The Best Mini Grease Gun (Top 5 Reviews of 2024)

Today you are going to read the complete The 5 Best Mini Grease Gun – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2024. Even if you have a standard size grease gun, you still need the mini size for urgent needs and instant usage of lubricant on assorted types of materials. And obviously, you need to find the best mini grease to make your money worth buying.

Honestly, there are many different types, features, and price ranges of mini grease guns available in the tool shops or online platforms. So, finding the best rated mini grease gun will become challenging. You need to consider some aspects when determining the quality of a grease gun before purchasing.

Hours of research and analysis are required for such comprehension, which is a time-consuming task. But no worry, as in this article we will provide you with everything you need.

We not only review the top 5 best recommended mini grease gun but also, we address the essential points that will provide you with a thorough understanding of this tool.

So, let’s start!

Top 5 Best Recommended Best Mini Grease Gun Reviews of 2024

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Best Mini Grease Gun

This mini grease gun is easy to use and has an economical price that is suitable for both domestic and industrial jobs. The device has a simple but elegant design that highlights its classic and retro style.

It is built with high-quality material and sturdy enough for you to use it for a long period. This device can hold a large amount of lubricant in its standard size of the barrel. Holding up to 3 ounces of lubricant at a time, it astounds you!

It’s handy, easy to use, and no need to exert any additional effort. Furthermore, the device includes a needle nozzle for applying the grease precisely to the fittings, easily and quick. It’s extremely light, and you can use it with just one hand.

This model is approved for anyone who wishes a tool to perform the job without any complicated things or requiring a specific method of use.


Size & Weight: It has a 1lb weight which is very light and handy. Plus, the size is mini and you can hold it with a single hand.

Capacity: It can store up to 3 ounces of grease, making it ideal for a small grease gun.

Efficiency: It has a powerful and efficient vacuum and pimping mechanism which will not waste any grease and operates with the greatest efficiency.

Nozzle: It has a needle-like nozzle for accurate grease application.

Durability: Among several of its qualities, the long-lasting construction (sturdiness) is the most notable. It is designed to be used as frequently as you like and longer as it can.

Comfortable Pressure: There is no need to put too much force on it because it can work well with minimal pressure.

Extension Cable: It comes with an extra 12-inch long cable for better and more accurate greasing. It is useful for getting into tiny or tight spaces.

Best Machinery: It is ideal for small tasks or simple equipment such as a motorcycle, bicycle grease gun, and other handy machines.

Complete Package: It includes 4 inches of pipe, a non-drip cap and a coupler.

Comfortable grip: Its pistol-like style and excellent grip qualities make it ideal for single-handed use.

Chrome Finish: It features a chrome finish, which adds to its quality when compared to others.

 What we liked:

  • It has a classic style and comfortable grip design.
  • Made up with high durability and sturdy.
  • Affordable price, and match with its capability.
  • Best mini grease gun with needle nozzle.
  • Very easy to use (suitable for beginners).
  • No grease leaking.
  • Needle-like nozzle, so it is easy to reach tight/narrow/small spaces.

What we do not like:

  • Does not come with manual instructions. Even it is easy to set up and use, some people still need to look at the manual instructions especially for the first-timer.

2. HORUSDY Mini Pistol Grip Grease Gun, with 3 OZ. Grease & Coupler (2900 PSI)

Check out this Horusdy mini grease gun, if you are looking for a handy and pistol grip style grease gun. Despite its mini size, amazingly it has a pressure output of up to 2900 PSI!

Due to its compact size, you can take it with you everywhere you go. Furthermore, this mini grease gun has a pistol grip making it not only comfy to grasp but also easy to operate with a single hand. The chrome-plated finishing for its body offers protection for longevity, plus enhances its look.

In addition, this grease gun comes with few additional accessories such as a 5.3-inch pipe, heavy-duty coupler, and nylon hose in case you need it. With the vented head cap and locking mechanism, you can add the grease into the barrel easily.


Size & Weight: It has ‎2.01 pounds weight with ‎13.7 x 7.1 x 2.2 inches of size dimensions, which is very compact to carry everywhere.

Capacity: It can hold up to a 3-ounces cartridge which is sufficient for most users.

Grease filing: It has two ways of filling; bulk or 3oz (85g) cartridge.

Efficiency: It is built with a pistol grip “lever action” mechanism and has a vented head cap with a locking mechanism so it can be filled up conveniently.

