The 8 Best Riding Lawn Mower Engine For Trouble Free Mowing

Best Riding Lawn Mower Engine

Truth be told, lawn mowers are an integral part when it comes to home maintenance. Well, you could always replace your grass with turf that is made of vinyl but then, the feeling of foliage under your feet in the summer heat is irreplaceable, don’t you agree?

Because of this, it is of utmost importance that you do pay heed to the tinniest details if you want the best lawn mower engine. But then, getting the ideal upgrade for your riding lawn mower is easier said than done which is where we come in.

There are a lot of different manufacturers not to mention different types of riding lawn mower engines out there. As such, it can get quite confusing to pick out the best of the best.

However, …

Think of how amazing it would be when all you have to do is choose from the best-reviewed mower engines and more so, have a buying guide to help you easily pick one.

Before you take a look at the buying guide and the top 8 reviews of the best riding lawn mower engine, you should probably have a look at the best of the best below.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Engine: 2024’s Expert Selections

Straight to today’s main agenda, it’s time we take a look at what 8 of the best riding lawn mower engines have in store for us. From amazing durability to unmatched performance, you’re bound to get the biggest bang for your buck with either of these bad boys.

1. Briggs & Stratton Intek Series, 19 HP, 540 cc, Single Cylinder Engine

Starting off our reviews is one of the best brigs and Stratton lawn mower engines you could get for the money. From the amazing build quality to the outstanding 19HP engine, it sure is going to be a worthy investment.

First things first, it comes with an overhead valve design, this ensures that you get a cooler operation as well as a long lifespan for the valve.

Additionally, it comes with an electric start which makes using it quite easily. Something else you should look forward to on this bad boy is that it includes the dura-bore cast iron cylinder sleeve for extended life.

As for the RPMs, it delivers an amazing 3300 max RPMs which should be good enough for your to conveniently maintain your lawn.

  • It features a 9-amp charging system.
  • Comes with an overhead valve design for smooth operation.
  • Features a dura-bore cast iron cylinder sleeve.
  • The oil emptying line is absent.

2. Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine

With safety, efficiency, and durability all in one, this could just be the best riding lawn mower engine upgrade you have been looking for. Here’s a closer look at what you should look forward to.

First, the engine comes with a recoil start mechanism which is familiar to most not to mention easy to use. On the other hand, it features a fuel shut off which is meant to make transportation easy. As far as durability is concerned, it comes with a cast-iron cylinder designed to withstand wear and tear.

With a 6.5 hp, 212cc, and 3600rpm, performance won’t be compromised whatsoever. It’s also worth mentioning that it features gas-saving overhead valves that deliver a cool and clean performance.

  • The horizontal shaft is ball-bearing mounted for easy compatibility.
  • Features a fuel shut off feature.
  • The controls are user-friendly hence easy starting and operation.
  • The metallic tank is susceptible to rust.

3. Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1 Commercial Turf Series

The 49T877-0004-G1 is yet another bad boy that could just be the best Briggs and Stratton best riding lawn mower engine for you. From the 5-step debris management system and the cyclonic air filter to the added strength and durability, it’s going to be worth every penny.

One of the many features that make this stand out is the 5-step debris management system. With this, the engine should operate optimally even under high debris conditions. Additionally, the air filter is designed to provide amazing debris protection and it lasts twice as long as panel-style air cleansing systems.

Best riding lawn mower for the money Something else that makes this worth investing in is the full-pressure lubrication. it has a spin-oil filter that guarantees controlled lubrication for long-lasting operation.

  • Has got cooling fin inspection panels.
  • Features a cyclonic air filter system.
  • Comes with a full-pressure lubrication system.
  • There are no intake manifold gaskets at the carburetor mounts.

4. Xtremepower US 7 HP Gas Engine 4-Stroke

As the name suggests, this will be a powerful engine for your riding lawn mower. First, it comes with a maximum power output of 4.8kq which translates to an amazing 3600 RPMs- quite impressive, right?

Besides the amazing power rating, it also features a 4-stroke, 25-degree Single cylinder with an air-cooled ¾ straight key shaft. Additionally, it has a 2-5/16-inch length with Keyway 3/16″ counterclockwise rotation.

For a high combustion efficiency, the compression ratio is 8.5:1. At the end of the day, you get more power with less fuel consumption and fewer exhaust gases to worry about. Also, with a displacement of 196ml, you’re going to get a higher power output from this bad boy.

