Top 4 Best Grease Gun for Bicycles and Mountain Bikes

Best Grease Gun for Bicycles & Mountain Bike

Today you are going to read the complete Top 4 Best Grease Gun for Bicycles & Mountain Bike Reviews [All You Need To Know]. A bicycle or mountain bike needs regular maintenance to make sure of a smooth and consistent movement. Moreover, it is significant to guarantee your safety. If you want a smooth journey, resistance-free, and comfortable ride, you must lubricate your bicycle routinely.

When it comes to lubricating your bicycle or mountain bike, you must first select which grease gun is the best to assist you in completing the task effectively. There are various versions of grease guns for the bicycle available in the market, including cordless, battery-powered, air-powered, and hand pumps.

The best grease gun for bicycles will assist you in applying grease to your bicycle components based on your needs. And as a result, your bicycle’s component will receive superb ‘treatment’’ to ensure its long-life services.

In this post, we will provide you with reviews of the top bicycle and mountain bike grease guns so you can make an accurate purchase decision. We’ll assist you in determining which grease guns will work best for your bike especially.

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Top 4 Best Grease Gun for Bicycles & Mountain Bikes

Below we already list the top 4 grease guns that are specifically designed for mountain bikes & bicycles to ease your choosing process. The reviews not only consists about what the grease gun offers but also complete with their top feature, pros and cons.

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1. Park Tool GG-1 Bicycle Grease Gun

A Park Tool GG-1 grease gun is recommended for everyone who maintains their bike. It comes in blue colour, constructed with premium quality metal that has high durability and has standard body size (‎10 x 6 x 2 inches dimensions size). Having ‎12 ounces weight, it is very light and handy to bring anywhere.


This is a self-contained grease gun that may be used with the supplied canister or fitted onto a tube of any Park Tool bicycle lubricant. It has small tips which are perfect to apply grease to your bicycle components and make reapplying grease a breeze.

This grease gun is a must-have for sealed bearings, and also makes repairing bicycle wheel and bottom bracket bearings easier. Plus, it prevents any grease from going to waste. Such an amazing tool!

If you want a clean and precise application of grease you need to consider this grease gun. In a package, it includes a 3.6 fl. oz (100mL) canister, and also can be installed onto any tube of Park Tool grease or anti-seize as mention above.

It is compatible with these tubes of Park Tool compound with recommended usage;

  • PPL-1 Polylube 1000: for general purpose grease for bearings, threads, and general assembly.
  • HPG-1 High-Performance Grease: for more precise ground/ceramic bearings, pivots, suspension components.
  • Park Tool ASC-1: for bottom bracket and pedal threads, pressed headset cups, seat posts, quill stems.

Another thing that a lot of people are concerned about, will this work with Speed play’s? And the answer is, yes. It works with Speed play.

But you need to make sure you use the correct and suitable grease. Also, please make sure you did not use this type of grease gun with any assembly compound, for instance, Park Tool SAC-2.

Overall, highly recommended!

Top Feature:

  • Small tip for precise application.
  • Includes a 3.6 fl. oz (100mL) canister, and also can be installed onto any tube of Park Tool grease or anti-seize.

  • Easy to use especially for tight spots.
  • Best bicycle grease gun for speedplay.
  • No need for manual filling (can directly use the provided canister or any Park Tool tubes).
  • Clean and precise application.
  • Not suits with any zerk nozzle adapter.

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun

This Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun is designed in a typical, heavy-duty style. It must be manually loaded, but once filled, it could deliver up to 3 ounces of grease from a single barrel to suitable small-scale power devices such as a bicycle.

It has a needle nozzle for controlling the flow of the grease. The higher pressure output for this grease gun is 2,900 PSI. It has small in size, lightweight, handy and simple to use with only a single hand.

It is also suitable for heavy-duty lubrication works. Comes with a weight of around 2-.25kg, it is easy to hold and carry. This tiny item is a lot tougher than you expected. If you work on bicycles frequently, this small grease gun is fantastic.

This grease gun is also simple to set up and operate; just simply remove the top, fill the barrel with whatever lubricant you want to use, then put it back on. Then, push a screwdriver or similar instrument into the barrel’s bottom and squeeze the surface and grease. As soon as that happens you may keep pumping it till you see grease pouring from your nozzle!

A grease gun often depends on a rubber seal to prevent grease from leaking. However, by utilising a point to depress the small ball at the end of a zerk fitting, this Astro Pneumatic mini grease gun creates a seal through the contact between the zerk ball housing and its needlepoint.

It’s hard to express how convenient it is to be able to grease things without spilling grease everywhere.

Apart from lubricating zerk fittings, this grease gun is very ideal for applying grease to cup and cone bicycle bearings (that’s why it is listed here!). The needlepoint enables precise and clean grease application.

Top Feature:

  • Sealing mechanism to prevent any grease leaking.
  • Deliver up to 3 ounces of grease.
  • Working pressure for this grease gun is up to 2,900 PSI.
  • Handy, lightweight and can be handled with a single hand.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Has a needle nozzle for more precise application.
  • Comes with a tiny instruction manual.
  • Sometimes the grease is difficult to come out.
  • A bit tricky and hard to assembly the top piece back onto the canister (can cause grease leak out if did not screw properly).

