How to Stop a Lawn Mower from Smoking in 2024

How to Stop a Lawn Mower from Smoking

Any homeowner who routinely mows their lawn may eventually notice smoke billowing from their lawn mower. Today you are going to read the complete How to Stop a Lawn Mower from Smoking in 2024 (Essential Information). Clearly, this is a concerning development. However, a burning lawn mower is often not a significant issue and can be rectified quite quickly.

Black, white, or blue smoke will emanate from a burning lawn mower. These colorful emissions all convey unique messages. A lawn mower that is smoking is never a good thing. Therefore, it’s critical to identify the source of your mower’s smoke. You can decide if it’s still safe to use it by understanding the cause. Here’s how to identify the problem without the need for an expert’s assistance, whether the smoke is blue, white, or black.

Why Does My Lawn Mower Smoke?

Blowing smoke is often not a serious defect, but if it is not managed correctly, it might develop into something worse. Most of the time, when some oil spills into a lawn mower engine, the engine instantly blows forth blue or white smoke. A steep hill could even be the source when mowing. Most mowers have poorly sealed lubricating mechanisms, and most include an overflow oil tank with a relieving outlet where extra oil might escape. If your smoke issues continue, it’s likely that the oil seals in the engine’s lubrication system or across the pistons are the issue; otherwise, you might have a broken crankcase. The smoke can also be the consequence of a carburetor that requires cleaning or tuning.

1. The Release of Dark Smoke

Your mower is emitting black smoke because the fuel and air combination are not balanced. This in and of itself is brought on by clogged air filters, an untuned engine, or a dirty carburetor that has to be cleaned. The same thing happens when burning leaves that have been packed too firmly to prevent airflow. Also, you can see How to Fix a Lawn mower Pull Cord that is Stuck.

Preventive actions – The most common source of black smoke is a filthy air filter, which is a simple remedy. Find the location of the air filters first. After detaching, wash them with water and soap or detergent. If you have access to one, use it to blast air for thorough cleaning. Consult the owner’s handbook to modify the carburetor by turning the screw if the lawnmower is still spewing out black smoke. A regulated flue-air mixture might be created by changing the carburetor. If there is an issue with the choke, the combination of air and fuel would be heavy in gasoline. Therefore, examine the choke’s connection to see if it has to be repaired and make sure it is clear of dirt and debris. For reasons of adjustment, see the handbook. On the outside of the unit, there really are typically two screws: one controls the idle and the other the fuel mixture.

Although this step just requires a few screws to be adjusted, you should get it checked out by a professional or, if your lawn mower has been under guarantee, the manufacturer. For further information, consult your owner’s manual.

2. White smoke

Seeing a cloud of white smoke emerge from your lawnmower might be unsettling. The smoke from this type of mower is the result of burning extra oil. If so, having the mower run inactively for a short while should completely cease the white smoke. White smoke is typically caused by oil that has spilled over the housing or combustion chamber, by overfilling the tank with fuel, or by oil residue that has been left in the tank.

However, after operating your mower for 15 minutes, if the smoke still exists, you probably have a serious engine problem. This could indicate that the combustion chamber’s seals have gone out and that oil is flowing into it.

Prevention actions :  Letting your mower run until it stops spewing smoke is the simplest approach to deal with white smoke. Because of the oil remnants that the manufacturer of the lawnmower placed in the tank, brand-new lawnmowers usually emit some white smoke whenever you turn them on it for the first time.

If you’re operating a two-stroke mower, you could have topped off the gas with too much oil. The average ratio is often between 50:1 and 40:1. The extra oil won’t harm the engine, but you’ll need to switch to a different gasoline type if you really want the smoke to disappear.

Additionally, keep in mind that the mower won’t suffer any damage from extra gasoline. To fully address the issue of white smoke, the fuel will need to be changed. Also, you can visit How to Fix Plastic Gas Tank on Your Lawn Mower [12 Easy Step].

3. Blue Smoke

Similar to white smoke, blue smoke is caused by the very same things that cause white smoke to come from your lawn mower’s engine. Which includes overfilling the crankcase or leaking oil when refilling the crankcase on other mower components.

Maintain the spark plug inclined if slanted mowing is required. Blue smoke can also be generated by using the incorrect oil grade or by tilting the lawn mower more when cutting a ditch or hill.

Prevention Action : The same solutions apply to the blue smoke issue as they do to the white smoke issue. An extended run of the lawnmower may help solve the issue. Additionally, by setting your spark plug tilter such that it is always pointed upward, you may stop this from ever occurring.

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 Advice on Preventing a Lawn Mower from Smoking

When your lawnmower starts to smoke, it can be terrifying, but most of the time the smoke will go away on its own. Usually, it’s caused by an oil leak or spill or a filthy air filter, but if the solutions described in this article don’t work, you can have more serious problems.

Hopefully, these fixes will enable you to prevent your lawnmower from smoking, but if the issue still exists, there is no shame in seeking advice from a reputable small engine repair shop. Generally speaking, it is far less expensive than purchasing a new mower.


Indeed, lawn mowers are perhaps the only piece of gardening equipment that provides the best return on investment. They are more valuable than gold. We are attempting to assist because we are aware of this. The “how to stop a lawn mower from smoking” tip should be useful and make your mowing activities easier.