How to Lift Riding Mower to Change Blades – Easy Way to Do

How to Lift Riding Mower to Change Blades

Today you are going to read the complete How to Lift Riding Mower to Change Blades – Easy Way to Do [Essential Information]. If you need to change the blades on your lawnmower, your first challenge will be how you can raise your mower to access the underneath of the deck safely.

Considering that most riding lawnmowers are quite large, pretty heavy, and a bit bulky, this may seem rather difficult to accomplish in safety. So, you’ve to be much more careful to lift this type of mower.

Whenever you move, raise, or work underneath a riding mower, positioning it must be done with as much care as possible to guarantee your safety. These mowers cannot just be turned on their side to give you access.

There are a number of ways to lift a riding lawnmower, and most will use some type of lifting tool to facilitate your lifting. Initially, you will want to follow several safety precautions before actually lifting the mower. We recommend you wearing both safety shoes or safety boots together with a good pair of safety gloves.

Also, remember to disconnect the mower’s spark plug to avoid an accidental ascension of the engine.

How to Lift Riding Mower to Change Blades – Various Ways to Raise

  • Using a compressed air lift usually found in a mechanic’s workshop. If you have a friend or relative that can give you access to one, this is one of the safest methods around for lifting your riding lawnmower. Most systems have overload limits and are run electronically with an on/off switch.
  • A simple forklift. Should you have access to a forklift, this will allow you to lift your mower relatively easily. With more than two dozen types of forklifts used daily, this machine lifts the lawnmower to a desired height and locks into place while you work underneath. It also makes lowering your mower equally safe and easy.
  • One of the simplest and also easiest methods for lifting your mower off the ground is with a jack stand. If your mower came with a jack, know that this alone may not be sufficient to raise your mower the amount of time necessary for blade changing. If the locking valve on a jack fails, the mower will fall and either sustain damage or injure you. A jack stand or a mower jack can be used as it is designed to lift your mower safely, preventing any slippage or movement.

Many specifically designed mower jacks will have a strap to connect to the outside tire. Secure the strap and use the jack pump to lift the mower into position. Most mower lifts will have a safety latch that will pop into position when the jack reaches the correct lift height.

The jack will probably have a safety bar that will need to be inserted to complete and secure the lift. The mower blades should now be fully accessible for you to work on them.

A lift buddy, similar to a jack will permit you to lift a corner of your mower, but again is not ideal for lifting if you need to work underneath.

  • A lift specifically designed for lawnmowers is a great choice. These lifts usually can manage up to 350 pounds of lawnmower weight. They come with locking systems for safety and may feature a platform that is padded to safeguard your mower from any damage or scratching.

These are equipped with a foot pedal that is anti-slip and hydraulic for an easy lift. In this case you will drive your mower directly onto the baskets for the wheels that are positioned on the lift.

You will turn a valve as to the manufacturer’s instructions until resistance is achieved. Then using the pedal, you pump the lift until you reach the height you need. You then lock the platform levers into place.

When lowering, you raise the platform a bit to free the height locking levers and then release the lift to its lower ground position.

  • Another possibility to lift your mower is by using automotive ramps that are portable. These ramps are designed to be structurally sound and tough. They are skid-proof and usually feature a pattern of treads and an ample tire width capacity to avoid slipping. If ramps are connected for example to a truck, they will afford great access to the underside of your mower.
  • A builder or chain hoist also offers the possibility of lifting your mower. These can be found in several operating versions that include, electric, pneumatic, or manual. A lifting hook will be attached to both the hoist and to your lawnmower permitting you to lift it. This method is promoted by the OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration for use in lifting and lowering heavy machinery or equipment.

Taking care of your lawnmower through regular maintenance will extend its life and guarantee performance. This includes the replacement of lawnmower blades. We hope this article will assist you in how to lift your riding lawnmower safely so that you can equip it with new blades. We appreciate you reading and happy lawn care!

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