How to Use Grease Gun – Expert Guide and Tips

How to Use Grease Gun

Today you are going to read the complete How to Use Grease Gun [Expert Guide Tips in 2024] [Essential Information Step by Step]. A grease gun is a must-have tool for the one who works with machines or mechanical items such as a lawnmower and car. This tool will save you from spending money to buy the new one instead of fixing it using grease.

A grease gun uses grease that acts as a lubricant to perform its function well. In this article, we will share and provide you with steps on how to use a grease gun and how it works.

So, keep reading!

How To Use Grease Gun

Before we proceed on how does a grease gun works and how to operate it, let’s take a look at a few things:

  • Grease gun parts.
  • Where to use it?
  • Types of grease guns.
  • Types of grease.

1. Grease gun parts

For a beginner or first time user, knowing your grease gun parts will be an advantage for you later.

A grease gun consists of few basic parts which are its body or known as a barrel, plunger (T-Shape), piston to squeeze the grease out, the head which can be open (unscrew) to insert the grease, nozzle, and others. Grease guns will have different parts available based on their types.

Meanwhile, grease is the gooey and sticky thing that acts as a lubricant and need to insert into the barrel (body of the grease gun) either manually or using a cartridge depends on the type of grease gun.

2. Where to use it?

It is important for you to know and learn the place on your machine where it needs to be properly lubed. This is to avoid you from overlook it and cause more serious damage.

3. Types of grease guns

There are various types of grease guns and you can choose the suitable types depending on the work you perform. In general, you can categorize the grease guns into;

  • Lever types grease guns
  • Air/Pneumatic grease gun
  • Pistol-grip grease guns
  • Cordless grease guns

For domestic use, you can choose either lever types or pistol grip grease guns as they have affordable mid-range price matches with their capability.

Note: You can choose the mini grease gun for single hand and easy uses with low budget.

4. Types of grease

Selecting a suitable type of grease is another important aspect to consider. Different types of grease have different qualities. If the equipment needs specific types of grease, you should buy the right types of grease.

Remember, never go for the cheapest price as it does not help you to save money but spend more on buying the new machine. The premium price of grease is still the cheapest part of the machine.

TIPS: Do not try and error to mix different types of grease. It can cause damage to the part of the machine very quick as the result of chemical incompatibility.

How Does The Grease Gun Works

The grease gun works as a medium for grease (lubricant) to be applied at the targeted area of any machines that need to have proper lubrication. It will transfer the grease from its barrel (body) to the targeted area using the nozzle or grease gun coupler with the appropriate amount.

It acts as a handy tool for domestic or industrial usage in preventing rusting, excessive friction between the mechanical parts, and many more related functions.

You can always re-fill the grease gun once the grease finishes either by manually adding up the new grease into the barrel or replacing the cartridge tube. All based on the grease gun’s types.

How To Operate A Grease Gun

Below are the basic things you will need:

  • Gloves to avoid your hands from the grease (hard to clean).
  • Cloth/Rag/Tissue.
  • Trashcan (easy to access).
  • Cover for the floor or table where you put your machine on.

Steps on how to use grease gun

  1. Wipe to clean and dry the targeted area with any rag or tissues before you squeeze grease on it by using the grease gun. This is to prevent any dirt or contamination mix with the grease solution.
  2. Fill the grease gun with grease. You can refer to the easiest way to fill/load grease onto your grease gun simplified as below:
    1. Unscrew the head of the grease gun.
    2. Push the T-Shape handler into the barrel until the end, so you can suck the grease easily later.
    3. Then, pull the handler to suck the grease into the barrel.
    4. Reassemble the head and the body of the grease gun.
    5. Squeeze the piston to test either the grease can comes out or not. Adjust the volume of grease if needed.
    6. You are done.

If you are using a cartridge, the steps are the same except, you need to insert the cartridge tube into the barrel rather than suck the grease from a container.

  1. After you are done fill in the barrel with the grease, place the grease gun’s nozzle/tip to a target area which you want to lubricate.
  2. Then, squeeze the piston with steady pressure to make grease comes out with the appropriate amount.
  3. These steps apply to most types of manual grease guns. You can refer to any guidance or the manufacturer if you have the different types.
  4. You are done now. Wipe any grease residue if needed.

Check here to know how to use a grease gun on bike or bicycles.

Useful Tips In How to Use Grease Gun

  1. Safety first. Prioritize your safety when handling any type of tool. Wear protective gloves and other safety items related when you handling the grease gun.
  2. Always make sure no dirt or contamination in contact with the grease either directly or indirectly. Take extra precautions and make sure everything is clean; target area, the nozzle, etc.
  3. Never mix the new grease with the old grease. Clear everything before you introduce the new grease.
  4. Make sure you cover the work area as you know, grease is very hard to clean and would be hazardous.
  5. If there is any leaking while you using your grease gun, try to pull the plunger. The grease may be stuck behind the seal of the plunger. To solve it, open the head of the grease gun and pull back the plunger.

The sign is if the plunger is hard to move when you try to pull it, stop your action directly except if you have prepared a trash can with you in case of the grease spillover. Also, you can visit our Genuine Greenworks Lithium Ion Battery 24V 3000 mAh Review and buying guide.


A grease gun will help a lot in saving your money to make the machine or equipment functioning well and long-lasting at least until the guarantee is over. Handle it with care and learn to use it efficiently. The more you use it, the more you will learn.

No worry if you are a first time user or beginner, just follow all the steps and tips above and everything should be alright.

Happy trying!

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