Pressure: Pressure output is up to 2900 PSI which offers enough lubrication for any machine.

Complete Package: Includes a steel hose with coupler, steel extension hose, 9″ flex hose and nozzle.

Comfortable grip: Comes with ergonomic design of pistol grip for comfy hold.

Chrome Finish: Covers with chrome-plated finishing to increase longevity and durability.

 What we liked:

  • Can be refilled easily as it comes with a vented head cap.
  • Comfortable to hold, an ergonomic style of a pistol grip.
  • One of the Best 3 OZ grease gun.
  • Easy to operate even for a beginner.

What we do not like:

  • The plunger is not functioning well sometimes, need to manually set it up because if not, it will cause the grease leaking and cause unnecessary messiness everywhere.

3. Lumax LX-1172 Black Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 3 oz. Cartridge.

Lumax is a popular brand with reliable products and, luckily it also produces mini grease guns. If you’re searching for a high-quality grease gun, you should consider this brand’s pistol grip gun.

Having a super small size and of course has a lightweight, this mini grease gun by Lumax is very convenient for any outdoor usage. The best thing about this grease gun, it is very useful for small spots. To refill it, you can easily choose either to refill it in bulk or a cartridge.

The grease gun coupler also has a no-drip seal, so no worry you can insert the grease without spilling it!


Size &Weight: Very light and compact, suitable for outdoor usage.

Capacity: It can contain up to 85 g (3oz.) cartridge, which is more than enough for most applications.

Grease filing: It has two-way loading, simply refill it; either in bulk or as a cartridge.

Efficiency: It uses a contoured lever mechanism that generates more pressure while requiring less effort.

Output: 5 oz (43 g) of grease for every 100 strokes, with pressure output up to 3000 psi.

Design: Comes with a comfortable grip that is ergonomically designed (T-Handle).

Durability: It has high durability as it is made of a heavy-duty cast alloy head.

Non-drip seal: Comes with a non-drip seal to prevent any grease leakage so you can do your lubricating work efficiently without any fuss.

Complete Package: Included in the kit is a 4″ extension pipe, a grease gun coupler (LX-1400), and a non-drip cap with a mini pistol grease gun.

What we liked:

  • Suitable for heavy-duty as it has high durability and pressure output.
  • No unnecessary messiness (non-drip seal).
  • Best mini pistol grease gun.
  • Handy (small and lightweight).
  • Ergonomic handle design.
  • It’s simple to use and refill.

What we do not like:

  • It does not include a flexible hose, so a bit difficult to use it for the spaces that need a flexible hose.
  • Comes with instructions but not specifics.

4. Workforce L1305 Best Mini Grease Gun, for 3 oz. Cartridges, 12”

This Workforce Mini Grease Gun By Legacy gun is ideal for dispensing grease at inaccessible and particular spots as it comes with both, fixed and flexible hoses.

The flexible hose allowing you to position it in any way you like to make your lubricating work done efficiently. It also comes with a follower rod and spring to ensure you can continuously prime.

Furthermore, this tool is great for long-term usage as it covers with chrome finishing and is constructed with die-cast metal for the head. To add more comfort, it is designed with pistol grip style (contoured). The model also has the common 3 oz cartridge which is perfect to lubricate most all types of machines.

In short, it is recommended for all types of users!


Durability: Has excellent durability as it is made up of high-quality material; die-cast metal for the head.

4 Jaw Coupler: The high-pressure super grip 4-jaw coupler provides exceptional grip and will endure long-term usage.

Consistent priming: The sturdy follower rod and spring assist the plunger in following a uniform route while exerting pressure to the grease tube, resulting in consistent priming.

Accessible: Features a flexible 12-inch hose and a fixed 4-inch hose for reaching hard-to-reach spots.

Capability: The barrel can hold three 3 oz. grease cartridges at once. That makes it one of the best mini grease gun 3 ounce oz.

Finishing: Covers with chrome finishing which helps to extend the life service, plus enhance its look.

Design: Design with pistol grip style which the contoured pistol grip that has ergonomic design offers easy one-handed operation and comfort.

 What we liked:

  • Constructed with high durability material.
  • The grease delivers inconsistent manner.
  • Include flexible hoses for tight spaces.

 What we do not like:

  • Requires much effort to insert or remove the nozzle.
  • While loading a cartridge, the loading handle sometimes will not click into place.

