How To Replace A Starter On A Briggs And Stratton Engine

How To Replace A Starter On A Briggs

Today you are going to read the complete How To Replace A Starter On A Briggs And Stratton Engine. Have you ever been excited to start mowing but your riding mower refuses to start? You have already turned the key and heard a click, but the problem is, it does want to start!

If you are in this scenario, don’t freak out. A defective starter component of your riding mower might be the reason for the failure. There are several signs of defective starter such as a clicking sound especially when you press the ignition button, a cranking loud sound and also, the failure to start the engine.

Typically, it begins with difficulties before completely failing to start. The majority of us make the error of continually attempting to switch on the ignition which will just worsen the situation as it can cause another problem.

How Does The Starter Work?

The starter is the component that ignites your engine’s internal combustion. It consists of a starter motor which placed the solenoid inside it. Electric current is sent to the starter motor when the battery is powered up due to ignition. The engine starts to fire up after the starter rotor moves which is caused by the starter relay (on).

In simple words, that’s how the starter works. If your riding mower does not want to start, it means the starter is not able to initiate ignition to fire up the engine. So, what you can do is, replace the starter.

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How To Replace A Starter On A Briggs And Stratton Engine

If your lawnmower battery is completely charged yet the mower does not start, the problem is commonly caused by the starter engine, as previously mentioned. Replacing your starter motor would be the easiest solution and yet the most straightforward option.

Below are the steps on how to replace a starter on a Briggs and Stratton engine type which is commonly used in lawnmowers. Please take note, the steps may be different for different types of engines.

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1. First and foremost, always remember safety comes first. Make sure to turn off the ignition switch, cooling down your engine until it reaches room temperature and removes the key before you start the next steps in replacing the engine starter.

2. To gain access to everything, unplug the headlight wiring harness before lifting the hood or engine cover. Detach it, and take off the hood or engine cover. Set them aside for now.

3. Pull off the air filter cover by rotating the retaining knobs counterclockwise. Then, take out the air filter. Unplug the screw inside the filter housing with a ¼ inch nut driver.

4. Remove the four mounting bolts from the blower housing by using a ⅜ inch socket or wrench, and then remove the blower housing. After that, remove the oil drain tube too.

5. Then, using a 7/16 wrench, unscrew the bolts that secure the wire to the starter and remove the wire.

6. Use a ½ inch socket and wrench to unscrew the starting mounting bolts. In total, the starter is secure by using two bolts only which is need to be removed.

7. And now you may take out the old starter to replace it.

8. To install the new starter, first, align it with the engine and then fasten it in place using the mounting bolts.

Pro Tip: Before tightening the bolt, make sure the wire retainer is in place (under the left bolt) and the wires are secured.

9. Connect the wire to the starter and reinstall the nut to secure it.

In the next steps, you just need to undo all the previous steps done before.

10. Put back the blower housing as before and make sure it is placed on the air diverter properly. Secure it using the mounting bolts. The longer bolts are placed in the rear.

11. You also may need a new screw for the filter housing. Replace it and place the air filter to its place back. To secure, adjust the cover and turn the retaining knobs in a clockwise direction.

12. Connect the oil drain tube to the blower housing as before.

13. Lastly, install back the hood or engine cover. Do not forget to reconnect the headlight wire as before too.

Basically, you are done replacing your starter on the Briggs and Stratton engine by yourself without wasting your time finding an affordable workshop to do it for you! Also, You can check the best review and buying guide How To Sharpen A Reel Mower (2024 Expert Guide) and American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Review and Scotts 2000-20 20-inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower Review and Great States 415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Mower Review & Guide and The Best Reel Mower To Cut Your Grass Smoothly in 2024

Common Issues Of Starter

When your lawnmower or small engine starter fails to engage, it can be so frustrating. There are few common issues of starters that you can identify to get solutions to help repair the issue. Below are the three common issues that happen related to the engine starter.

Struggle or slowly crank the engine

If you are facing this problem, it may be caused by the battery, faulty connection, charging system, oil viscosity, worn out starter motor, debris, etc.

What you suggested to do are; check the battery (the size correct or not, damaged or not, etc), the charging systems (the connection and everything related), the type of lubricants, and replace any parts (i.e; starter) if needed.

The engine cannot start at all

This issue, it may be caused by the battery (defective), connections (faulty), starter motor, and others.

You can try to change the battery or charge it if the charge is insufficient, correct the connections and charging system, replace the starter and reach out to your dealer for professional help.

The engine does not want to start but the starter motor spins

This issue was probably caused by several problems such as the starter motor clutch slipping, wrong motor direction, defective battery, pinion gear (defect/dirty) and others.

To address these issues, you need to clean the affected parts such as the ball bearing, the base, the pinion gear (in case it got sticky because of dirt). Or, check the battery, reconnecting the connection and charging system, and replace any components if needed.

Final Verdict

It is quite simple and quick to replace a starter on your Briggs & Stratton engine. To minimize personal harm or property damage, always read the engine and equipment manual before start to operate or service your engine& equipment.