How to Fill a Grease Gun Properly – Easy and Simple

How to Fill a Grease Gun Properly

Today you are going to read the complete How to Fill a Grease Gun Properly – Easy & Simple [Essential Information Step by Step]. A grease gun is a tool used to apply lubricants to the specific part of the objects that need it. It is to ensure the objects can perform well while improving the life services of the objects plus, to avoid the certain parts of the objects (machine, etc) to tear off.

In order to make a grease gun function, we need to fill it up with grease which will act as a lubricant. So, here in this article, we will provide you with steps on how to put grease in a grease gun easily and efficiently.

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How to fill a grease gun?

There are various styles of grease guns that you can find in the tool shop such as reservoir-style or cartridge loader grease guns. By using a grease gun, it can prevent any grease from being over-used or wasted while providing the perfect saturation needed.

Below are the steps on how to put grease for a reservoir-style of grease gun:

  1. Firstly, to fill the grease gun with grease (lubricants) you need to detach the body of the grease gun (barrel) from its head.
  2. Then, press the handle fully into the barrel.
  3. Ready your grease container. And, insert the barrel’s open end into it.
  4. To fill the barrel with the grease, place the barrel’s open-end down into the grease container and slowly pull the handle. The grease will slowly fill up the barrel.
  5. After the barrel feels full, remove it from the grease container. Ensure the plunger rod is already pulled fully until the end before you take it out from the grease container.
  6. Flip the barrel on the opposite side to free it from the grease in the container.
  7. Use tissues or rags to clean the excessive grease around the barrel’s open end.
  8. What you need to do next is, reattach back the body of the grease gun (barrel) with its head. The way to attach it may be different as there are various styles of the grease gun. The important thing is to make sure it fit accordingly to each other tightly.
  9. When everything is already set, test to dispense the grease that you fill just now.
  10. To test it, you need to press the piston rod’s handle. Then, squeeze the grease gun’s trigger until you see the grease come out at the end of the tube’s tip that used to apply on needed areas.
  11. Your grease gun is ready to use.

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Useful Hacks:

  1. The grease guns will load more efficiently if you have bulk grease in a large container.
  2. You need to make sure the handle is pressed fully into the barrel to avoid any risk of grease being sucked accidentally during the process.
  3. Always clean the tip of the grease gun when there is excessive grease every time after you use it. Use a rag cloth or tissues. This is to prevent the grease from hardening and block the tip.
  4. Also, you can use a good quality grease gun coupler to your lubricating work.

How To Fill A Grease Gun With a Cartridge?

We already discussed how to put grease for a reservoir-style of the grease gun. Now moving on, below are the steps on how to put grease for a grease gun with a cartridge. You can check the video here.

  1. To start, you need to loosen the grease gun’s cap.
  2. Then, lift the metal handle back (T-Shaped handle). Keep pulling the plunger to eject the cartridge until  it is completely removed from the barrel.
  3. Pulling back on some grease guns should cause the cartridge to eject automatically. Based on how much residue has accumulated on the inside, it may come out completely or partially. However, before you expel it, you must guarantee the rod is in position.
  4. Take away the cartridge and secure the piston rod. In many grease guns, you should be capable of moving the piston rod indirectly into a space in the barrel, preventing it from moving forward. Meanwhile, for some grease guns, the fully retracted piston rod latches into place, and a release button on the end of the barrel allows the piston rod to continue moving again.
  5. After you have managed to secure the rod, remove the blank cartridge and throw it away.
  6. Make sure the new grease cartridge is ready to be loaded. You can find cartridges in hardware and auto parts stores.

Tips: It is a wise idea to wipe up inside/ end of the gun, (possibly a bit) before loading it with a new cartridge by using cloth or tissues to remove grease residue.

  1. Remove the cartridge’s cap from one end of the new cartridge before inserting it into the barrel (body of the grease gun). This is to allow the grease to flow naturally.

Tips: Many people find that keeping grease cartridges inverted helps them settle on the grease to the right side, near the nozzle.

Or, if you forget to keep it upside down, try to shake it vigorously once or twice toward the cap. This way can aid it to settle in an intended way before trying to insert it.

  1. Place the cartridge in the barrel. Put the opening part of the cartridge in the barrel first. Force it in so that the cartridge’s end seals securely with the barrel’s open end.
  2. Take away the metal seal from the cartridge’s uncovered end. Remove the metal seal.
  3. Fasten the barrel to the grease gun’s head. Screw it halfway, two full rotations, without tightening it down.
  4. Start releasing the piston rod from its resting position and drive it into the barrel while squeezing the grease gun nozzle handle. This aids in the passage of air through the mechanism and as the initiation to make the grease flow. When grease start to comes out at the tip of the nozzle, stop squeezing.
  5. After that, continue to screw the barrel and the grease gun’s head together tightly.
  6. To ensure that the piston rod is functioning well with the cartridge, test to press on it. Push the handle to ensure that the grease is flowing.
  7. You are done now!

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It is very convenient to fill or put grease on a grease gun just by following the simplified steps listed above. You should consider doing it in a suitable place, so you do not need to do extra cleaning after that.

After all, happy trying!

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