How To Mow A Hill: A First Timer’s Mowing Guide

How To Mow A Hill?

Today you are going to read the complete How To Mow A Hill: A First Timer’s Mowing Guide [Essential Information]. As far as mowing is concerned, one of the toughest experiences or rather one of the most difficult challenges you can face is when you have to mow on a steep slope. The first thing you can do before you start mowing is determined whether or not the slope you’ll be mowing over is safe enough for you to mow.

Conventionally, the slopes that are steeper than an inclination of one foot for every three feet of horizontal length are considered as unsafe for you to mow on. This is so because, on slopes such as these, the soil is not as firm as is the case on a fairly level ground.

In most cases, you’ll find low-maintenance grass planted on them so as to prevent the occurrence of erosion.

How To Mow A Hill? – Here are Some of the Things You Could do for Perfect Hill Mowing

The Self-propelled Push Mowers

There is no way you can be able to do the job perfectly if you do not have the correct equipment for it. the first step to mowing a hill simply starts with you getting the right mower for the job.

For any gardener who’s mowing for the first time be it on a level ground or on a hill, the push mowers turn out to be the first choice. The reason for this is that unlike the riding lawn mowers, you get to have better control over the push mowers. The threat of toppling after they become top heavy.

When it comes to navigation, the push mowers happen to be the easiest to use since they only need someone to push a handle that operates the motor. This is also a safety measure since by having the utmost control over the motor, the mower can hardly run out of control. Not all mowers will come with the motor control however and just in case yours is one of them, you should definitely get yourself an upgrade.

Riding Mowers

The main reason as to why most people go for this is the convenience they have over the push mowers. Despite being convenient to use, a standard riding mower will only be safe on the inclines that are fairly gentle. Any ground that has a one-foot incline for every 4 feet of horizontal distance is considered as a gentle one.

One mistake that most people using riding mowers do are riding side by side on a steep ground. As it turns out, doing so will destabilize your mower and you may end up toppling. When mowing on a hill with this equipment, the mower should take the slope in rows that move uphill and downhill.

If you would like to use a mower on a steep slope, then it is best that you go for the steep slope mowers since these are designed specifically for use on the sharp inclines. For a mower that’s going to offer you this much convenience, it does come with a huge price tag as well. They are therefore best for use if you have large tracts of steep land so as to put every dime you spend on the mower to use.

Which are the Best Mowing Conditions for a Hill?

for the sake of safety and so as to get the best results as well, mowing should be done when the ground is dry and most preferably during the day when the lighting is perfect.

Mowing on a wet ground is not safe since it could damage the mower. In addition to this, using the mower on the wet ground could result in the debris clogging up your mower. This will, unfortunately, require you to clean the mower more frequently. Wet grounds also increase chances of slipping regardless of whether you’re using a hand-driven mower or a riding lawn mower.

As for the lighting condition, mowing when it is shady could make it difficult for you to see obstructions such as rocks. Such obstacles could be dangerous for you or anyone in the vicinity of where the mowing is taking place and could also damage the mechanical parts of the mower. Also, you can check GreenWorks 25302 20-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher Review.

The Mowing Processes How to Mow a Hill

  • First of all, the hill that you’ll be mowing has to be inspected. Though most people overlook this step, it just so happens to be one of the most important steps since it is this way that you get to see obstructions such as rocks and sticks.
  • After confirming there are no obstacles, you can start the mowing procedure. If you’re using a push mower, you could do side to side to cover more ground since you have the utmost control over the mower. For the riding mower, you should move up and down the hill.

Here are Some of the Secrets to Mowing on a Steep Hill

As much as you may be having the best lawn mower, not using it properly may give you the worst results. Here are some of the things you should pay heed to for the best results.

Ensure that you set the mower to maximum height

  • If you keep the mower set to cut at the highest height possible, you’ll prevent it from scalping your yard hence you won’t have patches in your yard. If the grass is too long, lower it enough only to get rid of the longer sections.

Go for the self-propelled mower if it’s your first time

  • This is easier to handle especially on slopes and more so, the fact that it doesn’t need any pushing will ensure that you don’t slip whatsoever.

Mow vertically for riding mowers

  • If you mow horizontally using the riding mowers, you could end up losing balance and topple downhill. Considering the treads on the tires, its weight and the power it’s got, it is much safer for you to mow vertically while on the riding mower.

Mow horizontally for the self-driven mowers

  • If you’re using the self-propelled mowers, you’ll end up compromising your own safety. Since you’ll be moving against gravity, the chances of you slipping are quite high. Moving side to side, however, keeps you more stable