How To Make A Lawn Striper – A Low Cost DIY Lawn Striper Guide

how to make a lawn striper

Today you are going to read the complete How To Make A Lawn Striper – A Low-Cost DIY Lawn Striper Guide [Essential Information]. Have you ever wondered how football, baseball or golf fields can have a striped appearance on them? It is not due to either the cutting technique of the grass, or the different types of grass that are planted together.

Actually, you also can simply do it for your lawn. But, how?

Lawn striper is a tool that use to personalize the field appearance. It did its work by laying down the grass in specific directions. This causes the grass to get more sunlight so it could have a lighter color and when the grass is laying in another direction, it will look darker.

Actually, you can build your own lawn striper at home with low-cost needed.

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How to Make A Lawn Striper (DIY) Easily

Read and follow the steps listed below on how to make a lawn striper by yourself while ensure it can function amazingly well as buying it at the tool shop. No worry, all the materials needed are easy to find and usually available at home.

Build a lawn striper by using a PVC pipe


  1. Prepare PVC pipe with 2” or 3” as the main material.
  2. Two eye hooks. It uses is to hook a rope, chain, (or anything suitable) that holds the PVC pipe with the mower.

TIPS: Make sure the hole of the hooks is suitable for two lines of rope tied onto it.

  1. Rope or anything that can attach the PVC pipe with the mower.
  2. Use to make the endcaps of the PVC pipe to make sure the filling did not spill out.
  3. Weight (sand, gravel etc), to be filled in the PVC pipe.
  4. Saw, screwdriver, drill, related tools to ease your work done.

Steps How to make a lawn striper with PVC pipe

  1. The basic step before you further build your DIY lawn striper is, you need to know your mower’s width.

TIPS: How To Make A Lawn Striper? Make sure you measure it properly; from the outside of the wheel to another outside wheel on the other side. The correct measurement is important to make sure your striper can be used easily along with the mower.

  1. Cut the PVC pipe according to the width of your mower. The length of the PVC pipe should not be much different from your mower’s width.
  2. Then, measure apart a distance of where you want to make two holes to attach your PVC pipe with the mower by using a rope. Drill it. The holes will be used to mount the hooks.
  3. Cut the plywood according to the diameter of the PVC pipe. It uses is to make as the end caps of the pipe.
  4. Place one side of the endcaps and fill the PVC pipe with gravel, sand or anything to weigh it. Then, close the other side of the pipe with the plywood caps.

TIPS: Use screws to attach the plywood end caps with the PVC pipe.

  1. Tie the PVC pipe with the mower to connect them. Use a rope, chain or anything suitable to hold the PVC pipe attached to the mower.

TIPS: Make sure there is a gap between the PVC pipe with the ground around 2 inches and do not tie the pipe too close with the mower’s tires.

7. Your lawn striper is ready to use!

When you start mowing, the PVC pipe that is filled with weight (sand, gravel, etc) drags together with your mower. It will cause the grass to go down the same direction as your mower direction.

This grass will expose to the sunlight and become lighter in colour which makes your lawn have stripers or any pattern that you like on it.

TIPS: You can personalize your lawn by using this lawn striper. Go front and back, right to left and other directions to make an amazing pattern. Be creative.

Build a lawn striper by using other material

You also can build a homemade lawn striper by using other materials that are available at your home other than PVC pipe.

Things that you can use are, such as any rubber mat of suitable size, broom’s handle or any cylinder shape items that have a suitable size and weight. As long as you know the basic concept of how to build it and how it is functioning, I believe you will generate so many ideas to make it.

Extra Tips for an amazing result of lawn striping

1. The longer the grass, the better the result: Before you plan to mow your lawn using your lawn striper, let the grass live longer than usual. This will create a more excellent result as the effect on the grass is more highlighted.

2. Make sure it’s straight: If you want to make lines pattern, make sure as you can to keep the lines straight for the best look. Run your mower properly next to the previous stripe to make it uniform.

3. Healthy grass, beautiful lawn: Take into consideration taking care of your lawn properly and heartfully. Do not forget to fertilize, water it routinely, and make sure it is healthy and greener. Then, you will get a beautiful effect when you mow it using your lawn striper.

4. Be creative: Avoid repeating the same pattern every time you mow. This can cause your grass to be flat permanently. Alternate the pattern, change the direction for an amazing result.

5. Mow in dry weather: Do not mow when the lawn is in wet condition.

6. Mow at least every two weeks: For the best results, you can mow and change your lawn pattern every two weeks. Usually, the grass is long enough for another stripping pattern within two weeks or longer.


Now, you can build your lawn striper easily by using only the very low-cost materials that are available at your home! As easy as follow the listed steps above and practice all the tips too for guaranteed results.

Ready to makeover your lawn like an international field and beat the stripping kit sold at the tool shops. Save more your money and express your creativity to your lawn.

Happy trying!