  • Has a max power output of 3600rpm.
  • Features an 8.5:1 compression ratio.
  • The displacement is rated at 196ml.
  • The pull cord mechanism is a little fragile.

5. Briggs and Stratton 13R232-0001-F1 Engine

The overhead-valve design on the13R232-0001-F1 alone is amazing enough to qualify this as a worthy upgrade. But, besides just this, there’s plenty more to look forward to. Here goes…

First, the air cleaning system is top of the line. It’s got a dual-clean air cleaner pleated paper filter that has a foam pre-cleaner. This functions to give maximum protection for longer engine life.

As for the ignition system, it’s a maintenance-free magnetron electronic ignition, this serves to ensure you get both quick and dependable starts. With this working hand in hand with the overhead valve design, you’re going to get a bang for your buck.

Something else that makes this the best Briggs and Stratton best riding lawn mower engine is the dura-bore cast iron which means that you get extended life from this.

  • Cooler operation is ensured by the overhead valve design.
  • Comes with a dual air cleaner pleated paper filter.
  • Has a magnetron electronic ignition.
  • Comes with a metal fuel tank that’s susceptible to rust.

6. Briggs & Stratton 44N677-0045 Intek 22 HP 724cc V-Twin Engine

Yet another one from Briggs and Stratton is the 44N677-0045. Being an engine that is designed exclusively for riding lawn mowers and zero-turn mowers, you couldn’t go wrong with this one. Here’s what you should look forward to:

First, the fact that it comes with a 724cc which is quite impressive for a best riding lawn mower engine. In addition to this, the engine also does have 22HP which is also amazing.

It’s also worth mentioning that this best riding lawn mower engine comes with a single 3-5/32-inch keyed crankshaft 9-amp alternator.

  • Has got an amazing 724cc.
  • Comes with a 9-amp alternator.
  • It is compatible with zero turn and riding mowers.
  • It doesn’t come with information data.

7. Kohler KT715-3047 7000 Series 20 HP Vertical Engine

Designed to be compatible with most riding mowers and z-turn lawn mowers, the KT715-3047 will be a worthy upgrade to your mower, and here’s every reason why.

First, it includes a PRO performance filtration package. This is designed to increase the oil, air, and fuel filter capacity which in turn ensures that you get maximum protection.

Something else that makes this engine stand out is that there is pressure lubrication. this serves to extend the engine life as it keeps all the critical components lubricated at all temperatures.

Also, with the included smart-choke technology, you don’t need to choke the engine as it starts at any throttle position. It also does have a consistent-cut technology that maintains the engine’s speed at all times.

  • Features a PRO performance filtration package.
  • Has for the consistent-cut technology.
  • It features the smart-chole technology for optimal performance.
  • The motor doesn’t come with threaded mounting bolt holes.

8. Briggs & Stratton 31R907-0007-G1 500cc 17.5 Gross HP Engine

Finishing up our best lawn mower engine reviews is the 31R907-0007-G1. Though small in size, it packs enough power to ensure your lawn’s aesthetics are not compromised whatsoever.

First, it comes with a dual filtration system. This serves to increase the lifetime of the engine. To add icing to the cake, it features a cast iron cylinder sleeve for utmost durability in outdoor use.

Something else that you’ll highly appreciate is the electric start mechanism that’s quick and easy to use. Alongside this is a maintenance-free magnetron electronic ignition. Last but not least, the engine comes with a muffler and a 9-amp charging system.

  • Features a dura-bore cast iron cylinder sleeve.
  • Has an electric start mechanism.
  • Comes with a dual-clean air filtration system.
  • The oil slinger lacks an oil filter.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Engine: Here’s What Defines the Best of the Best

Having had a look at the reviews above, it’s now time to look into how you can choose the best engine out there. Let’s get started.

The noise levels

The general rule of thumb when it comes to lawn mower engines is the more energy the engine produces, the greater the noise level.

This, however, can be overcome by going for an engine that has got a more compact design. At the same time, such a design may need you to spend a little bit more so it’s entirely a matter of personal preference.


Whereas the noise levels could be tolerated a little bit, efficiency, on the other hand, should not be compromised.

Efficiency is dependent on a lot of different factors. These include aspects such as fuel consumption, engine power, and the availability of replacement parts among other things. At the same time, you should be able to use your lawn mower for as long a time as possible.

The engine’s power rating

Something else worth looking into if you want the best lawn mower engine is its power rating. Generally, the more you have, the better for you. At the same time, you need to consider how much work you’ll be doing once you go for an engine upgrade.

If you’ll be dealing with extra long grass, then you’ll need more power from your engine and vice versa.

