How Do You Adjust A Reel Mower? Expert Opinion for Best

How Do You Adjust A Reel Mower

Today you are going to read the complete How Do You Adjust A Reel Mower [Essential Information]. We all want that manicured lawn. The good thing is that you can achieve this with the use of a reel lawn mower. However, there are a few pointers. The mower needs to cut the grass in a clean smooth fashion.

This is to say that the grass should not at all be torn from the ground. Otherwise, it will leave open wounds that could open the door for diseases.

To ensure the reel lawn mower is doing a proper job at grass trimming, you will need to keep the blades well adjusted. Let’s first understand how the reel lawn mower works before getting into the finer details of adjusting the blades.

In order to cut the grass, the lawn mower makes use of twisted cut blades that push the grass against a horizontal cutting bar situated at the base. This means that the twisted blades need to be in close contact with the bar at all times.

If the blades are well positioned, it is possible to slice through a paper as you would do with a pair of scissors. Indeed the reel mowers employ scissor-like cutting action.

Let’s now look at how you can finely tune the blades of your reel mower for a clean cut and disease free lawn.

Details Guide Of How Do You Adjust A Reel Mower?

Find the Right Position

Start by taking the reel mower and putting it on a working table. If there is an arresting system, make use of this to stop the cylinder from rotating. If not available you can insert a piece of wood through the blades. Also, you can see and visit Lawn Mower Buyer Guide 2024 [Complete Guide For Beginners].

Do Your Assessment

You need to determine the current state of the reels. This will be done by removing the arresting system and rotating the reel.

If there is a noisy scrapping sound, this means that the blades are set a bit too close to the metal bar. If on the other hand the reel is free moving, then you know the blades are too far from the cutting bar.

Performing the Adjustment

There are four screws on the reel mower that are meant for adjustment. These are located on either side. Two the reel and the other two on the cutting bar.

With a flat screwdriver, turn the screws on the sides of the reel. By tightening slightly, you can move the blades towards the cutting bar in case they are too far apart. Loosen the screws only so slightly to move the blades away from the cutting bar if too close. Also, you can visit How To Remove Rear Wheel From Craftsman Lawn Mower Tractor.

The Cutting Bar

It’s the turn of the screws on the cutting bar. You will need to move them in an opposite motion to the ones on the reel. This will allow you to move the cutting bar towards the blades or away from the blades as far as you see fit.

Make Regular Assessments

As you turn the screws on the cutting bar as well as on the reel, take a few moments to rotate the reel to see if they are in the best position. If not continue adjusting until you land on the right position.

To determine whether you have achieved the right distance between blade and cutting bar, you can try passing a piece of paper through the blades. If it is cut neatly as though you were using scissors, then you know you have the right adjustments in place.

Note that a slight movement of the adjustment screws translates into a large movement either on the reels or on the cutting bar. Basically, different models are all standard when it comes to the positioning of the screws. Otherwise, consider going through the user manual. Check here to know about the Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mower.

How To Set Up A Reel Mower

Final Thoughts

When turning the reels to check the adjustments, always move your hands out of the way quickly. This will keep you safe from getting cuts.

Reel mowers are simple to use and simple to maintain. With the right type of adjustments, you can go on to have a healthy, well-trimmed lawn. Maintenance needs to be done once you notice a difference in the performance of the reel mower. Luckily, they can go for months before needing any real type of adjustments.

The lawn needs to be free of objects that could make the reel mower under perform. These could be rocks and small stones as well as sticks and other debris.

Let’s check it!