5. Lubrimatic Plews & Edelmann 30-800 4500 PSI, Pistol Style

This mini grease gun is created with one major purpose in mind: to reach all of the most difficult-to-reach spots imaginable. For that, it comes with a grease gun’s hose that is lengthy and flexible, allowing it to reach into tight and narrow corners.

This model also has an excellent design and ergonomic grip, making it easy to hold onto even for multiple hours. Furthermore, the structure is made up of high-quality material which guaranteed its durability. The output power is up to 4,500 psi which is perfect and ideal for the heavy-duty task too.

Not to forget, the 4 jaw coupler helps to tighten the sealing to prevent any grease leaking that can turn off your mood!


Grease output: Have two grease output choices which are through a 5-inch hose and a flexible hose.

Output pressure: Up to 4500 PSI, which is perfect for lubrication of heavy-duty task.

4 jaw coupler: Tight sealing to keep grease from leaking.

Finishing: Textured barrel with a matte finish (silver).

Comfortable grip: The textured barrel ensures that users maintain a steady hold while reducing hand fatigue. The rubber-coated gives a secure grip and added comfort.

Durability: Made up of heavy-duty metal structure for extended usage.

Complete package: Included in the kit are a 90-degree front pipe placement, a 4″ grease pipe, and a 12″ flex hose with a coupler.

Flexibility: Depending on where the fitting is located, it has a hose that allows the user to access the tight spaces.

Spring-loaded lever: By inserting the hose or pipe into the top mounting port, this pistol grip grease gun can transform into a small lever grease gun to reach even more difficult spots.

Simple priming: Normally reserved for large grease guns, this mini grease gun comes with a locking, balloon-style plunger that ensures a good prime and a tight seal while the gun is in operation.

What we liked:

  • Can reach to tight space easily.
  • Very comfortable to grip.
  • Tight sealing to prevent any grease from leaking.

 What we do not like:

  • Have difficulty in releasing air.

Must-Have Features of the Best Mini Grease Gun

Frankly, you never can be sure of the quality or effectiveness of a mini grease gun just based on its looks, ratings, brands or people opinions. You need to examine a few aspects or features to determine its quality and capability to get your work done efficiently.

If you are a beginner or have no idea what features should the good quality mini grease gun have, now’s your time to find it out!

Size & Type

First and foremost, you should be clear that there are different kinds and sizes of grease guns available on the market. Air-operated grease guns, pump-based guns, corded or cordless grease guns, small grease guns, large grease guns, and pistol grip guns are some of the examples.

Be mindful when you choosing the small or large size of the grease gun. If the gun is small, it may be not comfortable to hold or if it is larger, you cannot carry it everywhere.

So the key is, choose the one that suits your job needs and is also comfortable for you. To get the desired one you must look at the best mini grease gun dimension.


The pressure output of a grease gun is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). It generally runs from 3000 PSI to 10000 PSI or higher. If the PSI is too low, it will not be effective for large components.

So, it is highly recommended for you to choose the ideal pressure in purchasing a mini grease gun based on the components you wish to lubricate.

Capacity Of The Cartridge (Grease)

Another essential element to consider is the volume or capacity of mini grease gun cartridges. If the capacity is large, you won’t have to replenish it as regularly. Most people usually choose and use at least 14 oz as it is the standard grease cartridge capacity.


For design, an ergonomic design will offer you comfort more than the standard design. If you will use the gun for hours, hence you should opt for an ergonomic design. An ergonomic design will help your hand to hold the gun comfortable and less fatigue.


If you’ll be using grease guns frequently, you must ensure that the gun is sturdy and lasting. Check the materials the gun is made up of. Good finishing such as chrome also helps a lot to increase the life services of the grease gun.

Another thing, when evaluating the gun’s construction, try to look if there is any leaking when you putting the grease (or other liquid) through the nozzle.

If you are buying online, the tips is, leak-proof grease guns usually have metal barrels with tight-fitting heads, 4 coupler jaws that provide high-quality sealing and reinforced plungers.

Length of The Hose

You may select hose lengths ranging from 18 inches to 42 inches based on your needs. A complete kit comes with a fixed and flexible hose as an extension is the best choice.

A flexible hose will help you to reach the inaccessible spots easily thus make your work more efficient.

Price Range

Mini grease guns usually have an economical price which is affordable for most people. The high-quality grease guns usually have a price between $12 until $40.

But, you should consider whether the pricing is in line with the quality and performance to make sure it is worth your money.