Performance and durability

Yet another feature you ought to pay close attention to when choosing the best riding lawn mower engine is how well it performs and how long it will last.

It could be a little difficult for you to know this especially if you have no experience in the matter whatsoever. The easiest way to get the best performance and durability is by dealing only with the best brand there is such as Honda or the Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engines.

With an engine that comes from a well-reputed brand under the hood of your riding lawn mower, there’s no way you could go wrong.

How to Rebuild a Lawn Mower Engine: A DIY Guide

At the end of the day, maintaining outdoor engine-powered equipment is something that you should not be ignorant about whatsoever. With riding lawn mower engines, you owe it to yourself to know how to rebuild the engine of your mower.

The reason for this is that by doing so, you’ll be able to improve the longevity of your engine and also maintain an optimal performance each time you use it.

Now that you do know the importance of rebuilding your mower engine, let’s go ahead and break down the process.

1. Disassembly

Disassembling the engine is the first thing you should do and it should be relatively easy. The hard bit about this step is trying to recall where everything goes for when you need to put your mower back together.

Also, something else you need to do is draining the oil from the engine.

Once all the oil has been drained from the engine, it’s now time to take the engine apart. It’s also important that you wash every single component you remove from the engine with soapy water.

Additionally, for the sake of optimal performance and durability, go ahead and check whether the different components are in good condition. This way, it should be easier to replace any of them that are faulty.

2. Seal the engine cylinders

With the engine taken apart, the next thing you ought to do is check the size of cylinders on the mower engine.

While on this, ensure you check the size of your cylinder. If any of them are larger than the standard size, then you’ll need bigger rings. On the other hand, if it is smaller, you could bore the cylinder to widen it a little bit so the standard rings may fit.

3. Gasket replacement

The next thing you’ll have to do is replace the gasket. If the gasket in use is new, ensure that it seals the whole engine.

Here’s why…

If the gasket exposes the engine or unfortunately leaks, it is going to expose the engine which in turn will cause more damage even in normal operating conditions. The last thing you’d want is having to rebuild your engine after every few weeks, right?

4. Replace the air filters

The air and oil filters are also going to need replacement after which you can also replace the spark plugs.

When fitting new spark plugs, it’s important to ensure they are tightly done since if any is loose, it could stop the engine from firing or working optimally.

5. Test whether everything is working as it should

The final step in rebuilding your engine is testing whether everything works as it should after reassembly.

You can do this by trying to turn the engine on and then having it run on full throttle for a few minutes. It’s equally as important to check the oil once the engine has cooled down.

Something to note…

It is useful to change the oil after running it for the first time as this will help eliminate any metal bits that could have been dislodged in the engine as you were working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to tell if riding lawn mower engine is seized?

A:you can be able to tell whether the engine is seized by removing the spark plugs then trying to start the mower. If the engine doesn’t turn over, then it is seized.

Q: Who makes the best lawn mower engine?

A: Honda engines have the best level of efficiency as compared to other brands.

Q: Why does a mower engine surge when it is at full throttle?

A: The most common cause of this is when there is a blockage in the fuel supply.

Q: How a lawn mower engine works?

A: Most lawn mower engines are 4-cycle and the working process can be broken down into 4 steps.

  • Intake stroke: as the intake valve opens, air and fuel are both filtered via the carburetor and into the piston valve. When the piston reaches the bottom of its stroke, the valve closes hence cutting off the air-fuel mixture.
  • Compression Stroke: With the fuel in the compressor chamber, the fuel is further compressed to maximize the power it will create. The piston then rotates back to its top point hence trapping the air-fuel mixture between the cylinder head and piston.
  • The power stroke: With the air-fuel mixture compressed, it’s now time to add a spark. The ignition coil at this point creates a high voltage which is discharged in the chamber by the spark plug. When the mixture is lit, the hot air will force the piston back down the cylinder.
  • The exhaust stroke: the last process entails the exhaust valve opening when the piston forces the spent gases out of the chamber. Once this is done, the exhaust valve closes and the intake one opens.

Q: How to build a racing lawn mower engine?

A: as it turns out, building a riding lawn mower engine is not as difficult as most people may assume it to be. The only difficult part could be getting the individual components. These include the engine transmission, sprockets, front axle and spindles, the rear axle and hangers, centrifugal clutch, a steering wheel, braking system, chain, gas lever, wheels, tires, inner tubes, hubs, and an engine compartment with high endurance.

