The Reviews of 6 Best LED Light Kits for Lawn Mowers

The Best LED Light Kits for Lawn Mowers

Today you are going to read the complete The Reviews of 6 Best LED Light Kits for Lawn Mowers in 2024.
Whether you need an upgrade to better LED lights for your zero turn lawn mower or are looking to replace damaged lights in your mower, you’re definitely at the right place.

However, …

There is plenty of aftermarkets Best LED light kits for lawn mowers and as such, picking the best for your mower could prove somewhat difficult which is where we come in. What if I told you that by the time you are done going through this post, not only will you know how to pick the best but will also have 6 of them just a click away.

In today’s post, we’ll be checking out 6 amazing LED light kits you could have on your zero turn mower. Additionally, we’re also going to have a detailed look into all the aspects you need to pay attention to when shopping for one.

That being said, let’s get started…

Before you head on to check out detailed reviews, you’d probably want to see how 3 of our best picks do hold up against each other.

Best LED Light Kits for Lawn Mowers – Top 6 Reviews of 2024

With either of the bad boys, we’ll be looking into in a short while, you’re bound to get the biggest bang for your back. They present durability, performance, and ease of use all in one.

1. Nilight – NI06A-252W LED Light Bar LED Work Light 

To give you an amazing mowing experience in low light, this 39-inch bad boy features advanced LED chips and a PC. To add icing to the cake, it features plenty of other features that make it worth every penny.

Here’s every feature at a glance…

The mounting bracket is adjustable

Being a feature that most LED light bars for lawn mowers lack, the NI06A-252W will be quite user-friendly. This bad boy can be installed in whichever way you’d want according to your preference.

In addition to having an amazing adjustable design, something else that makes this LED light bar for lawn mower worth having are the included PC lenses. These make sure you have clear visibility for an excellent driving experience.

Features amazing water resistance

Alongside the adjustable mount and bright lighting, something else you’ll appreciate is that these LED lights for lawn mowers won’t be damaged by water. They come with a perfect combination of protective cover, waterproof pad, and a silicone sealing strip.

All of these works together to keep water from damaging the vulnerable parts of the kit and to ensure that the lights work optimally at all times.

Durable design and long-lasting operation

Last but not least, the NI06A features a die-cast aluminum alloy housing and more so, it’s designed to allow for outstanding heat dissipation which altogether gives an outstanding performance.

What's to like about the NI06A
  • These LED lights for lawn mowers come with advanced LED chips and PC lenses that give you amazing visibility round the clock.

  • The NI06A also features a water-resistant design and has a die-cast aluminum alloy housing for durability.

  • With this set of lights, you can be able to adjust the lighting brackets to your convenience.

What’s not to like
  • The mounts are a littleweak and unfortunately, they could easily come out of place.

2. Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar

Regardless of the small size, it comes in, this 32-inch bad boy is capable of producing up to 30, 000 lumens which are quite impressive and more than what most of its larger competitors can give out. In addition to that, here’s more you should look forward to…

Features a durable build quality

First things first and also one of the most important features of LED light kits, it’s worth mentioning that the build quality on this one is above average.

For the housing, you’ll be getting durable aluminum housing. Alongside this is a toughened optic lens. It’s also worth mentioning that the LED lights feature 6063 PC lenses which should be durable enough to get you through the toughest weather.

As far as waterproofing is concerned, these LED lights for zero turn mowers feature an IP67 rating which is good enough to prevent the light bar even from fogging.

Has got an easy set up the design

Something else that makes this stand out is the included mounting brackets. Being universal, they are easy to set up to any mounting holes/openings with standard base mounts.

This way, you can set them up according to your convenience to get the kind of lighting you need at any time of day.

Built to give you an above-average lighting

Last but not least, the set features an 8D reflective cup lens which provides a more focused soft light beam with 6000k color temperature for a longer distance. Also, considering that both sides come with a unique flood reflective cup, the irradiation area will be more extensive as compared to what you’ll get from just one row.

What’s to like
  • The light set has a durable aluminum housing for utmost durability. Additionally, the optic lenses are toughened and shatterproof.

  • It also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating that will protect the light kit up to 3.3 feet underwater for 30 minutes. It also features universal mounts which make it easy to set the lights up in place.

  • The reflective cup lenses are 8D in nature hence you get more light for longer distances. Additionally, this set of LED lights for lawn mowers can serve you for as long as 50, 000 hours.

  • The seals at the side of the lens could let some water in as such, you might have to reinforce this sealing to ensure your light kit is working optimally.

3. LED Light Bar Kit Auto feel 52 Inch + 22 Inch + 4PCS 

We’re halfway on our reviews and doing good so far. Unlike the previous lights for zero-turn mowers, this set of LED light kits will take your mowing to a whole new level. You’ll be getting a single 52-inch bar, a 22-inch bar and two pairs of the 4-inch LED light kits.