3. Dual Grease Gun with Short Nozzle

Dual Grease Gun with Short Nozzle is another best bike grease gun that is highly recommended. In terms of quality, you’ll be able to tell as soon as you hold it. It’s all constructed of high-quality metal, and meant to last!

It is really useful to have when you only need a small amount of grease and do not want to search throughout the grease tub and get all in mess.

There is a large push button on this device with a simple plus ergonomic design which provides a good grip and handling even in the most difficult circumstances.

This model is easy to fill by hand just by following the instructions and the best part is, it will disperse only a small, but exact, amount of grease. No unnecessary messiness occur due to over disperse. This grease gun can operate with almost all types of grease (except liquid grease).

For this gun, Dualco offers an almost limitless number of accessories. It comes in a silver colour with a short nozzle for this package. However, you can buy almost every accessory you need from the website.

Even filling the grease gun may be messy, but once it’s filled, it’s good to go. An air bubble at the top of the gun might cause the pump to quit functioning. If this happens, just put a 5mm hex wrench into the handle’s bottom and press firmly to remove the air bubble. So easy right?

And, let’s say a part of it gets damaged, this grease gun is one of the few totally metal guns that can be completely repaired. Fantastic!

Top Feature:

  • High durability.
  • Rebuildable.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Comes with a short nozzle for high precision application.
  • Can match with many types of accessories.
  • Easy to carry anywhere as it has a lightweight and compact size.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Suitable for any types of lubricant except liquid types.
  • Can cause a little bit of messiness during the loading process.

4. Finish Line Premium Grease Gun

This Finish Line Premium Grease With Teflon would be a great addition to your bike tool collection. It is an excellent tool for applying precise quantities of grease where it is needed. You can use it to lubricate any parts of your bicycle especially pedals, bike hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, crank bolts, and so on.

Moreover, it is compatible with all standard tubes of grease (except 1/2” threaded tubes). Constructed with alloy in silver color with 0.01 ounces weight, this finish line premium grease gun is very suitable to carry everywhere you go. Of course, it has high durability as it builds up with high-quality materials.

Furthermore, it is very easy and convenient to handle with a single hand. If you are looking for a grease gun that delivers grease precisely to hard accessible spaces, this finish line premium grease gun is the absolute solution!

With its long tip, it can deliver the grease to any tight spot perfectly and precisely to help to reduce the bearing friction and such things. The best thing is, you would not overuse the grease when using this grease gun as it only delivers a small amount of grease at one time and you can control the speed and volume by yourself.

Overall, highly recommended!

Top Feature:

  • Long tip.
  • Compatible with all types of standard tubes (except 1/2’’ threaded tubes).
  • Prevent overuse of grease.
  • Handy, lightweight and can be handled with a single hand.
  • Easy to operate.
  • High durability.
  • Precise application.
  • Sometimes the grease coming out from the back plunger.
  • To pressurize the grease tube while pumping the gun, you will need to fold it like a toothpaste tube.

What type of Best Grease Gun for Bicycles and mountain bikes?

Various types of grease guns can apply grease for bicycle or mountain bike components. But which one is the best?

Below is the list of best grease guns for bicycles and mountain bikes;

Manual Grease Gun

Frankly, the Best Grease Gun for Bicycles is a manual type of grease gun. The manual grease guns are the most portable since they are the lightest and smallest form of grease gun available and thus, are easy to operate in enclosed spots.

It is also the cheapest and easiest to use and gives the user complete control over the volume and pace of the dispensing. However, because it’s manual and required extra energy when using, you can get tired after a while.

A simple trigger on manual grease guns will allow the user to control how much grease is going to dispense and how fast the speed is.

One manual grease gun example is a hand pump grease gun. Hand pump grease gun must be pre-pump by the user to build up pressure in the barrel before it can work.

For most people, this gun isn’t their first option. You must know how to pump it to make it function. The air inside the body builds up to create a lot of pressure, which causes grease to ooze out of the nozzle when you pump it.

Due to this, some people may feel uncomfortable using the gun because it needs a correct position for grease to release.

However, as it only delivers a small amount of grease, it is best used on relatively small scale devices such as bicycle or mountain bike capacity.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The other option you have is a pistol grip grease gun. While some grease guns require you to use two hands to operate the instrument, this one just demands a single hand.

As the grip handles come in a variety of sizes, you may choose the one that is most comfortable for you to control the grease gun.  The pistol grip is used to exert trigger pressure to get the grease out of the gun’s barrel.

This type of grease gun is suitable to apply grease to your bicycle as it is easy to use and match the usage required by a bicycle/mountain bike.

Pneumatic Grease Gun

A separate air compressor unit is used to pressurize pneumatic grease guns. Although pneumatic or electric grease guns are heavier and more expensive than manual equivalents, they can save a lot of your time and energy when a lot of greasing is necessary for the whole day or at any particular time.

