How to Fix Steering on John Deere Riding Mower?

How to Fix Steering on John Deere Riding Mower

Let’s face it! Today you are going to read the complete How to Fix Steering on John Deere Riding Mower? [Essential Information]. In general, riding lawn mowers use as a perfect solution for human energy reservation. It usually uses in beautifying our garden and yard effortlessly. In terms of property maintenance, a riding mower is an ideal solution.

And, if you ever use the John Deere riding mower you might have to face some issue related to the steering.

In this article, we will provide you few simple steps on how to fix steering on john Deere riding mower . Keep reading!

How to Fix Steering on John Deere Riding Mower?

1. Factors that caused the steering to damage

Nonetheless, over frequent use in the long-term period causing our mower may become difficult to steer. The steering can damage due to the loose bolt, excessive frictions causing wear-off gear teeth, and poor maintenance routine.

Besides, if you had encountered hard objects such as bricks, curbs, or abrupt terrain drop while mowing, it also may be the common cause of the steering problems.

Even the most expensive and top quality riding mower will unpredictably experience problems with the steering. Fret not, it can be self-fixed by identifying the root problem and replacing the necessary parts.

2. How to fix the steering according to the factors

If it because of over frequently used in the long-term period:

In this case, you need to do proper maintenance for your riding mover every month at least once as you used it frequently, service it at the workshop to fix anything loosen, and frequently put oil, fuel stabilizer or suitable lubricant at certain parts to avoid it from wear-off.

If it is caused by the hitting of a foreign object:

  1. Completely turning the steering wheel to the left after loosening the bolts holding the top and bottom parts of the steering box may restore the gears to their place.
  2. You can hear the popping sound once the gear is back to its rightful position.
  3. After that, you just need to realign the steering wheel and tighten back the bolts. Hence, our lawnmower is back on the run just like it usually does.

If the tires do not turn despite turning the steering wheel:

Another common issue faced by the riding mower owner is the tires do not turn despite turning the steering wheel. This is commonly because of the steering sector gear and the pinion already bare signing that it needs to be replaced.

You need to prepare the new steering gear, pinion gear, and bushing.

  • Firstly, the mowing deck is removed.
  • Then, the front end is raised using jack stands.
  • By using a pipe wrench, hold the pinion gear steadily and remove the nut using a socket wrench followed by a screwdriver to remove this old pinion gear and its bushing.
  • Next, we just need to remove the brake lever rod and four screws holding the plate covering the steering sector gear using a flat head screwdriver.

Tips: It is advisable to use a bungee cord to hold the plate once it is opened to avoid the rod ends popping out of their socket. Using a wrench and socket, both nuts holding the plate are removed.

  • Then, the old steering sector gear from the loose plate can be taken off using the same wrench and socket after releasing the slotted bolt and the pivot bolt.
  • Next, just put back the new steering sector gear and reinstall everything in the reverse order that we have taken them off.
  • Pivot the new steering sector back and forth to recheck it. If it moves freely, then it is functioning well.
  • Now, we just need to reassemble everything:
  • First, put back the plate underneath the mower and send the drag link bolts back to the original position.

Tips: Turn the wheel to be in the straight position before tightening the nuts. Then, follow by tightening all the screws after putting the plate to its frame.

  • Now, we can safely remove the bungee cord and insert the new pinion gear after installing the new bushing. Our new pinion gear should fit in the teeth of the new steering sector gear just like a puzzle. We can use a hammer to tap down the pinion gear before tightening it well using the wrench.
  • After reinstalling the brake lever rod and securing it with the clip, the riding mower now can take off the jack stands. Then, test for its steering wheel. It should be moving left and right if all steps are already done correctly.
  • Finally, we can put back the deck and ready to mow the lawn.


In conclusion, it is crucial to promptly address any steering problems with our riding lawnmower. It is important to avoid a fatal accident caused by sudden machine overturning or losing control.

Always keep the riding mower in a secure garage or shed if not in use, to prevent rusting and prolong its rubber parts.

Follow the steps and tips above to fix your steering easily. Till then, happy mowing people!

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