Here’s what you should look forward to…

Provides a dual-mode lighting feature

Starting with what makes this light set stand out most, you’ll be getting dual mode LED lighting. You can use it as a daytime driving light and on the other hand, you can use it on your mower for illumination. Because of this, this set from Autofeel can be used on more than just your mower which is, even more, the reason you should invest in it.

Has an IP68 waterproof rating

When durability is a priority, the IP68 rating protects the lights from not only water but also dust. As such, you can use it in both dry and rainy weather for equally amazing results. Additionally, the set features amazing electrical conductivity and at the same time, it has a high temperature and melting resistance.

The LED lights can be angled differently

Another feature that makes this a worthy investment is that it can be adjusted between 0, 15, 90, and 180 degrees. This way, it should be easy to direct the beam of light to exactly where you need it.

What’s to like
  • The dual lighting mode for day and night use gives you amazing versatility since not just any LED light bar for a lawnmower can offer this.

  • With the IP68 rating, it should hold up well enough against the elements. Additionally, the light bar gives you a bright and wide field of view; it’s got both the spot and flood combo beam.

  • The light kit can be adjusted to different positions as needed for optimal operation.

  • There are no instructions on assembling or wiring it up; otherwise, it’s an amazing set of LED light kits.

4. NAOEVO 7inch LED Light Bar, 240W 24,000LM Offroad Fog Light

Another set of LED lights that you should consider investing in is the 2-pack, 7-inch variant from NAOEVO. These are designed to give you as much as 24000 lumens of 600K white light and for long distances. Definitely what you need for low light mowing, right? Well, in addition to the amazing lighting, here’s more than this set packs under the hood…

It passes the IP68 waterproof test

Since durability is one of the most important features in lights for zero turn lawn mowers, this bad boy has got the IP68 waterproof rating on it.

First, there is the die-cast aluminum housing followed by the waterproof rubber padding. In addition to these two, two more screws have been added to improve the waterproof performance of the LED lights. Because of this, you can use the lights in foggy, rainy, or stormy weather.

Features a dual-beam mode

Another impressive feature that makes this set the best LED light kits for lawn mowers is the spot and flood combo. For the latter, you can use the lights for long-distance irradiation whereas the flood beam allows you to get a broader viewing area. Additionally, 97% of the light is transmitted which means there is minimal light loss when using these.

The mounting brackets are easily adjustable

Another feature that makes this LED light set worth investing in is the adjustable mounting it comes with. You can able to adjust the lights to about 45 degrees. This way, changing the direction of the beam to your desired position becomes easy.

What’s to like
  • This light set comes with the spot beam and flood beam combo for long-distance irradiation and broad view lighting when need be.

  • It features adjustable mounts and you can slide in the lamp after installing the accessories.

  • Has got an IP68 waterproof rating with die-cast aluminum on the outside, rubber pads, and screwing to prevent moisture entry.

  • Though the fogging fades off, the LED lights may fog a little while using them.

5. YITAMOTOR 21 Inch Light Bar Offroad Spot Flood Combo Led Bar

Coming up second last is an amazing 21-inch LED light kit that you’ll find quite versatile to have on your zero-turn lawnmower. From the solid construction, it comes with to the dual row lighting, you couldn’t go wrong with this set.

Here’s more you should look forward to…

It boasts a solid and durable construction

The main distinguishing feature of this bad boy is its solid design. For starters, it has got an IP67 waterproof rating that makes it amazingly resistant to both water and dust. Additionally, this 21-inch bad boy has a die-cast aluminum body housing the dual row of LED lights.

Because of its solid design, it stands out to be one of the few LED light kits you can count on to use on your mower.

Comes with a combo beam design

To give you exactly the kind of lighting you need, there is a combination of two 60-degree flood beams and a single 30-degree spot beam.

Whereas the pair of 60-degrees gives you a wider field of view on any terrain, the spot beam, on the other hand, allows you to illuminate longer distances. With the dual-mode lighting, you’ll find your mowing experience to be quite amazing.

Designed to allow for better heat dissipation

Since heat can be quite damaging to even the best set of LED lights, this one has been designed to ensure that heat won’t be a problem.

On these best LED Light Kits for Lawn Mowers, you’ll be getting a high-quality heat-conduction silicone gel as well as a re-designed aluminum alloy housing. In the long run, you end up getting a superior cooling effect regardless of how long you have the lights on.

What’s to like
  • It is rated at IP67 which makes it resistant to dust and moisture. Additionally, it also features a high-quality die-cast aluminum body for durability.

  • The combo beam design (60-degrees and 30-degrees) allows you to illuminate for longer distances and broader areas on any kind of terrain.

  • It is designed with amazing heat conductivity which minimizes damage even when used for a long time. Besides this, it features dual row lighting of 10,800 lumens at a 120-watt output.

What’s not to like
  • The installation directions are a little unclear and you should do some research on this.