Benefits of Mini Grease Gun

There is a lot of reason why some people choose mini grease gun instead of buying the standard or larger size. Below are the top three benefits of a mini grease gun:

Portable, Compact & Light Weight

One of the reasons, the mini grease gun is easy to carry especially for outdoor usage. The compact size and lightweight give it an advantage.

User friendly

Usually mini grease gun is simple and easy to use. You can use it directly without the need to assemble it. For quick and urgent jobs, a mini grease gun will save your life. Plus, it is highly recommended for the first timer as it did not require skills to operate it.

More precise

Having a small size, a mini grease gun usually comes with a feature to reach the tight spots easily. It also offers comfort for you to hold it when you lubricating the small parts of the components.

How to Load a Mini Grease Gun?

The way of loading for all types of the mini grease gun is basically the same even there is a lot of mini grease gun types out there. Check out the information below to load a mini grease gun effortlessly!

To begin, you need to determine the way of loading. A mini grease gun can be load in three different ways: bulking, suction, and cartridge.


To compare, bulking is the best fit for a hand-lever grease gun as it has small barrels. You will need gloves and also a putty knife to help you manually insert the grease into the barrel. This method will consume a lot of time, plus create messiness.


While the suction approach is the inverse of the standard grease gun filling operation. You must remove the head barrel first.

After that, place the barrel in the grease pot and draw the plunger rod. This will cause the grease to suck into the barrel.


Loading a grease gun with a cartridge is the simplest and cleanest way but a bit costly. Simply remove the old cartridge and replace it with the new one. After that, the grease gun is ready for use already.

How to Use Mini Grease Gun?

Almost all types of mini grease guns have the same procedure to use them. In case you forgot or are a first-timer, below are the basic steps to use a mini grease gun. If the kit comes with a manual, read the manual to know the exact way of usage.

  1. First and foremost, set up it before using it. Unpack and follow the instruction to assemble it if needed.
  2. After everything is set, load the grease into the barrels depends on the way of loading that the grease gun offers; either bulking, suction or cartridge. You may refer information above to load it effortlessly.
  3. If there is an air bubble trapped while you loading the grease, you need to remove the air. Some grease gun has air remove features, so the air will automatically remove without you doing anything.

But, the manually operated mini grease guns do not have that automatically air remove mechanism so you need to press the piston rod to remove the air manually.

  1. After the loading process is done, the grease gun is already ready to use. Place the nozzle properly to the spots that you need to lubricate and pump the grease until it flows out. Be careful and do not exert too much pressure to prevent any grease leaking that may occur.
  2. Finally, after everything settles, you are recommended to start the cleaning process directly. Clean the nozzle to avoid any grease residue block it and do not forget to wipe the area that you use with warm water as hard grease is difficult to remove.
  3. Place your grease gun in a secure place.

FAQs (Frequent Ask Questions)

Q. What is a mini grease gun used for?

A mini grease gun is a smaller form of a grease gun that is usually used to lubricate tight or narrow spots easier and more precise. Plus, the compact size enables it for outdoor jobs usage as it is easy and light to carry.

Q. How much does a mini grease gun cost?

In general, the mini grease gun cost lower than a large or standard size grease gun. You can buy it within the range 12$ to 40$ depends on the quality and performance.

Q. Are there different size tips for grease guns?

Commonly, the tips of the grease guns have the same size.

Q. How do you put a mini grease gun together?

Put the fixed extension into the head of the barrel and then, the coupler with needle tip adapter. Then pull the plunger rod until it locks at a certain angle. After that, load the cartridge into the barrel.

Q. How do you fill a small grease gun with a cartridge?

Open the head barrel and ready the cartridge to insert into the barrel; remove the cartridge cap. Then, remove the old cartridge and replace it with the new one.

After that, remove the cartridge foil to allow the grease to flow out before you reassemble the head to the barrel tightly back. You may need to put some pressure to make sure it’s tight. If there is any air trapped, remove the air by pressing the piston down.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you to choose the best mini grease gun. All the top 5 mini grease gun listed above is suitable for both domestic and industrial works. You may choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Anyway, we highly recommended you examine the features that the best small mini grease gun must have before decides to purchase any. From that, you can easily determine which one suits you the best.

Choosing the mini grease gun that comes with high quality and performance is significant as it will give an impact on your machine’s operation and life services.

That’s all, enjoy greasing!

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