How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? Easy Tips

How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

Today you are going to read the complete How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? [Essential Information]. Many people enjoy mowing their lawns. Thanks to new technology and improved lawn mowers, mowing can be both relaxing and enjoyable. A key to the ease with which you can mow your lawn is a hydrostatic lawnmower and the many benefits it offers in lawn care. A hydrostatic lawn mower is not like a gear-driven lawnmower or belt lawnmower.

This type of lawn mower depends exclusively on fuel. It does not contain belts. It is considerably faster than other types of mowers and is particularly efficient if you need to mow a large area and spend an extended length of time mowing.

One of the first things to consider, to ensure that your hydrostatic lawn mower keeps moving at a good pace is regular maintenance. Like any machine, regular maintenance is the key to a long life and its efficient use.

So, how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster? Have a look at our expert guide and make your hydrostatic lawn mower faster easily without any mechanic.

How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster


First off, maintenance is one of the ways of how to make a hydrostatic lawnmower faster.  So, let’s consider some things we need to do relatively often:

  • Tire Inspection, Tires are very important for a hydrostatic lawnmower. Consequentially you will need to check the air pressure of your tires to ensure the smooth running of the mower. If the tires have different levels of air pressure, this will slow your mower down and you’ll spend more time on the job.
  • Are you using the best fuel for your mower? Always attempt to use the manufacturer-recommended fuel for your mower to avoid the motor not performing at its peak capacity.
  • Check your owner’s manual to find out what the oil tank capacity is. Now inspect the level of oil in your mower. Try to maintain the oil at the level of the highest marking.
  • Keep an eye out for leaks in the mower’s connections. The mower will automatically slow down if it is losing oil or fuel and this could also be dangerous for you.
  • Filters, An air filter is incredibly important in a hydrostatic lawnmower. If your air filter is dirty, the mower will slow down considerably. Clean your air filter at regular intervals to enable clean air to pass between the compressor and the engine.

Lawn Mower Modifications

There are some modifications that you can make to your hydrostatic lawn mower to make it mow faster. Let’s consider what some of these are.

Tire Replacement: The tires on your lawnmower can be replaced with new tires that are slightly larger. Larger tires will have a wider tread and a larger circumference. This will allow the tires to cover a bit more of the area you are mowing in the same space of time as the original smaller-sized tires.

Do consider the height of the lawnmower deck when deciding to replace tires. Should you replace the original tires with newer tires that create more distance between the mower deck and the ground, the mower may not cut the grass as well and you will have difficulty mowing your lawn well.

Sharper Blades: If you want the mower to work quickly, the blades should be sharp. If you use your hydrostatic mower often, the blades will become blunt and can sustain damage. You can sharpen your blades to improve cutting momentum.

If you find the blades to be damaged by gravel, rocks, or stones, it is better to replace the blades. A sharper blade will allow you to mow faster and obtain great results.

Governor Removal: Are you aware that your lawnmower has a governor? A governor system on a hydrostatic lawn mower is very similar to the cruise control on your automobile. The governor helps to maintain the speed of the mower constant. It will detect changes in the terrain and adjust the throttle automatically to compensate for these differences.

When you are mowing your lawn, the engine can be affected by the height of the grass or by hills. If your lawnmower has no governor, you will need to adjust the throttle manually every time there is a difference in grass consistency.

The governor installed on your lawnmower will limit both the power of the engine and the motor’s rotations. By removing the governor, you will remove these limitations.

A Larger Pulley: You can install a larger pulley on your lawnmower however it should not be a radical change. When opting for a larger pulley, make the change very gradually. If you have a three-inch pulley, substitute it with a 3.5-inch pulley. Avoid making a big change in size. Also, You can Check Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mowers and The Best Paint For Lawn Mower Deck (Mower Deck Spray)

Procedure for the Governor Removal

  1. Get all the equipment you need to make any modifications together in one place.
  2. Bolts off. Remove the bolts keeping the housing in place over the flywheel. A wrench is fine for bolt removal.
  3. After you remove the bolts, remove the nut.
  4. Look for the governor and remove it.
  5. Replace the nut to its original location.
  6. Replace the housing and bolt it back in place. Make sure the bolts are sufficiently tightened.
  7. Check the muffler. It needs to be packed in and close to the hole for the exhaust. If you leave a space or gap between the muffler the exhaust port and the gasket, you may lose horsepower and pressure.
  8. Make sure your air filter is clean. If it seems too dirty, replace it with a new one.
  9. Use a high-octane gas as fuel. Most experts suggest 92 octane.
  10. Now check the entire lawn mower before using it. Every screw must be correctly placed and tight.

Safety Advice

After any modification you make to your original lawn mower, check the entire mower out after completing the modification. Make sure all the connections are correct and in working order.

Also, wear and use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when making any adjustments or modifications.

The Bottom Line

The best thing you can do for your mower is to keep it in tip-top shape with regular maintenance. This will allow your mower to perform at its optimum speed and save you considerable time. If you do notice problems with parts, make any necessary changes.

The small modifications suggested above, are small changes that can be done right at home and always should be done while implementing every safety precaution.

We hope this article will help you with how to make a hydrostatic lawnmower faster.