6. BUNKER INDUST 7 Inch LED Light Pods with Wiring Harness Kit

Finishing up our reviews of the Best LED Light Kits for Lawn mowers is a pair of 7-inch light kits from BUNKER INDUST. With a 6063-aluminum housing for the body, an IP68 waterproof rating among lots of other protective features, this is going to be a worthy investment. Here’s a closer look at what it’s got.

It comes with all the installation gear you’ll need

First things first, unlike most best LED Light Kits for Lawn mowers out there, this set comes with the 12-foot DT connector wiring right out of the box. This makes installation easy and more so, protects your LED light bar. Additionally, the DT connectors can be used for most light bars within the 300W range.

Features both the spot and beam lighting

For versatility, you can interchangeably use the spot and beam lighting modes. The KIT features a triple row surround design whereby at the center are the 170-degree flood LEDs which are then surrounded by 30-degree spotlights. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to illuminate over long distances and a wide area.

Designed to allow for utmost heat dissipation

For the sake of optimal operation for the longest time possible, this set of lights features a heavy-duty 6063 aluminum alloy housing. This protects the internal components from physical impact. Additionally, there is an IP68 waterproof rating that also serves to provide dust protection.

What’s to like
  • Unlike most in its class, this LED light bar for lawnmowers comes with 12FT DT connectors that can be used for mounting LED lights within the 300W range.

  • It includes 60 pcs of flood LED lights and 20pcs of spot LEDs which deliver an impressive 25000 lumens for clear visibility in longer distances and broader areas.

  • The light kit also features a 6063-aluminum alloy housing and IP68 waterproof rating for all-around durability and optimal performance.

What’s not to like
  • You might want to use thread locks to keep the lights in place.

Tips and Tricks on Choosing the Best LED Light Kits for Lawn Mowers

As helpful as the reviews above could be to you, they sadly won’t cut it. With a buying guide, however, you’ll know exactly what to pay attention to as you look for the best.

Here’s everything you should focus on as far as quality is concerned.


There’s a reason we are starting or a list of features you should focus on with this. As it turns out, compatibility is a big deal when it comes to LED mower lights.

Let me explain why…

Compatibility is not always about whether the lights will physically fit on your mower or not. On the contrary, compatibility here refers to the wattage rating on the bulbs regarding the alternator’s output.

The best way to go would be to settle for the lights that can run with the unused power draw of your mower.

How can you know that the LED light kit will? Easy…

All you have to do is via totaling the draw of all-electric devices then see what’s left.

The installation difficulty

The last thing you’d want is to spend hours trying to figure out what goes where. Because of this, it is important that you only choose the light kits that have clear installation instructions out of the box.

After all, this will save you the hassle of paying someone else to do the job for you.

Ease of use

Last but not least, something else you need to take into consideration is how easy to use the light kit is. Regarding this, one normally needs to pay attention mostly to the on/off mechanism.

Whereas some designs have a simple switch, others will need a key to be turned on. As such, it is entirely a matter of personal interest. If you are lucky, however, you could get an LED light kit with both mechanisms.

How to Wire Lights on a Lawn Mower & Tractor – An Expert’s DIY Guide

Since you do have the buying guide and product listings, it would be worthwhile to know every step you need to follow as far as installing the lights on your mower is concerned.

  1. The first thing you’ll have to do is drill a hole that is bigger than that of the stock light mounts. I would recommend a size that’s 1/16-1/18 inches bigger in diameter.
  2. With the hole drilled in place, the next thing you’ll want to do is push the light mounts through the hole. it’s also a good idea that you place the accompanying lock washers onto the mount then go ahead and thread the retaining bolts of the mount on the thread.
  3. With the mounts in place, go ahead and tighten the stud. At the same time, ensure that the light is in the position you need it to be in before you tighten the stud.
  4. Detach the negative cable (should be the black one) from the battery and then crimp an electric connector to your LED light’s relay. Similarly, crimp the negative wire on your light too.
  5. Route the two connectors from the lights to the battery area. In this step, you might need to crimp the wires a little more.
  6. On the frame, look for a bolt-on in which you can connect the 2 wire connectors for both the important lights and the relay grounding then attach them to the bolt. it’s also important to ensure that are not touching any moving parts.
  7. Next, feed the positive wire of your headlights to the mower’s frame till you get a spot that is convenient enough to easily connect it to the live cable of your battery.
  8. Cut the positive battery cable then secure the light’s free positive terminal to the battery’s positive inlet. For proper fastening, crimp a connector to the light cable.
  9. Finally, double-check that everything is safely and correctly connected in place before connecting the negative cable back to its negative battery terminal.

Final Verdict

It has been an amazing review but unfortunately, it’s also time for us to wrap things up. On the bright side, however, we’ve given you easy access to all the tools you need for getting the best LED light kits for lawnmower.

Additionally, we have also included a DIY installation guide to ensure that you set everything up correctly. All in all, as far as lights for zero turn mowers are concerned, how long they last depend on how well you maintain them. it’s therefore quite obvious why you should observe all maintenance procedures recommended by manufacturers.

All in all, do take your time while shopping for one to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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