and provide powerful cuts.

Additionally, this Cub Cadet mulch kit for 46-inch decks is ideal for trimming short grasses. Unlike standard blades, this 2-piece Cub Cadet mulching blade will cut leaves and grass several times.

However, this pair of the best lawn mulching kit blade is efficient with dry grasses. After installing this mulch kit, operators need to mow the lawn slowly.

  • The mulch kit is easy to install.
  • It comes with complete mounting hardware.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The side discharge function is not effective for long grass clippings.

5. Husqvarna Mulch Kit HV-PA-531309643 54-Inch Deck

This Husqvarna best lawn mulching kit for riding mowers and tractors with 54-inch decks is an OEM part.

While using this Husqvarna heavy-duty mulch kit, you don’t need to worry about mowing the lawn repeatedly. With a set of 3 Husqvarna sharp and strong blades, all you need is to install and shred grass into finer pieces.

The kit includes a plastic cover that ensures a productive mulching performance. Also, it comes with accessories and fittings that hold the cover perfectly on your 54-inch deck.

Unlike refurbished products, this 3-blade recycles leftover clippings uniquely. The blades’ power is intense on any kind of grass on the lawn. Also, they are ready to cut without frequent sharpening or maintenances.

It’s a great way of making your Sears, and Husqvarna riding mowers to have efficient cutting decks. Usually, mulching blades for 54-inch decks are for heavy-duty applications. You can use this mulching kit for a range of equipment like Poulan Pro, Yard Pro, Craftsman, and Rally garden tractors.

There’s no better option than keeping your lawn healthy, and this model of Husqvarna Mulch kit for 54″ decks create fertile lawns all seasons.

  • Durable and Genuine OEM part.
  • These blades rotate powerfully and disperse clippings efficiently.
  • The kit is not compatible with new clear-cut 54″ decks.

What is mulching and its advantages?

A mulch is a mixture of shredded grass, leaves, and straw that covers the soil’s surface. Mulching is a practice of retaining moisture and nutrients in the soil. When grass clippings and leaves decompose, they release their nutrients (manure).

It’s an amazing way of caring for your lawn; even when they have wet or dry grasses. Premium mulch blades don’t only mow the lawn but circulate grass under the mower deck.

Instead of leaving heaps of grass clippings, these blades spread them across the surface of your lawn. Unlike fertilizers, it’s cheaper to generate compost from shredded plants. However, the mulch kit is for converting mower decks, and they come in different sizes.

Standard mower blades don’t cut and disperse grass clippings like mulching blades. While the former might cut grass, the latter has a side discharge feature. Also, dense grass clippings are shredded into tiny particles and discharged.

Since most decks of riding mowers and garden tractors are convertible, mulch kits are designed for this purpose. Apart from soil nutrients, well-spread grass clippings help to maintain the soil temperature of your lawn. Additionally, mulching inhibits weed growth, and it’s a better procedure than conventional mowing with garden tractors.

How to pick the best lawn mulching kit

Apart from cutting leaves, a set of mulching kit has accessories for mounting blades. A simple tractor or mower with standard blades can be a mulcher with this kit. You don’t need to worry about heaps of clippings after mowing the lawn. These leaves and lawn clippings can be spread effortlessly with the blades’ side discharge parts.

Consider the blades’ cutting edges

Without using the right mulching kit, you might not save much effort and time from the bagging mode of universal blades. By ensuring mulching blades with proper cutting edges, the chances of downtime during work. Before mulching with dull blades, operators need to sharpen them regularly. However, mulching blades with decent cutting edges often leave healthy lawns and neatly.

Chose Mulch Kits with a complete set of accessories

A mulch kit with a fine set of blades, mulch plug, and mounting hardware. These accessories are compatible with a range of cutting decks. Also, they come in respective designs.

During mowing, the quality of these parts determines how well small mulch of clippings are distributed on the lawn. Regardless of the model of mulch kit that can meet your mowing expectations, it should have complete mounting accessories.

Check the product’s manual

Apart from the quality of any replacement mulch blade, ensure the width of your equipment’s cutting deck aligns with the blade’s length. The aggressiveness of powerful blades depends on the specifications. A wrong choice of mulch blades will not fit or cut lawn grasses into finer and tiny pieces.

Check the product’s manual for specifications of mulch blades that fit properly. While mulching kits include blades for 24 and 33-inch cutting decks, a range of mowers and tractors use blades for 42-inch decks. More so, you can get premium mulching blades for 38, 34, 46, 50, 54-inch decks.

Apart from a set of mulching blades, the kit includes mulch plates, bolts, nuts, and some mounting hardware. Like other replacement parts, mulching blades come in respective sizes. Also, you need to understand how mulching blades are installed under the lawn mower deck.

Also, you can use good quality sulky in your walk behind mower to enjoy the mowing activity.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do mulching blades work?

Mulching blades come in kits that include mounting hardware and fittings. Depending on the dimension of the mower deck, you can get the right set of mulch blades.

While blades chop grass clippings into small pieces, they convert your standard riding mower’s deck into a mulching deck. Blades for mulching often have irregular shapes, but distinct cutting edges.

The superior power of any set of mulch blades depends on how well it shreds and discharges the leftovers. However, mulching blades are replacement parts that are mounted on the mower’s deck.

A set of mulch blades might require a ‘mulch plug’ for improved performance. During mowing, these blades need to mulch the lawn’s grass clippings repeatedly. With the mulch plug, the underside area of the mower can recycle these clippings around the blades’ position.

More so, the plug prevents tiny grass particles from escaping the deck area until they are well dispersed as smooth mulch.

Should mulch blades be sharpened before installing them?

Top-rated mulch kits should include pre-sharpened blades. Their cutting edges are coated with anti-rust paints, but they slice perfectly. However, periodic maintenance like sharpening and oiling of these blades is expected.

Usually, it’s a tedious process of uninstalling and sharpening mulching blades. If you buy a premium mulch kit, the set of the blade can perform repeated cutting for a long period. Wear a pair of hand gloves before you sharpen these types of cutting edges with files. The irregular shape of curved cutting edges often requires careful manual sharpening of mulching blades.

What is the right type of mulch blade for my equipment?

Are you using the mower or tractor for commercial applications? If it’s for residential purposes, you might not need to sharpen mulch blades regularly. However, blades with thicker cutting edges can prevent an unhealthy lawn with weed and overgrown grasses.

Garden tractors and mowers for commercial applications use heavy-duty blades. Usually, 3-blade sets save time and energy during mowing applications. Depending on the usage, some sets of mulch blades have spacers that make them compatible with a range of tractor and mower models.

Do efficient mulching blades leave contrails on lawns?

While it’s normal to see contrails when mowing the lawn, quality mulching blades mow uniformly. Also, it depends on the operator’s experience to achieve a high mulching performance. However, you can get the best performance of mulch blades and maintain the overall health of the lawn with top-rated kits in this guide.

Final verdict

It’s smarter to install and use mulching blades for grass clippings because you don’t need raking or bagging after mowing the lawn. Get the specification of the mower deck before choosing the mulch kit. Different types of mulch blades (from 24 to 54-inch cutting decks) are available.

These mulch kits often come with manufacturers’ recommendations on how to preserve the lifespan of mulch blades. Consider the thickness, cutting edges, and side discharge feature before buying a replacement set of blades.

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