How to Load a Grease Gun Properly [Easy Step by Step]

Today you are going to read the complete How to Load a Grease Gun Properly [Essential Information Step by Step]. There are several kinds of grease guns commonly in use, a manually powered grease gun that has a lever and needs two hands for operation, a manually operated gun that features a pistol grip with a trigger and an air-powered pneumatic grease gun.  Loading the various types is quite similar.

To load a grease gun properly, there are three methods that you can use. The brand and model of your grease gun will determine if you can use any of the three or if your gun is limited to using only one method for loading.

How to Load a Grease Gun Cartridge

When loading a grease gun, the use of the cartridge that is pre-filled is the quickest and the easiest method. You avoid the mess of other methods, and you can just toss the cartridge once it is empty.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide

  1. Begin by unscrewing the grease gun head from the gun barrel.
  2. Pull outward the gun’s rod handle as far as possible.
  3. Block the handle by locking it in place. Set the gun aside.
  4. Prepare the new grease cartridge for insertion. Remove the cartridge’s plastic cap.
  5. Now position the cartridge inside the barrel of the grease gun. The cartridge bottom should enter first.
  6. Now remove the metal tab on the cartridge to open it.
  7. Return the grease gun head and screw it back onto the gun. Leave some space so that air can escape.
  8. Unlock the rod handle from its blocked position and push it inside the grease gun.
  9. Now make sure the grease gun head is screwed on completely and tighten it if necessary. Begin pumping until a little grease emerges from the gun’s head.

Tips: Should your T rod handle not lock correctly into place; you will need to hold it so that it is completely out. If this rod handle is not fully out when loading, there may be difficulties when greasing.

Because you will need both your hands to position the new cartridge, have someone assist you. If you are alone, remove the cartridge cap and seal before you pull the rod handle outward, so you only need to insert your new grease cartridge.

Loading a Grease Gun through Suction without a Cartridge

  1. Rotate the grease gun head to unscrew it and remove it.
  2. Open your container tub of grease.
  3. Insert the grease gun’s opened end of the cartridge approximately two inches inside the tub of grease.
  4. While holding the barrel of your grease gun with one hand, pull the rod handle of your grease gun completely until you have extended the rod handle as far as possible.
  5. Now block your rod handle in place by locking it.
  6. Remove your gun barrel from the container of grease and, using a clean cloth, clean off the grease residue where the gun barrel was submerged.
  7. Return to gun head to the grease gun and screw it on.
  8. Unblock the rod handle and return it to the grease gun.
  9. Pump the gun until a bit of grease emerges from the gun.

Loading a Grease Gun Using a Bulk Fill Pump

This loading procedure utilizes a manual pump. The pump will fill through a filler nipple attached to the grease gun.

  1. Attach the filler nipple to the gun. Place the nipple in the coupler of the bulk filler. Now press down to open up the valve.
  2. Start to pump some grease into the gun several times. Stop and check that the handle rod is hooked to the follower. This is important to be able to see the amount of grease pumped into the gun.
  3. Cease pumping grease when the notch of the locking rod and the notch in-cap are perfectly aligned. Now rotate the T-handle and push it into the gun barrel.
  4. The grease gun is full, and you can begin lubricating.

How to Reload a Grease Gun

Use any of the above three methods when you need to reload your grease gun if they are compatible with your brand and model of the grease gun.

Tips: The difficulty with bulk loading is that grease does not flow easily with or without a pump. A solution for overcoming this is to slightly warm your grease before filling. Avoid overheating the grease for loading, so follow product indications.

You can also manually fill the grease gun by spooning it and packing it in the gun. The risk with packing grease manually is that you may involuntarily create many small pockets of air that will interfere with grease flow when you begin lubricating.

Contaminants are also a problem. Be especially careful that contaminants do not enter the grease during loading.

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