  • Building the frame

To be able to sit on your lawn mower and ride it even at a high speed, you must create a large and bulky frame. This can be done by adapting the already existing frame and then welding it together. You can go a mile ahead and reinforce the frame.

  • The steering system

Once you have the frame built, the next thing you ought to do is create an amazing steering system. Try to make it as simple and straightforward as possible since this will give you an easier time while driving.

  • Installing the needed internal components

In the final step, I’d recommend that you install the transmission first then followed by the brakes (most preferably hydraulic brakes).

Next, you can weld the mower deck to the frame and have the battery stored under this together with the electrical system.

You can then go ahead and make a casing that will hold the engine hence preventing oil spillage. Thereafter, you can install a seat and this is best done while taking into account what you’re most comfortable with.

Lastly, you can better the aesthetics of your mower.

Q: How to fix a lawn mower engine?

A:There could be several reasons that will bring the need to fix your mower engine. The first step to getting this done however is by disconnecting the spark plug first since this will keep the engine from starting accidentally.

Next, you can go ahead and check whether the wiring is as it should be in your ignition system. Besides this, it’s also important to check that the carburetor is in its best condition and clean. Next, if the engine is unable to start, check whether the gas cap is clogged.

It is also important to check the intake and exhaust valves. Ensure they have no junk whatsoever and if they do have any, clean them up by hand or a commercial cleaner.

Q: How to clean a lawn mower engine?

A: The best riding lawn mower for 2 acres way to clean a lawn mower engine is opening it up, taking out the individual components then cleaning each one of them thoroughly by hand.

Q: How to make a lawn mower engine faster?

A: First off, since you’ll be increasing the speed, ensure the blades are as sharp as they can be to make the mowing quick and accurate. Now to increase the speed, fill the tank with gasoline that’s no less than 92 octanes.

Additionally, ensure the tires are clean and well-inflated. It’s also critical that you ensure your mower is clean and well maintained

Q: How to tune up a lawn mower engine?

A: As usual, always disconnect the spark plug before working on your mower. Next, drain the oil from the tank and replace the air filters. Using a spark plug wrench, loosen the plug before manually removing it.

The next thing you should do is sharpening the blade then replacing the oil and gas (ensure the drain plug is inserted before doing this). Lastly, reconnect the spark plug wire and test out your mower.

Q: How to check compression on a lawn mower engine?

A: A higher compression reading means that you get a stronger engine and better performance from your mower. So, to check this, first, loosen the spark plug wires then loosen the spark plug.

Next, take your compression gauge and insert the threaded portion into the spark plug’s hole. Tighten the gauge with your hands then ensure the small O-ring is tightly seated against the housing of the whole engine.

With the compression gauge facing upwards, start the engine a few times and check the reading on the gauge. You can then release the internal pressure on the compression gauge and once the pressure relieves itself, the gauge must read 0 PSI.

Q: How to get water out of lawn mower engine?

A: First, disconnect the spark plug for safety. Next, insert a hand pump’s siphon tube into the gas tank of the mower and also have a drain tube in a gas disposal container then begin transferring the liquid.

Next, drain oil into a pan via a drain plug. Having done this, empty the carburetor bowl then wipe around the bowl with a carburetor cleaner then place a rag under the bowl to catch any liquid.

You should have at least one set bolt; unscrew this and pour out the contents of the carburetor bowl. Lastly, wipe out the inside of the gas and oil tank as well as the carburetor bowl with a clean rag.

Q: How to replace a lawn mower engine?

A: First, locate the gas hose- it should be at the base of the tank. Pull this off the carburetor and direct it to a bucket to catch the gas.

Next, unscrew the throttle linkage to the side of the lawn mower engine. After this, unscrew the red battery cable to the starter on the opposite side of the engine using a wrench.

You should also unscrew the bolts that hold the base of the engine to the frame. Lean the engine forwards and remove the drive belt from the pulley then pick the mower engine off the frame.

You should then have a pipe wrench on the crankshaft above the pulley attached to the crankshaft’s base then screw it to the base of the new engine’s crankshaft.

Lower the new engine into the frame, slip the drive belt over the pulley on the crankshaft and screw the engine into the frame.

Final verdict

In conclusion, you have everything you need to get your mower in perfect condition. With the buying guide, we’ve outlined all you need to watch out for and by incorporating this with the product reviews, you’re bound to get a bang for your buck.

All in all, it’s of utmost importance that you adhere to regular maintenance of your engine to keep it working optimally. After all, we’ve outlined all our tips and tricks to you in our Q & A section.