This type of grease gun is very suitable if you have a bicycle workshop. You can read more about the pneumatic grease gun below as we also include it in our reviews!

Extra Tips:

There are several different grease gun fittings, also known as zerks, that can be purchased separately such as:

  • button-head grease fittings which are suitable if you want to apply large quantities of lubricant.
  • conventional hydraulic grease fittings that are the default for most greasing applications.
  • flush grease fittings which suitable for confined spaces.

What Quality Makes the Best Grease Gun for Bicycles?

There are a few features that you need to consider in choosing the best mountain bike grease gun. To know more about it, read the facts below.

Type of battery

If you opt for a cordless or electric grease gun, you should consider the types of battery. It is not deniable that using cordless or electric grease guns will allow them to move freely.

However, you may require regular charging if the battery is not good enough. So, whenever you decide to buy a grease gun, keep this feature into consideration.

If you using the manual types, then it should not be any problem.

Reduction of Trapped Air

Trapped air or air pocket is commonly happened and form inside the grease gun. The bad thing is, it will prevent the grease from flowing. In other words, air bleeding occurs when the grease becomes caught within the gun and cannot be removed.

The air bleeding reduction mechanism on some guns is meant to prevent this from happening. So, always pick a grease gun with an air bleeding mechanism especially if you opt for manual/ hand pumps grease gun.

Size of Tip

The best grease gun usually comes with a small tip. This is important to make sure the grease can be delivered precisely to the components. The small tip of the grease gun also will prevent the overuse of grease which can cause damage to the bearings.

Working pressure

The standard working pressure of around 3,000 psi is already enough for small capacity devices such as bicycle/ mountain bikes.

How to Grease a Bike with a Grease Gun

There is no specific way to grease a bike with a grease gun. In general, you need to decide which parts you want to lubricate. Then, fill in your grease gun’s barrel with chosen grease types. The way of filing depends on the model of the grease gun. You can either fill it manually, using cartridges or suck the grease in.

The mechanism to apply the grease using a grease gun to your bicycle/mountain bike component is also depends on the grease gun model. Keep pumping until the grease flow while controlling the volume and flowing speed to avoid overuse. Be careful. Excessive grease will cause poor performance and damage to the component.

Anyway, did you know there are 6 parts of a bicycle you compulsory to lubricate routinely?

The first part you need to take note of is the chain. Your chain is the most important element on your bike, and it requires the greatest care and frequent maintenance. You should clean your chain regularly especially if you ride in dusty or muddy conditions frequently.

Secondly, derailleur assemblies. Front and rear derailleurs are responsible for shifting the chain as you shift. These assemblies are composed of a variety of small moving components, including two small pulley wheels.

Keep them clean and lubricated so they don’t bind or get hard.  You can see which part need to lubricate frequently by shifting the gears while turning the pedals and check how the derailleurs function.

Next, brake and derailleur cables. If this part is rusted due to a lack of lubrication, you will be unable to stop/brake your bicycle safely or smoothly change the gears. That’s a bit dangerous. Regularly inspect this part and re-lubricate with a few drops of grease if necessary.

A brake and shifter levers on the handlebars is also required regular check-ups. Apply a few drops of lubricant to this part regularly to ensure it functions well to guarantee your smooth ride and safety. Avoid leaving any grease residue to prevent dust collected there which can cause damage to the components. Wipe it away.

A few drops of lubricant also should be applied regularly to any moving components that you can see on the brake assemblies that are attached to the frame at the front and rear wheels.

If you’re having problems identifying these pivot points, try squeezing the brake levers and monitoring where they move. Any metal pieces that are in contact with one another is the perfect location to lubricate.

Remember, be careful not to spill any grease on your brake pads as it will make the brake pads more difficult to stop rapidly if needed.

And lastly, the pedals. You need to apply a few drops of grease to lubricate the area where your pedal connects to the crank. Be sure to lubricate on all moving parts, including the spindle and crank arm.

Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Grease Gun

Besides taking care of your bicycle/mountain bike, you also need to make sure your grease gun is always in tiptop condition to deliver excellent service. Let’s see a few tips on how to make sure your grease gun maintain its performance.

  1. Get to know your grease gun; how it functions, what it is capable of, the features and so on. This is to make sure your grease gun perform to its best and maximum capabilities.
  2. Make sure you know the maximum working pressure of your grease gun to avoid seal damage when the pressure is extremely high. If the sealing damage, it can lead to grease leaking which all of us did not want to happen for sure.
  3. After using your grease gun, clean it right away! This is important to make sure no grease residue or dust got stuck and damage the grease gun components. Keep it clean, wipe all the grease residue.
  4. If you are working on your mountain bike, investing in a good maintenance stand will be great.
  5. Follow the manual instruction (if provided) to avoid any misunderstanding to use and keep your grease gun.

All of the tips are not only for bicycles or mountain bikes specifically designed grease guns. The tips are also applicable to all types of grease guns.


In a conclusion, the good quality grease gun will deliver the perfect lubrication to your devices. To make sure, this job is done easily, you need to purchase the best mtb zerk grease gun that is worth your money and match its performance to tackle all the lubrication jobs perfectly.