5 Tips How To Make A Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother in 2024

Today you are going to read the complete How To Make A Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother Than Ever [Essential Information Step by Step]. Zero-turn mowers are very different from other traditional riding mowers. It is a good choice to use for large areas as it is powerful, easy to use and can cover wide areas in a short time. The bonus points of zero turn mowers are their responsive control, speed, and turning radius.

However, if you do not have a right skill in handling and operating zero turn mowers, even other lawnmowers too, you still cannot mow your lawn easily and get the best results of a smooth rut.

But, do not worry. Here we will list out 5 tips to make your zero lawn mower ride smoother than ever! The tips are listed from basic to advance.

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How To Make A Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother?

Check out the tips below on how to make your zero turn mower ride smoother. Some tips are really basic that you even have a thought about it.

Do not fill your gas tank fully

You might laugh on this reason, well as for a car have a smooth ride, it needs a full gas tank. But for a zero turn mower, a full gas tank will shake you along with a tough ride. This will make you discomfort, plus, gives uneven cutting of your lawn. It will get better after few stripes done as the gas tank slowly reduced.

This is the main tips in using zero turn mower based on experiences from people who use it before. You need to take note this crucial tips if you are a newbies in using zero turn mower so you do not need to waste your time finding out why your zero lawn mower very tough to ride.

A low level of fuel will give you a smoother ride. So, keep your gas tank with only a low level of fuel to maintain a smoother ride. But, do not let the tank empty. Remember to fill it up with ideal volume every time before you use it or else you will not even able to move it because of no fuel! Also, you can see How to Fix a Lawn mower Pull Cord that is Stuck.

Keep your tire with low pressure

Another thing to keep low is the tire pressure. The over inflation of tires will cause the zero turn mower hard to ride. The ideal tire pressure is around 9-10 psi to make the zero turn mower ride smoother.

Low pressure of tire also will cause better traction or friction, the grip between the tire and your lawn which is one of the reasons for a tidy, short and neat cutting. On other things, lower tire pressure will save your fuel also because of a smoother ride did not consume fuel as much as when your zero turn mower is acting up.

Shorten the spring or install suspension spring under the seat

A comfortable seats also one of the factors that consequently related for smoothen the zero turn mower ride. To make your seat not bouncy and shake your body hardly while mowing, you need a spring with short cutting, just enough to cushion the seat. Too long spring will cause your seat bouncy.

Cut off the long spring and place it under the seat, or if the mower comes with spring attached under the seats, take out the spring and make it short with an ideal measurement just to make your seat comfortable enough. The steps of how to shorten the spring are shown as below. Also, you can visit our How to Bypass Ignition Switch on a Riding Lawn Mower? – Explained in Easy Steps!

What you need are:

grinding wheel that use to alter the spring size by cutting it, wrench (use to tighten or loosen) and washer.

The steps are:

  • To start, you need to pull up the seat from its back. You will see springs attached on the mower seat frame.
  • Take the springs out and use a grinding wheel to cut them according to your preferences. Make sure the springs cut with the same size.
  • Then, install back the spring together with the washer and do not forget to tighten properly the bolts.
  • Done! You may feel the difference now. Less bouncy and shaky.

How To Make A Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother seat by adding up a backrest

Mowing large areas in a long time surely will make you having a back pain even you just sit on the seat. You can make over your seat by adding up a back rest according to your preference for a comfortable ride.

By doing that, you can lean on the backrest while mowing which also contribute for smoother ride. Flexibility in seating is one of the important factors that contribute smoother riding in your mowing journey. Also, you can visit How to Fix Plastic Gas Tank on Your Lawn Mower [12 Easy Step].

Choose a high-quality and trusted brand of zero turn mower

A high quality and trusted brand of zero turn mower is one of the undeniable tips to get a smoother ride. An excellent choice of zero turn mower is a mower that comes with high quality materials, comfortable, no bumpy things when your ride it and have long life span usage.

It might have higher price than common zero turn mower, but it will worth your money by providing you comfort and best result of work done. Plus, can be used for a long time. A high quality mower does not easily rusting, or having a stuck steering problem or, uncomfortable seats that need to be adjusted and others related problem.

Definitely, a high quality zero turn mower will guarantee you a smoother ride.

However, please make sure all the parts, capability and others characteristics are following your standard and preferences before you decided to buy it. This is because sometimes the price is markup higher but does not suit its capability. Watch and read a lot of reviews before you decide to buy which one.

Extra Tips:

  1. Bigger tires will help you to mow wide areas more easily. But, do not use the tires that has bigger size than the deck.
  2. If your mower tire stuck while mowing, it can cause the grass to tear. So, slow down the speed to slow down the tires turn to solve this problem.
  3. Adjust your steering level after your adjusting your seat. The steering might too high for your new seat set up.


A smoother ride of zero turn mower is actually influenced by many factors. The important things, you should make yourself comfortable while following the technical tips in order to get a smoother ride. These 5 tips may vary according to people preferences. However, you can make it as guidelines for How To Make A Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother your ride using the zero turn mower.

Level up your mowing skills by applying the tips listed above and make over your lawn amazingly.

Happy mowing!